8 years Journey results in 3 year+1 year hard mode

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Shin Iu, Jan 13, 2021.

Do you expect an end of Nofap journey?

  1. Yes, just when I recoved sexually.

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  2. No, it might never ends because the darkenss is there.

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  3. I can't answer and I feel hopeless.

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  4. I am on! regardless the result and circumstance.

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  5. others

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  1. bentber

    bentber Fapstronaut

    Congratulations on your constant struggling friend. You have set an example of how most of us want to keep living now and on: fighting this horrible vice. I have a question to ask you, I my case I have been out of porn since November 1rst 2020 and I have managed to not masturbate for long periods but I still can´t stay on hard mode more than two weeks. I fell intense urges of masturbating I don´t know if I am going to cure my PIED only with abtstaining from porn. My gol is to leave masturbation as well, but I need some tips to go on, I will appreciate your help! Send you a hug from the end of the world (Argentina).
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  2. Shin Iu

    Shin Iu Fapstronaut

    To answer your question, I asked myself what is the world and what is it made from? I knew it's hard to answer, but one thing I know is that the world is half time under light and half time under darkness.
    If light is a energy that is essential for the plants then darkness should be another type of energy. Maybe we focus too much and know a lot of light but not much about the dark.

    Back to you question: we are similar to this world combined half light and half darkness. You have to admit that half of yourself is caving in the darkness since you were born. So in order to overcome your urges, you do need to fight against the half of yourself which is the darkness.
    You could try the method mentioned about "spell".
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  3. Shin Iu

    Shin Iu Fapstronaut

    2. Never self-test! remember regardless you are a man or woman, using a phrase like "to see how long it lasts" or "how stronger you becomes to resist the urges" or " what if I watched porn and didn't relapse" or "I am different (everyone is different) and maybe my streak is long enough and no need to do it today" and so on.
    Then you will come to a point that you will fail.

    prove of rule #2:
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  4. Shin Iu

    Shin Iu Fapstronaut

    Aurthor of "your brain on Porn" Gary passed away.
    In name of his efforts and our efforts, I post link here. Hope we are not backup from the darkness in our life!

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