8 months of nofap and my chances of getting laid are still 0

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Deleted Account, May 29, 2019.

  1. Yes, nofap is good, that i can confirm. Energy, motivation, some confidence, better concetration.

    However, i began fapping when I was 20. I had tried to fap once when i was 15 but i could not get it up for some reason.

    And until i first came, i still had 0 sucess with women. In fact, i once tried to get my HS crush and she rejected me. Girls never approached me either.

    While fapping, i felt sad and miserable, that i would die a virgin. i stopped eventually thinking that i could get laid but it seems like i just reverting to my old state when I was 19.

    I really dont have any banefits with girls tbh. In fact, there were times wehn girls openly were repulsed by me or laughed at my face. Most of the times im invisible.

    I used to hope that i would be like these dudes that have chicks approach them and get sex all the time but that never happened. Im still doig nofap for my own reasons but that department is really a dead cause.
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  2. Do you mind explaining exactly why you want to get laid so bad and how you think it will change your life once you do? Why not save yourself for the right girl. A girl that likes you, for you a girl that you can be friends with?
  3. cause after i became 15 years old im horny as fuck and i just want it. there inst much explanation. why do you want anything in life for that matter?

    thats nice but i dont see her comin'

    i want a girl to fuck with not a female friend ffs,
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  4. wheelgauge

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    So you approached one girl and she rejected you... Then what? There are lots of girls in the world, man. Keep trying! Don't worry about it, because if you do, you'll look desperate and women can see it for miles.
  5. i tried with other girls. nothin,

    besides, if a girl likes you, she wil make the first move. thats how men get laid. even a girl told me so
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  6. You have to understand, When we want something so badly we tend to not look deeper than the excitement of succeeding on that goal. Think to yourself Would you want to be around someone who constantly tryna have sex? Yeah We understand you are horny, everyone can be but there's a line you cross when your constantly in need of it. The world doesn't end if u don't have sex man. Many don't have sex until their 30's and 40's it's DIFFERENT for everyone what matters is learning in focusing in whats in front of you. Sex isn't going to give you a suceessful life. Sex can definetly help with stress and connection but like i said before. It won't fix loneliness. You gotta go out do things. Learn to build up your social skills towards women then moves towards making moves in my perspective.
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  7. That girl is wrong. I ve seen so many cases where the girl waits for the boy to make move. This is beacuse most of the girls are shy.
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    So you just want a girl to fuck!?
    For most girls these is huge turnoff. They can sense that!
    You better shift your focus from the girls and successful men with their girls away onto you!
    Focus more on yourself! Go to the gym! Go outside! smile at people! Just be yourself and you will attract people by your true nature!

    Wanting sex is normal but don't be desperate ! Girls can sense that from a mile away!
  9. Denier

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    Using this pseudo psychological new age tactic of questioning "why, why, why" is not helpful and only going to frustrate the OP. I am similar to the OP, especially about 6-12 years ago in my late teens and early-mid 20s.

    The OP is obviously a red blooded man which in this day and age seems to be a reason for society to shame you. Sure, it's okay to be gay, lesbian, transsexual but to be a straight red blooded man who wants to have sex with young women is frowned up on!

    Giving advice like "go the the gym, smile at people, go outside, just be yourself" is so cliché it's almost like you are trying to provoke him. I tell you, if someone told me that after 8 months of nofap I'd more than likely destroy them on the spot and then go on a rampage of sorts.

    Also, women are having sex with somebody, there is no reason why that shouldn't be the OP. They are not innocent angels.

    OP, I don't know what you're country is or if it is legal there, but if it is, I recommend taking some dollar and spending it on prostitutes. I started seeing prostitutes at 25 and it helped reduce that craving for female intimacy.

    I also don't recommend trying nofap when you aren't getting any female attention/sex, it's just a form of self torture.

    And again I don't know what country you are in but I recommend looking into a pickup coach to work on long term skills with women, but that will take at least a year, the short term cravings can be satisfied by prostitutes.

    I wish I went this route when I was you're age, instead I went down the rabbit hole of exploring my darkest fetishes online and I deeply regret that and wouldn't wish the torment that came with it on anyone.

    Pickup coach (just an example, choose who you want)



    adultwork.com (again, there are others)
  10. if he is attractive, then yes. its all baout physical attraction. if she likes you then you can like her all you want. its simple.

    i agree on this man.

    but loneliness comes form the lack of sex my dude
  11. she had no reason to lie. she was always very honset with me

    lol at ths. girls arent shy. you are just not attractive.
  12. lol at this. you do realize girls want sex jsut as much as men do?

    lol i did al this already.
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    Of course like I said in my previous post wanting sex is completely normal! But it seems like you need it soo desperately! And that's a turnoff!
  14. im not so red bloodied, dont try to paint me. im a very gentle person. i probably come off as very horny in my postings but thats because i dont talk about this stuff irl so i have to release it here. im also very polite with women, never get boners in public and never look them in the eye.

    im not so easily provoked, especially by mere words.

    i dont like this shit. i alreayd have had an exprience with a girl without any attraction and it sucked big time.

    not really. i didnt fap till i was 20 so in my case, fapping is the self torture.

    lol at ths. in 2019, women pick up men.
  15. i come off as deseprate cause i dont talk about this stuff irl so i have to release it here
  16. o_O Bro women definitely are attracted to the physical type but man you got it all wrong. Personality is a HUGE part of attraction trust me would you want some girl who’s hot but boring? To me that’s a turn off. As for loneliness bro u got it all wrong too. I use to think I was lonely cause I didn’t have a gf WRONG now I realized it’s becusse I wasn’t happy with myself and the way I was not socializing in life or pursuing my career which I now do..
    And guess what IM HAPPY and I don’t feel lonely and I don’t have a GF. Trust me once I got a much social life and have a goal in life my world doesn’t focus in seeking a girlfriend even when if I want one, it’s just not something that’s my main focus and definitely wasn’t the problem about my loneliness in the past. Think about it. Do you enjoy being by yourself? Hows your social life? And are you good with socializing with women?
  17. what does this have to do with my post? i would fuck an average girl thats boring lol.

    good for you.

    sorry to hear that

    yes, i dont have one, no.
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    Get over the fantasy that women will approach you. It's not their job. It doesn't happen except for rare circumstances (long post for another day). Approaching and talking to girls demonstrates your "hunter" abilities and by its very nature - is a male trait. So first step to becoming your better self is coming to terms with reality and realizing woman just don't approach - it's your job.

    If this is news to you - don't worry - it's not your fault. Many young men are brainwashed by nonsense.


    Yes, to have your needs met with desirable women, you'll need to get a body and a life and some style. No one promised that beating your fellow competition would be easy. Women prefer to be with a man who other men respect - are you becoming that man yet? You don't need to be him tomorrow - but just one day at a time. You have to ask yourself...

    Why would a woman fuck a man who acts like a victim? Regardless what they say in public about a "nice guy" and whatnot, women want a man who's a hero. No one said it would be easy - but hey. Join the club. Being a man - on his own path - is one of the most alienating, but yet fulfilling parts of our existence. And yes, learning a bit of game wouldn't hurt, either....

    Best of luck broseph
  19. wrong. i see girls approach my friends all the time.

    this is BS. we dont live in the 18th century. women want sex as much as we do and they wil got out of their way to get it.

    ill teell you what, people repsect me a lot but women dont give a fuck
  20. Freedom_from_PMO

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    Most guys are never approached, but they can succesfully approach.

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