70days in, panic/anxiety attacks

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    Hey guys. Im 25yo. Lets start with good news. Currently 70~ days with nofap.

    BENEFITS ive noticed. But these are only obvious benefits:
    1) LOTS OF energy. I cant remember the last time I was tired or exhausted after a workout. Started to workout everyday because I dont get tired and dont need a day off. Workouts improved a lot.
    2) I never get angry anymore. Like seriously. Before nofap, it was easy to trigger me, but now im emotionaly calm af. Nothing triggers me. Emotional stability improved. A girl a like dropped me not long ago and I thought oh boy time to visit heartbreak sadness land. But it didnt affect me almost at all. It was sad ofcourse, but not neeeeeaaarly as bad as previous rejections xddd
    3) I dont really give a f*ck about girls anymore. 100% attention goes to my career and self improvement. Started to eating clean, working out daily, taking care of myself and my career. Thoughts about girls are in the background. I dont care anymore if a girl likes me or not. Im not afraid being 100% myself when talking to a pretty girl. I mean its pretty awesome.

    Now for annoying stuff. 70 days with nofap. It was going smoothly, until a week ago out of nowhere I had a panic attack first time in my life. After that, my heart rate started to be increased. Cant sleep because of random fears. I can hear my heart beat at night and its fuckin scary even tho my heart rate is normal at that time. Heart palpitations occurs also. Im getting anxious as hell. It even gets scary to workout because it elevates heart rate. Random fears started poppin up out of nowhere. Went to the doctor, checked my puls, did cardiogram - everythings fine. Whaaaat the hell? Anyone with similiar experience?

    I read about these withdrawal symptoms before tryin nofap and thought not a big deal. But damn.
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    Probably supressed feelings coming back due to the numbness caused by porn/masturbation.

    Try some meditation (youtube has a lot of great meditation videos)
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