8 months healing

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Joe92, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. berlincalling234567

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    Inspirational, brother! Thanks for sharing your journey with us, much appreciated. Keep up the good fight!
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  2. Joe92

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    Thank you brother !
  3. LOVE THISSS.... :)
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  4. Joe92

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    Feeling better and better... Dealing with bad emotions as I dealt with urges... accept them and let them go. Healing an addiction is a training for life !
  5. Man Awesome!! Sounds like your back on track. May I ask what medication you took and did you cold turkey quit, or titrate down. I’m thinking I may try an anti depressant as well. I am going to bring it up to my dr. I’m having some symptoms that aren’t seeming to go away with time and are really interfering with work and day to day activities. Ok I’m not too deep into my nofap, but I’ve been having some other issue for some time now. Very proud of you again, success stories are the best bro
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    Brother great post! Have you used any particular method? Like meditation, self-talk. What is your exercise routine?
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  7. Joe92

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    I took Effexor 150mg during about 10 months and then slowly slowed down. I would advise to add therapy to it in order to heal the roots of the disease, and absolutely not quit cold turkey. The brain need to adjust slowly during the withdrawal.

    Thank you !

    Therapy, work, self-compassion, meditation from time to time, reading, therapeutic massages once a month.

    Thank you brother.
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    solo Job, My Friend
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  10. Joe92

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    Thank you brothers
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  11. Joe92

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    283 days since the start now. 9 month and a half.

    Just need to remember how far I come from.

    Suicidal thoughts gone, depression gone, 24/24 anguish gone. A lot of guilt and shame gone.

    I still have a lot of work to do on myself, but my mind is a lot clearer now.

    Quitting cigarettes next week, starting exercising to gain confidence and joy.

    Need to add some positive things to my life now that I have deleted some negative.

    Thanks again to this community. Tough times for now but I'll stay strong.
  12. Awesome post! Keep it up!
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  13. Baduser

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    Great you are this far. Im taking panic attack / depression medication. When i dont take them 1 day I feel so much better but I get relapse stuff. So im going to the doctor to stop in a normal way. Did you take this kind of meds? and hows life now
  14. Joe92

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    I did. I slowly stopped... Reducing a little every 2 or 3 weeks. I had withdrawals everytime for a few days but it doesn't stay. I'm OK without any meds now.
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  15. quit@porn

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    Good to hear it.... Keep it up bro
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    my hat off for you man...keep up the good work
  17. quit@porn

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    Great man.... Loved to read it
  18. Moral of the story, you can't do this on your own. You need outside assistance
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  19. Stp890

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    congratulation! Have you sufferred from PIED,if yes how is it now?
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  20. runksoneck

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    how u deal with objectification when u see a hot girl?

    I saw that u installed k9pro in your pc, did it work? what your opinion about it?

    and in the cellphone, did u have any blocker?

    do you have chaser efecct? how u deal with it?


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