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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Hrom89, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. Hrom89

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    Hi everyone i made a thread 89 days ago and tonight will be day 90! woot! with no PMO. I feel great, i've managed to get in shape, i feel more confident, and more alive. I feel porn will no longer be a problem. What do you guys suggest going forward? i want to be able to fap now lol that is without porn but will that be a mistake? looking for some advice thank you in advance!
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  2. b1308t

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    it should be your choice
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  3. Big Owl

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    I was at the same point about hundred days ago and I decided to go on and stay strong. I haven't fapped and it's cool. I really do not need to any more. What you do is ultimately up to you. Just remember that rebooting doesn't stop after 90 days. You can do it!
  4. PieLover

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    In my opinion, whatever you do, there should be a presence of a partner.
    M on its own can also have some unwanted ramifications. Just go out and try to meet women.
    Also, congrats for the 90 days. You've gone a long path and for that I salute you.
  5. ghostchig95

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    NF SINCE BIRTH Fapstronaut

    Good work on 90 days :) I would personally just stick with NoFap. I think fapping in itself is a waste. Save it for a real girl. I believe it will feel so much better once you actually get the real thing.
  7. Lyart

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    Sex > Fapping.

    You fap, you lose. No sex for you.
  8. Tested

    Tested Fapstronaut

    Having twice been to day 180+ and failed each time.... I would say no to M, it will chase to P use again.

    Personally after the long reboot in my case, I am planning on a 365 day reboot, then sex has to be expressed with a woman, not alone.

    My view is that M is a huge problem in that it gives instant gratification when sex would occur after dating thus delayed gratification. M is like junk sex, not good for us at all. I say this after a 25 year addiction to PMO which has cost me my marriage.
  9. Deadlihood

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  10. WO2033

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    This is exactly the struggle I am facing. I'm very sorry to hear about how PMO has affected your life, and you're absolutely right about M being a tool of instant gratification. With today's technology and our overly sexualized culture, if we can't eliminate the M, then we'll continually be drawn back into our addictions. I've struggled with PMO for over 25 years, and I've been with my wife for the last 14 of those years. If it wasn't for her grace and forgiveness, our marriage would also be over. I just started my NoFap PMO journey 10 days ago, and already, I have more hope about kicking my addiction than ever before. However, as we all know, addiction doesn't just turn off with a switch. I have been struggling with the mental badgering of the M temptation after being visually stimulated several times throughout the day, today. These are the personal battles of will and determination that I know I need to win over the next 80 days, and beyond, to come out a victor and a better man, husband, and father. I know it will get easier as time progresses, and I am so thankful for my fellow fapstanauts, like you, who have shared their stories and struggles, and who have helped me realize that in not alone in my journey and that there is hope. Bless you all.
  11. WO2033

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    Nice work brother! Since you were able to make it to 90, I'd stay strong without the Fap and wait to share that experience with a partner. Whatever you decide to do, though; keep fighting the good fight!
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  12. Lyart

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    How did you fuck up?
  13. As what others have said, the choice is entirely up to you. It always has been. I would advise not to fap and find a real woman instead. Even if finding a real woman is hard, I would still advise you not to fap. Use the time to develop yourself, be it physically, mentally or spiritually. It's a better choice. Good job on reaching 90 days.

  14. Tested

    Tested Fapstronaut

    Both times; it was the result of marriage argument; I got emotionally smashed and my default way of blocking the pain was PMO; of course, once you take a drink of it, you cannot stop............... So the old cycle of use / remorse / use ......... began again....... My mistake both times was that my accountability on NF - ended because I thought I was cured.

    To be brutally honest PMO is the quickest and best way to become a beta male; a total miserable social failure. To have ANY chance at all of gaining any ALPHA characteristics; we have to hold to higher personal standards, it is literally our only hope; the only way to separate us as MEN and not beasts.

    If anyone wants strong accountability with me on a daily basis; PM me.

    No, the addiction does not switch off, it is not liking pressing a button. It takes daily and painful work to change EVERYTHING about us; everything that is false, it has to go. Only the true can remain; we have to shed our addicted self and regrow; we have to be changed men.
  15. Lyart

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    Just don't grab your dick. Geez. :)
  16. Ajar

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    NoFap Defender

    Go all out no PMO. Continue it. Celibacy, Idc if you're religious or not, is the basis of life. Why do you think Dr.Kellogs was so against masturbation? Great men and women should limit there reproductive functions to just procreation. But hey its the 21st century. If you wnna be with your girl fine. But try and minimize it. Try and use your new power of self control to make something in the world.
  17. lyess11

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    You have to make A relation with girl for your 90 days
  18. Scisteve

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    I think it's like AA or any 12 step program...it's a continual fight, day in, day out. I feel that my recovery must be recognized and affirmed one day at a time. Even though I'm approaching my 90 days my struggle will never be over.
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  19. Sans_Fear

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    Does NoFap lead to a spiritual awakening and is it inevitable? I wonder....
  20. laris

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    Dont give up!The key to success is in you! Damn , are you willing to lose yourself for a moment of pleasure!? Me neither! I have been working out for three years now and all I learned is that is if you want more strength you should push to your limits! Its a painful process and the real orgasm is the result you get after a hard work done well.

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