87 days of NoFap, RESULTS !!!

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Do you think NoFap is working for you too?

  1. Yes, Nofap is working great for me. This is truely amazing.

  2. Nofap is good, but not that amazing that most people say. I think its just fine.

  3. No, NoFap is not working for me. Its useless.

  4. Others ( I would like to give my own comment about NoFap)

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  1. Ghost_Rider

    Ghost_Rider Fapstronaut

    I did 87 days of NoFap. I fapped not out of desperation but with my own will and control.
    I fapped just to see what has happened to me and how much difference it made to me and I see something interesting right after ejaculation.

    - MAN!!, the orgasm was not like any other orgasm , it was a full body orgasm with my legs shaking like crazy. It started from spine and then expanded to whole body. Right after orgasm my mouth went dry and I just couldnt believe orgasm can feel so good. Maybe its because increased dopamine receptors sensitivity.

    - I felt severe anxiety right after ejaculation but it went away pretty soon within 5-10 minutes.

    - I also felt chaser effect which im trying to resist. Im going to start a new streak now.


    I was a chronic fapper for 10 years 4-5 times everyday. I used fapping as an escape for life.
    If im happy - I used to fap.
    If im lonely- I used to fap.
    If im angry, alone, sad, depressed - I used to fap.

    I was severly addicted to PMO.

    But these 87 days have really changed me. Superpowers are real for sure.

    • Change in my skin , my skin has become BABY SOFT. And a glow of velvet is there on my skin. This is amazing. A dude stopped me when I was travelling in metro he said , which skin product you use, i said nothing why. he said you have amazing skin.
    • People look at me more, I mean literally women and men take 2nd looks at me because my skin is radiating or its my aura , i dont know. People just tend to check me out more.
    • My hair have become thicker and shinier.
    • Colours look more bright than before (I have to lower the contrast and brightness of my monitor because the light was too much bright, which i never felt in last 10 years, so that tells me how sensitive i have become to light)
    • Nature , sunlight, trees etc all look pleasing now.

    Now, changes in my PENIS.
    1. My penis has become thicker and longer , I mean literally I feel my penis is almost double thicker than what it was , and almost 50 % longer than before. Although its not possible scientifically but i certainly feel.
    2. My penis has become ultra sensitive, the skin has become like velvet and any touch on my penis gives tingling effect in my spine and i begin to feel horny and out of control.
    3. I still dont get erection by thinking about women or sex, but once something touches my penis, i get 70-80 % erections.

    Overall, Im happy with NOFAP, and Im going to make it my lifestyle from now on, It certainly is a life changing experience.

    - Im still an addict, I still have alot to do before I break my addiction but Im going to go on and no matter how long it takes I will continue my journey.

    - Guys, beware of flatlines and urges , just hang in there and dont give in.
    - This time im going to start a journal of my journey and also this time, Im going to try some nootropics supplements that can help me to gain my dopamine receptor sensitivity.

    - Keep enjoying this journey guys, Keep fighting . Love you :)
  2. Great! Enjoy your journey.
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  3. Hungry_Shark

    Hungry_Shark Fapstronaut

    Hey bro congrats :emoji_muscle::emoji_muscle::emoji_muscle:
    Im still flatlining, do you think nootropics will help but which one?
    And also, I feel thirsty alot during flatline? Did it happen to you?
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  4. TonyJones1970

    TonyJones1970 Fapstronaut

    Congratulations Ghosty, Wish you all the best and well done for 87 days. A journal would be really helpful this time and also it keeps you accountable.
    How about your flatline and withdrawal symptoms?
  5. Ghost_Rider

    Ghost_Rider Fapstronaut

    Thanx man.
  6. Ghost_Rider

    Ghost_Rider Fapstronaut

    Hey thnx bro, :)
    I will try and then see, And I guess feeling thirsty is part of resensitising the receptors.
    I read somewhere, when you feel extremely thirsty and weak , its actually receptors being sensitised and since sensitising requires energy, so you feel more thirsty and also feel weak.
    Its a good sign, I have also felt alot thirsty all these days.
  7. Ghost_Rider

    Ghost_Rider Fapstronaut

    They are still there, I mean I felt like I got out of flatline as soon as i Fapped, but now Flatline has again hit me and I have a dead dick again.
    Withdrawal symptoms are there, but they are not so extreme and are quite manageable.
    Hows your reboot going?

    I also feel this kind of benefit of nofap and I absolutely love it. Its like people are somehow feeling it or idk, but on a longer nofap streak, even more women hit me up on facebook and shit. I dont really know what its caused by, but its amazing. Maybe we just tend to give more attention to these little things, while fapping you just doesnt give a fuck because you have already have your O.

    Congrats on your progress and keep up the good work! The grind dont stop! :- )
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  8. Mickey_94

    Mickey_94 Fapstronaut

    Great to hear about your progress! Your post gave me motivation to continue on my journey, i relapsed two days ago on my first streak (18 days), and i too also noticed differences in those few days. I have minor PIED, but after few days of NoFap i had erections back, but slightly stronger than before, i also noticed that my penis size is not like it used to be two years ago, it shrunk a lot, and on NoFap it started to come back slowly. Tell me a little more about your journey, how did you penis change over time? I need some words to keep me going on :)
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  9. Ghost_Rider

    Ghost_Rider Fapstronaut

    Yup bro, Its absolutely true.
    I went to a medical store to buy my supplements and there were a bunch of girls buying some stuff, and they were constantly checking me out , and I was like WTF dude break your eye contact But they were not breaking eye contact lol.
    It amazes me how a person's aura can change and other people can sense that.
    Its amazing how the universe works, and now I feel the power of my seed (sperm) which I was jerking off for so long , how much aura and vitality I had lost in last 10 years.
  10. Ghost_Rider

    Ghost_Rider Fapstronaut

    My penis was totally desensitised, I mean literally even if I used to death grip my penis I felt nothing.
    My whole penis felt like black dead skin, there was no sensation, no feelings nothing.
    But now my penis has become velvet soft, its so soft to touch, my penis has certainly got thicker and fuller.
    I mean how should I tell you, you know when some muscle becomes thicker and heavier?
    My penis feels exactly like that, I feel like my penis is so sensitive and so big and thick and I love watching it.
    Its hard not to touch it, but I have to do it if I want a complete cure of my ED and PIED. :)
    Keep going strong bro, tomorrow will be my 1st day and this time Im gonna start a journal :)
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  11. Shane1985

    Shane1985 Fapstronaut

    The attention can be overwhelming sometimes I know when I did 70 days on my streak my dad said im glowing, and then after 90 days when I ejaculated my dad saw my face and said I looked like shit. This glow or aura thing is for real. Sperm certainly gives you that extra shine that makes you look attractive to other people.
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  12. Ghost_Rider

    Ghost_Rider Fapstronaut

    Yup I agree. Life changes with NoFap certainly. You never remain the same :)
  13. PieLover

    PieLover Fapstronaut

    Together we shall soar!
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  14. Ghost_Rider

    Ghost_Rider Fapstronaut

    Yup :)
  15. Alexhexvans

    Alexhexvans Fapstronaut

    Dont worry, erection will come 100% just take your time on journey and as you sayd, as soon as someone touches you you go crazy, thats a very good thing
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  16. returnOfTheKing

    returnOfTheKing Fapstronaut

    Ive got a pretty decent knowledge and history using nootropics and the only one I would use to address this issue is Theanine. Any brain stimulant will increase urge to fap. Theanine can take the edge off. Flatlining is really your body finally getting the rest it needs so Theanine will help that tranquility.

    I don't think any nootropic will bypass or speed up flatline process. Most of them are fapping triggers IMO
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  17. chastedude

    chastedude Fapstronaut

    I think it was around the 20-30 day mark during my first nofap when I noticed how sensitive my penis became. It was a great feeling knowing I was on the road to healing.
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  18. Tonie

    Tonie Fapstronaut

    Congrats man, truly inspiring! How did you dissociate your healthy natural urges from your unhealthy urges? I've been struggling with this issue for awhile and looking for help.
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  19. Ghost_Rider

    Ghost_Rider Fapstronaut

    Unnatural urge is when you want to have a release , thats it , you feel no desire to touch a woman or penetrate her, you would just want to have a release,
    your penis wont be 100 % erect, but still you will crave orgasm.

    Real libido is something different - You want to touch women, you want to kiss them, cuddle with them, Thats what i have experienced so far,
    And i am pretty sure, if i am having boners, then i would feel to penetrate them as well,
    its totally different that unnatural urge,
    You feel like an animal and women is your prey, you want to jump on them and eat them ;) :D
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