71 days benefits 15yr old teen boy

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    Btw, dont mind the counter bc the counter is fucked up since the last time i was on here.

    So, i finally did 70 days of nofap. i am surprised i even made it this far, but i will still continue this journey.

    the benefits that i received from nofap are:

    - increased confidence (able to talk to girls more easier)
    - weight loss (more willpower in diet)
    - assertiveness
    - almost no brain frog
    - bigger muscles
    - more attention from girls
    - getting slightly better grades in school
    - keyboarding elitist
    - a lot of energy (i can run for quite a while)
    - less acne
    - less depression
    - gotten more tan
    - more willpower
    - cold showers

    that's as much as i got for now. i will tell you now though, i still got a lot of healing to do.. these benefits are there but these will still continue to become enhanced in the future. a lot of these stuff, you'd probably have to work for yourself in order to get these benefits, but that's the point of nofap: nofap gives us the drive in order to improve in many aspects in part of our life. keep on NoFap, nofappers.
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    Great Going Brother!! Congrats!
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    Great job. Tomorrow I hit my 2 week mark. I'm gonna make it to 90!