7 years of a happy marriage!

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    7 years

    Yep, that's right. Just crossed over. Seven years of gradual improvements. The previous twenty+ was filled with garbage. There was no one any worse than me. Destroyed one marriage, a family with kids shattered by my stupidities repeatednesses. So, no huge celebrations, exactly. But, it's a good thing.

    Now: All clean.
    All the way clean. No psubs. No ogling. No fantasy.
    Only my wife. No nothing else. Which is enough and awesome !!!
    Living the law of chastity to the fullest.

    This time of year at the anniversary of real change and efforts and rewards from prayer, has had me grateful for the new life. In this life...

    My wife actually loves me and I've almost deserved it.
    This is paramount, and tantamount to complete success.
    Esteem issues? Gone.
    Performance issues? Gone.
    Productivity? Overall extremely high. Still ADHD sometimes. That's me. But, at least I'm my best version without wasting time on a destructive vice.
    My kids, kinders through grown adults, all respond to me differently, better.
    Respect is invisible but real. Without compulsory means.
    My fitness goals are scattered, but always better than in the days before.
    Kicked caffeine, had to do it a few more times, but now it doesn't control me.
    Sleep cycles is still something I'm working on. Got energy to do it, too.

    Many problems remain. But, they remain achievable, as well !
    Before: these were impossible barriers to happiness. Now: roadbumps.
    Except that I'm only human and can only get so far in limited years.
    #1 challenge in my life?

    Oh, PATIENCE. Whithersoever art thou?! Fleeing when I need you most. Fleeting at best. This is my project for my 50's. I want it so bad. And, then I forget. The temperamental monster rages quickly out of the tongue. James, how right you are, how inspired. Lord, give me more, take the pride that I know destroys and corrupts all efforts and strivings in meekness.

    Patience! Why can't I have it now? -- right NOW!


    It's been a wild ride. And helpful. But, time for me to phase out, friends all.
    10,000 likes had never happened here before, even just a few months ago.
    Now unprecedented and incomprehensible 40,000 !!
    ...such an awesome community!!!

    Some of us have been here for a long long looong time.
    I'll probably forget dozens --- sorry! You know who you are!

    Some of us are successful, some of us still crave better success.
    Remember: there is much honor in the struggle. Integrity in intentions!!

    ...It's actually great to be letting go of the torch.
    The mega-torch of likes and trying so hard to be supportive.
    Sometimes failing. I've apologized and retracted several things!
    Stay humble and remain ready for change. Neuroplasticity.

    Plenty of other strength out there in 500+ to look at.
    @D . J . ... @Strength And Light... @kropo82... (many others)

    2017 was an awesome year! Lots of new motivators !!

    2018 is looking great, as well...
    @John DK... @Sychar...​

    Those are just a few of the bright lights, this place is awesome!

    To one and all, Keep Going™ !!!

    Will try to check back in bimonthly (or so).
    Won't much have time for specific supportiveness.
    You can do this, too. You really can!

    --- God bless :)

    ....... :emoji_pray:
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    You've been a gem; a great star of encouragement in the constellations. Thank you @vxlccm !
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    You are an inspiration and are kind. You deserve good things to happen in your life.

    Marriage is divine, may yours be ever blessed. Congrats on your mini successes, as well as these epically large ones.

    Good on ya bro!
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  4. Congratulations on such a nice milestone! It's good to see the result of all your hard work, one day at a time, paying off. You've been a real encouragement and an inspiration.

    Wishing you all the best!
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    Congratulations Sir!
    You deserved this. Be the same, and may you always have happy family time.
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  6. Congratulations on the huge milestone! 7 years clean!
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  7. James0224

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    I WANT this attitude. Great phrase.
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  8. Summer Son

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    Congratulations for this inspiring post! I hope everyone can do it. Thanks a lot...
  9. Congratulations, I hope to have a happy life, and clean also, you are one example of that if possible. thank you for remember me God Bless you
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  10. This is awesome. I started Nofap for the sole purpose of helping my marriage so this is amazing encouragement! Thanks so much for sharing.
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    Congratulations VX!
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    Well done indeed. Thank you for your friendship and solidarity and support. One more day, eh? :)
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  13. Be careful of the ADD, Make sure you have a psychologist to manage it. If you don't it will be harder to attain goals. Just a tip brother. Goodluck.
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  14. Strength And Light

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    Amen VX!

    Awesome post and awesome support from you in my time here. Hip hip hooray!!
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  15. Awesome! Just awesome. We have all used this to describe you and the selfless help you have given us all.

    You are a role model, sir. You are also a gentleman.
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    First thing,congratulations. This achievement is one of the best,if not the best, I ever witnessed.
    And...About the ADHD part... I think that it can be overcomed.
    I believe it is more of habitual actions than a disorder.
    Good luck on beating it.
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    Thank you man. This right here. Means allot..
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  18. vxlccm

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    Thank you, everyone for all the comments!

    We can do this. Keep up all the great work :)
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    Congrats man! Thanks so much for sharing your story. This is really inspirational. :)

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