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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by yellow flowers, Apr 2, 2017.

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    Hey guys

    I dont remember when i last slept for 8 hours without any interruption, it was so relaxing and soothing. Just felt i was not getting better sleep for last 3 months and casually read this article here.

    "I get into bed at night but can’t fall asleep because my mind is racing with anxious thoughts about what I didn’t get done today, about what tomorrow might hold, or simply feeling overwhelmed by daily responsibilities."

    What i did - Quite simple

    "Mindfulness meditation. Sit or lie quietly and focus on your natural breathing and how your body feels in the moment. Allow thoughts and emotions to come and go without judgment, always returning to focus on breath and your body." from help-guide.org

    Morning you wake up with a calm and relaxed head..
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    Awesome - helps a lot !

    You can add the 4-7-8 technique:

    Inhale (4 Sec.)
    Hold (7 Sec.)
    Exhale (8 Sec.)

    Falling asleep in under 15 minutes guaranteed.
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    Why specifically those numbers?
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    I've heard that technique. I mean it's the same. Concept kinda. It wants you to focus on something other than a stressor, but also to gradually increase the CO2, which will make you sleepy.
  5. Bowcaster

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    I ask because when I was in India I did a little of Pranayama (breathing exercises) they have all different numbers of seconds that they breath and hold for and each pattern is supposedly for working on a different concepts or conditions or whatever, though I never learned which pattern is for what.
  6. I will find u and sue u if i dont get a good night sleep soon. :p
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  7. When I meditate my sleep also improves hugely. Amazing stuff. :emoji_thumbsup:
  8. When i meditate i feel like i have already slept.
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  9. Yea, I notice that feeling too. When I come out of meditation I feel this relaxed feeling that is very similar waking up naturally after good night's sleep. But not only that. I also notice that when I meditate regularly I need less sleep during night to feel rested.

    I've read stories about "professional mediators" (like monks and stuff) that sleep only 4 to 2 hours a day (and possibly not even every day), or does not sleep at all, because they meditate so much. They just don't feel tired. I've also read stories about people who has a condition called "fatal familial insomnia" (a type of insomnia where person can't sleep at all so eventually they die) and they menage it just fine by meditating 12 or so hours a day. They replace sleep, which they can't ever have, with meditation and so they do not die because they find another way how to maintain the brain healthy. So apparently meditation releases tension from the brain very much the same way as sleep does.

    Also, back to what we talked about above, it makes sense that one would fall asleep better when meditating. Not only because mindfulness meditation helps to calm the mind off from distracting thoughts which does not let one fall to sleep. But also because by meditating we constantly condition our brain to get into a state which is very similar to state of sleep. So when the night comes and it's time to sleep the brain already knows how, because we have "oiled up" those pathways.
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  10. I Free I

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    I use guided meditations everyday . 1-2 times a day . Do you guys know which type of meditation is more effective ? Guided or Mindfulness ?
  11. I would say it's like asking which is more effective; driving a bicycle with or without training wheels? Sure you can keep driving with training wheels for all your life and you will still have fun and get places. But you will not learn to rely on yourself as much as you otherwise could have. Same for guided meditation. I think it's just as effective, probably. But there is benefit of not needing to have a guide. I can for example do short micro-meditations when I am walking down the street or sitting in line at dentist without needing to pull my earphones for guiding audio every time I do it. And what if I'm somewhere and my phone is not with me, or out of charge? I can not meditate then? What if I need to get out of trance for few seconds to open door or something, do I need to rewind the tape and start from beginning to continue and get back into trance? I don't know about you but that just seems like unnecessary hassle for me. When you learn to meditate on your own you just have so much more freedom and options.
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    Ok Cool . I appreciate your great response & words ... made me come to somewhat of a realization, great analogy . I will start with mindfulness meditation now . Thank You .
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  13. You are doing it all wrong.
    Step one : stop using bold text.
    Step two : dont use it ever
    Step three : use that guided meditation ;)
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    Step One : I've already started mindfulness, It's beautiful :)
    Step Two : I love bold, It's my signature move, I'm Free .
    Step Three : If you work as hard as me , Play double header softball games,run 10 miles straight without stopping, & gym in the same day while being over 200 days of NoFap , you'll want to do whatever you want too... I deserve it ! I'm the king :emoji_muscle::emoji_sunglasses::emoji_punch:
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  15. Correction. It should be:
    Now that's more like it. "Like a boss" level increased! You welcome!
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  16. [QUOTE="Freeee, post: 800587]I deserve it ! I'm the king :emoji_muscle::emoji_sunglasses::emoji_punch:[/QUOTE]
    I live in democratic country.
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  17. Oh ho.


  18. I can clearly see you only deserve the middle finger... Anyways :p ... Lol.
    As you quoted ... You deserve it! Mdle fngrr.
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    Guys..lets focus on sleep and not on mid finger lolzz

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