88 pmo retention report: hints & results

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    My fingers are crossed since less than 48 hours I’ll reach my Big 90, thus I found myself obliged & honoured to share my experience of these undoubtedly incredible & fantastic days of NoFap. I praise Lord for giving me a chance to reach this plank.

    Lessons, that I’ve learnt:

    • Know your habit: observe yourself and memorize every aspect of your habit, understand where, what, when & why you do.
    For example, I started obeserving myself, installed a tracker and discovered some correlations such as I do fap, when I am home alone, usually a door to my room is closed, I do it in bed and I use my tablet. So, slowly but surely I started breaking the habit: first I was forgetting the wifi connection on the tablet, after I was hiding it in the wardrobe and shutting down. Later I realized, that I need to keep my door always open and in case of emergency to communicate with anyone, since I did that when I felt heartbroken & lonely. Luckily, I already had 2 accountability partners thanks to NoFap forum, may the God bless them.So, that was the way I was moving ahead.

    • Slowly but surely: chi va piano e sano, va lontano. Probably, you must have heard that before, that you should definitely go hard from the start but don’t expect to succeed. That’s true, each of you is a unique person, you had your own reasons & relationships with porn & fapping, so it’s up to you to find your own way. Some people suggest doing iteractions (like 2 days fap - nofap, week-to-week, only weekend, once in month, etc.), some people go hard along the way and succeedю Just keep reporting & going, going & reporting.

    • Use your illusion to break it, erase your personal story. For example, I wrote confessions to the flames that I was harming by my habit, I was saying them I am sorry, that what was expected didn’t happen. I was grateful for the moments we had together, I wanted them only to prosper & be happy. I even wrote letters to hookers, I used to have sex with & some porn models, which I photos I used to fap & I was able without intruding into their personal space, like messages to to Insta which will be lost in message requests. deleted altogether & left unreplied, etc. As I said, no reply, nonetheless my conscience was emptied.

    • Shit happens: get ready to very unexpectable, for no reason & heavy sh*t. Many things will be against you. Your colleagues, your friends, your partners & even your family will betray you, noone wants you to succeed, they want you to be weak, to be vulnerable & controlled, they don’t want to see you blooming, they don’t need you to prosper. Otherwise, it will highllight how shitty are they for themselves. For sure, not everyone, but many would want you down low. Even your body will betray you, you will be pissed, loose sleep, got erected, loose appetite or even have a pollution. You will be broken & lonely, you will feel despair. No matter of what: fight. Fallm stand up & keep pushing. Find your support (thank God we have NoFapppers) & rely on them. After 30 days of retention suddenly I’ve lost a sleep for about a week. My brother & mother wanted to intoxicate me, they were trying to play games behind my back to put me under medications but they didn’t succeed, they’ve faced my once & for all radical rejection. Even today, almost two month later we clearly underatand that we are different and there are no longer same attitudes. is a thick line between me & them, we’re on the different sides. You might face triggers but don’t be afraid, slow down, focus on the goal. What for are you doing all this? Keep this in mind. What would you like to change? For example, I wanted to meet true love of my life & we are together, this happened!

    Be humble, diligent, honest, courageous & win. I wish to all of you luck & will to succeed & may the God bless you. May He godspeed me also to pass 90 & go ahead



    -Don’t you ever touch dick! It’s a trap!
    -Itchy? Scratch with a towel!
    -Freeze it! Shower it with a cold shower
    -Release the pressure! Don’t get stuck, while erected: go to pee, do push ups, squats, run, jump, meditate, whatever, just don’t get stuck
    -Fuck this shit! Be radical, while being triggered: immediately switch off, put aside, step outside away, forget & delete. Don’t give it even a chance. If you want to succeed, you don’t need that. At least for the moment.
    -Calm down. In case you’re horny, set a timer. It was proven, that craving cannot last longer than 16 min. Set a timer, give yourself a promise, change a position, just breathe & wait.
    -Talk. Overcome shame, confess about your problem, share, help.
    -Organize yourself. Fill your life with chores, start planing, start a business, redecoration, studying, whatever, just keep your head occupied. Be busy.
    -Meditate, do physical activities, grow.
    -Celebrate love. You will feel lonely. Give & spread love instead of begging. Help, teach, educate, support & protect. Let’s make this planet a better place altogether.

    Peace, freedom & love
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