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    Yesterday I reached 70 days without PMO. I will explain my story, my goals I hope to achive and "my superpowers" and my struggles I experienced.

    My Story
    The situation at the beginning

    It all started when I was a little kid. I started masturbating at the age of 10 (or younger). When I was 13 I discovered Porn - at the time I got my first mobile phone. Firstly I watched normal porn not frequently, later 1 to 4 times a day. It quickly escalated in more extreme genres, which led to a really embarrassing feeling after masturbating and I even developed some fetishes, which are still causing difficulties.

    How I came to NoFap
    It is actually a funny story. I masturbated so often that an orgasm was nothing special anymore, so I searched for ways to make orgasms more exciting: at first I thougt NoFap was only about to make the masturbation more exciting - but as I read the introduction of the Website, I learned the correct thing about NoFap.

    First 30 Days
    The first thing I noticed was the free time. It is incredible how much spare time you have after quitting masturbation. I have spent 1 to 2 hours a day masturbating. But first I did not know how to fill my newly won time, so I filled it with pointless YouTube videos or social media - which was a mistake. I recommend not to do that. Try to fill your free time wit something productive, e.g. sports (like I did it later on).

    At around day 22 I noticed my deeper voice. Now I can say that I sound no longer like a kiddo. Also I experienced the "clear mind", which got stronger with the time. It is hard to explain but you live the moment really conscious (it feels like the fog infront of your eyes and brian is lifted). Shortly thereafter I had a first wet dream in my entire liftime - it felt like crap. I heard they will dissapear as soon as you will have a normal sex life. 7 days after a wet dream your testosterone level is on a high (it is always good to know these dates - your vitality, energy and creativity will be high on this day).

    Day 30 to 60
    I felt my selfe-confidence increasing. At this point you feel no longer like a crappy masturbating piece of shit. At 40 days I started to shower cold and toworkout on a daily basis: I am doin 200push-ups, 100situps and 100dumbbell-things (sorry english is my second language :D). This helped me to gain muscle mass, but more important to feel better. Again: Try to establish a training as soon as possible. Do not wait as long as I did.

    Day 60 to 70
    I had my first strong flatline. My fetish also tried to make me relapse. It was hard, but I did resist. I do not have any tips here, but: stay strong!

    After my flatline I am now feeling my confidence rising.

    My Goals
    Goals at the beginning of every jurney are important to succeed:
    • A deeper, sexier voice
    • A rising testosterone level ("women can smell this")
    • A feeling of more attractiveness
    • Defeating my social anxiety
    • Learning discipline
    • To get shit done
    • The experience of strength, but also of weakness
    • To earn the ability to change my life in every direction I want
    I am expanding my list of goals till today.

    "My Superpowers"
    • Deeper and calm voice
    • GlowSkin
    • Clear Mind
    • Confidence
    • Improved memory (people are like "Woah, you remember that?!?!")
    • Discipline
    • Getting more attraction of women (genuinely feeling more attractive): I know now they are looking at me
    • I am really calmed down
    • I feel less nervous

    My Struggles
    • I am still struggling with one of my fetishes (it is like a really sticky blind spot) - has anyone a good ignoring technique?
    • I am still really concentrated on my reboot and not on living.
    • I have still problems to socialize with strangers.

    Last Words
    Thank you all - especially for all your success stories, which keep motivating me.

    "We are all warriors in the strongest fight of every man. The neverending fight against ourselves - our desires and urges. It is up to us to stand up and live the life of a champion or to be controlled by urges living a mediocre life."

    You are the best, stay strong and be awesome!
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    congratulations, my friend, I got a 100-day streak last year, but I regret it, but I started the year very well, I feel more motivated in all my activities and projects, much more disciplined too, I know I'm going to get it! ! You have inspired me a lot, a big hug from Mexico.congratulations, my friend, I got a 100-day streak last year, but I regret it, but I started the year very well, I feel more motivated in all my activities and projects, much more disciplined too, I know I'm going to get it! ! You have inspired me a lot, a big hug from Mexico.
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    Cold showers are a good ignoring technique
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  4. David0895

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    I know, I already have 10 days showering with cold water, it keeps me awake and motivated.
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    Hi, I'm at 70 days today, after a year, I'm curious, you continued, you stopped, update me, want to know more about how it feels after maybe 3 months or 6 months. thank you
  6. control your life

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    congrats on your time ,keep strong!!
  7. PRTe

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    Hey Franz, nice story!
    About your struggles:
    - Maybe instead of ignoring your fetish you should try and understand why is it there. It could tell you something about yourself, like a need for feeling safe or fear of being abandoned, for instance.
    - I read something on Recovery Nation that might help you with this focus on Rebooting. It's not only about fighting porn. Eventually we will beat it and then what? We need to think of something to take up the space once occupied by porn. A new hobby, a new sport, a new life style generally speaking.
    - Don't be so hard on yourself when it comes to socializing, specially with strangers! Try to gradually find your balance. Maybe you just don't feel the need of being around people all the time and that's completely fine!

    Good luck and keep going!
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    Today is my first day,My goal is 100 days.
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    Brother, what type of system did you use? From your writing got two system 1. exercise and 2. Cold shower. Do you use meditation,self-affirmation or gratitude?
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    Awesome keep it up
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