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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Wrinn, Mar 22, 2015.

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    Feel good didn't have to many urges when they did stop thinking about sex most ever did 60 days reason I stop I don't get any erections at all even looking at porn going try reboot might take 1 or more do any think this will work? Been doing this for years since I was young boy looking at porn over 20 years..
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    Welcome to NoFap!

    I am a regular user here and nobody special.

    In some ways, there are three communities here.

    The forum posts
    The profile posts
    Private messages
    You've already found the forum posts.

    To find the profile posts click the Members link in the black bar. This will bring up a new blue bar below and one of the choices will be New Profile Posts. You can like, comment or ignore them as they fit your program of recovery.

    If you find a person you want to communicate with, you can send a private message to them. Sometimes they do not respond. Don't let that worry you, keep looking. The members and the literature are the community on here.

    Again, welcome.

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