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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Hope84, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. Hope84

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    I feel like I'm riding this strong wave and it’s going to carry me the distance. I'm so grateful for this change in my life. I definitely have a better life without PMO. I made a personal list for the month of January and I was pleasantly surprised to see how much I did and accomplished during that month.

    A big thanks to the creators of this website and community, this has been a safe haven for my thoughts and feelings on this topic, and its great knowing that I’m not alone. I really know the devastation porn has on the mind, body, spirit, and the people it impacts beyond yourself. I hope more people will see the light and realize how porn is altering how we view each other. We are people, not sex objects.

    This is my 8th week complete and I’m so grateful for each and every day that goes bye. I'm also really grateful that I have groups to join in this community. I finished January PMO free and I’m going to finish Feb PMO free.

    thanks for reading.
  2. jazzphanatic

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    Hello 'Hope84'

    Congratulations on your 8 weeks of completion! I'm looking forward to being there myself soon. In your post, you mention that 'we are people, not sex objects.' How powerful that statement is. I could go on and on about how much truth is in that statement, but all I'll say is that your post was very encouraging. Continue on with your next 8 weeks man! And Congratulations again!!!
  3. orson

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    Thanks Hope84. I appreciate the encouraging words about gratitude for the days that go by. I've been a member of this group for 3 days and I'm just so very encouraged and impressed that people share the same journey I do. It's so encouraging. Thank you for sharing your successes and feelings.
  4. Lesigh

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    Very encouraging to read and congratulations on your success! I look forward to making it that far in the future and reading stories like this has helped me immensely. It's a good thing for me to stay engaged here and to focus on the success of others. Thanks for sharing, look forward to hearing more in the future. Good luck and God bless!
  5. Philip1990

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    I really like this content and ur homepage! Can i link your website on my homepage when its online?

  6. Hope84

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    Hey Phil, I’m not sure what website you’re referring too. I'm glad you like my posts and I’m always willing to share my story. I know the struggles all too well and want to help those in need.

    Can you provide a link to my homepage, I don’t really do anything on this site besides post daily.

    Stay strong everyone, the day will come when you feel a change in your heart that is different from before, there will be a moment when things just start to click and fall in place. I’m so blessed to be a part of this community and I know keeping my daily journal makes me ever mindful of this addiction and how quickly it can come back into my life unless I keep my guard up.

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