8 Gates Challenge!

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  1. OF COURSE! This is why i'm on NoFap after all.

  2. Nah. Not my way of motivation.

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  1. IAmLegion

    IAmLegion Fapstronaut

    Background Info:
    Hey so i have a close association with a few psychiatrists and a lot of them recommended an absteinance method based on a concept of milestones, so i thought why not make a challenge public for everyone:

    So this is how it works. It's really simple. Each milestone stands for a number of days away from PMO. Reaching each milestone grants you benefits listed under the "What to expect:" part of each milestone. NoFap calls them "superpowers" but i just tweaked it a bit. It really is the same thing. This challenge will be best for the newbies. The downsides like possible anxiety have been ignored. This is to motivate!!!!!

    : losing is not really an option here. You either reach a milestone or u don't. Either way, you can always start fresh so don't worry! I just hope this helps you be a bit more motivated. So here goes!

    Gate 1: Gate of Courage
    Criteria: 1 day no PMO
    What to expect:
    • Dreams returning
    • Slight decrease in hairfall (if applicable)
    • A taste of true accomplishment
    Gate 2: Gate of Endeavouring
    Criteria: 3 days no PMO
    What to expect:
    • Light-moderate energy boost
    • Notable decrease in hairfall (if applicable)
    • Slightly higher self esteem
    • Greater attentiveness and focus
    Gate 3: Gate of Perseverance
    Criteria: 7 days no PMO
    What to expect:

    • Greater energy boost
    • Good mood on mornings
    • Morning wood may return
    • Sharper focus and ease in learning
    • Considerable sense of well-being
    Gate 4: Gate of Toil
    Criteria: 14 days no PMO
    What to expect:
    • Stable and high levels of energy
    • Morning wood becomes prevalent
    • Mood swings decrease
    • Girls may notice you
    • Noted increase in self-esteem
    • Hairfall completely normalised (if under 40 and if applicable at all)
    • Decreased prevalence of infections and the common flu; sinus illnesses become much less prolonged
    Gate 5: Gate of Empowerment
    Criteria: 30 days no PMO
    What to expect:
    • A fair chance of a flatline (not a positive symptom per se but you will have 0 urges and will find it very easy to focus)
    • If point 1 does not apply- expect some stability in your persona; you will see a notable improvement in your emotional health
    • Return of good memory
    • All prior benefits amplified or stabilised; hairfall almost nil if applicable
    Gate 6: Gate of Freedom
    Criteria: 60 days no PMO
    What to expect:
    • Your PMO addiction is far less demanding and your other addictions weaken too (if applicable, but limited to nicotine, video games, etc)
    • You have learned how to say NO to your body and to other people too
    • For those in flatline, you may already be out of it; if not, keep going!
    • A deep sense of love and respect for yourself
    • Hightened perception from all 5 senses, especially sight
    • Massive energy, focus and concentration
    • Great memory
    Gate 7: Gate of Mastery
    Criteria: 1 year no PMO
    What to expect:
    Life gets exponentially better. This is the only way i can put it without typing a whole page. See for yourself!
    Gate 8: Gate of Zen
    Criteria: life without PMO (complete benefits should start from gate 7 but this sustains them!)
    What to expect:
    • A healthy love-life
    • A life on track
    • Less need for sleep
    • Energy from heaven
    • Inner peace
    • A sense of deep accomplishment; you have done what most never will even come close to!
    • A focused, healthy, enjoyable career: enjoy life you conquerer!
    Well that's the challenge! Comment if interested and let the 8 gates challenge begin! (Good luck!)

    *Edited to increase clarity*
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  2. Segguzi

    Segguzi New Fapstronaut

    Hey man, I am in! Also a newbie so this is perfect for me haha.
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  3. IAmLegion

    IAmLegion Fapstronaut

    Glad to know! Let's get GATE 8!!
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  4. Daborso

    Daborso Fapstronaut

    Approaching Gate 4. Yesterday I was so close to a relapse! I edged like half a dozen times but I always pulled through somehow, have no idea how but I guess it was because of my self-discipline that I'm working on.
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  5. artifact

    artifact Fapstronaut

    Sounds like a fun and imaginative challenge. Count me in! Looking forward to reaching gate one. Just one question: does/can anybody ever reach Gate 8?
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  6. IAmLegion

    IAmLegion Fapstronaut

    In all correctness, you can say you've reached gate 8 within a year if you like, so long as you are genuinely sure you've moved on from the habit :)

    For me personally (i only mention this because i made the challenge and find it helpful to share my views with you ;) ), i will reach gate 8 the moment i die. It's an accomplishment i want to remember in my death bed. No matter what happens from now, so long as i beat PMO, i'll die with a smile :) that's only my take though!

    Good luck to ya man!
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  7. IAmLegion

    IAmLegion Fapstronaut

    Wow. I made this challenge 2 days after i joined nofap and it remained completely dormant then.

    It's really shocking to see people coming and taking part in it now :) Shocking and empowering.

    I'm back in the challenge myself! Thanks for giving meaning to this everyone :) Its rekindled something inside of me!
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  8. Skielr

    Skielr Fapstronaut

    I totally agree with Gate 5, I experienced something like flatline, or I would call it 'mind stillness', but relapsed after 30+ days and lost it.Now Im on my attempt for 90days,see you!
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  9. 1 DAY
    First gate reached! Unstoppably heading for the second!
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  10. IAmLegion

    IAmLegion Fapstronaut

    Gate 2 today!

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  11. artifact

    artifact Fapstronaut

    Gate 1 for me today. Gotta start somewhere.
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  12. 3 DAYS
    Gate 2 is here! Let's enter the third!
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  13. artifact

    artifact Fapstronaut

    Gate two! Now the real fun starts.
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  14. artifact

    artifact Fapstronaut

    The urges have been beating the shit out of me today, but I'm going to stay on track so I can reach Gate 3 tomorrow! Gate of Perseverance is a good name for it. Congrats to you guys who already made it.
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  15. Reached gate 3 yesterday but I couldn't check-in so I do it now. Looking forward to reaching gate 4, the gate of toil.
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  16. Well done to you too, just keep going and if you feel like you can't resist anymore, just try to abstain for an hour, not thinking of it and do something else (like a cold shower or reading) and the urges will eventually go away in that time (personally that's how i reached gate 3)
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  17. artifact

    artifact Fapstronaut

    An hour at a time, that's great advice. I will reach gate 3 in a couple of hours. After that, hopefully things will settle down for me a little. I have made it to seven days many times before, I don't know why it's so tough for me this time.
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  18. Crunchy leaves

    Crunchy leaves Fapstronaut

    I'm in. But does the distance from gate 6 to gate 7 isn't too great? : p
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  19. artifact

    artifact Fapstronaut

    I hate to admit it, but I relapsed this morning. Back to the beginning.
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