9 Months of No PM

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Happy Man, Nov 9, 2017.

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    It's been 9 months so far and the journey has been awesome :) I'm on day 264 of no P and M. I feel very, very little urge to masturbate. This will be my forever journey.

    I wouldn't say I'm fully recovered yet but 80 to 90 percent of the time, I can perform. If it's the first time with a new girl, I will most likely have ED unless I have strong feelings for her. This connection has to be built over time, if not ED can happen. Best to kiss, cuddle and do some foreplay for the first few times, than to rush into sex.

    When I'm in a loving relationship, I can have sex up to 3 times a day and ejaclate as well. I'm losing track of time on my nofap journey which is good :) I hardly think about my willy lol.

    I would say, I need an other 6 month to fully recover. I'm 38 years old so age can effect my penis but it's too early to tell. My aim is March 2018 and then forever. Right now, I'm not counting days so sooner or later, when I wake up, I will get there :)

    Before I was in deep flat line. Now I hardly get into flat line. I can feel a lot more body sensations. My GF touching my penis now gets me really hard. 9 months before my penis will strink when touched by a girl. I get turned on by a little touch.

    The first 3 months I hardly felt any change. The same with the first 6 months. Now the change has been massive. I don't think I be interested in porn for life or sex scenes in movies. If a sex scene comes up, I will always close my eyes and cover my ears. I will walk out of a room if i have to. Some girls might find it weird but I don't care. I'm going to protect myself from these nasty images.

    I'm very happy with my progress and can not wait until I hit the 2 year, 5 year, 10 year mark :) Life is good so far!!!
  2. congrats bud!
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    Thanks for sharing. So great!
  4. r8js

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    it is encouraging.
  5. Thanks for this post!
  6. Great post and I am so happy for you. It was very inspiring to read :)
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  7. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your success story!
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    Fantastic! Very encouraging!
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    Congrats! You give me hope, man
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    My Journal
    @Happy Man This is great news - thanks for sharing. I agree and do that in movies, too!

    @DIYAS1 you can do it, too!
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    Thank you vxlccm. I know I can, I am and I will. My life has been on a journey of change for 2 years and this is just the current stage.
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    This post has given me hope. After 130 days I still couldn’t get hard with a woman but I didn’t really know her so guessing that had something to do with it. Hopefully a few more months and getting a girlfriend to take things slow with should see similar results as you’ve had.
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    So great to hear! Keep coming back!

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