7 days clean! Advice welcomed!

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    Hello thanks in advance for reading
    I am 24 and been watching porn for most of my life. I have gone 30 days clean with NoFap last year but relapsed and never recovered. 7 days ago I couldn’t take it anymore and realized how my addiction is ruining my life and my happiness. 7 DAYS CLEAN TODAY. I am very happy but extremely nervous for the future. I know how easy it is to relapse and I don’t think I’ll be able to take another relapse. This needs to be the last time I start again. Any advice for me to keep going? I know it’s a pretty general question but please anything helps!!
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    Life is long bro, Dont be too hard on yourself for relapsing, we are just humans, and treating addiction is difficult.
    Do your best
    never give up ever
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    Take it a day by day. I don’t focus on long terms. I just do it day by day.
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    Just be at peace with yourself mate. Im 45 and used PMO for many years to escape my life. Ive realised that the more I get frustrated the more I use porn. I use it far less when I learn to be at peace with myself. Absteining from something like porn is extremely hard. :)
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