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  1. Fredi-the

    Fredi-the Fapstronaut

    Start Date: Jan 25, 2019
    Day 118/121 no PM (relapsed day 51, 70, 102)
    Day 19/90 consecutive no PM
    Day 121 no alcohol or caffeine
    Day 89 weight training
    Day 22 meditation
    - woke up feeling like I was flat-lining with no sexual feelings whatsoever
    - told my wife as much since the weekends are usually our intimate time
    - then 5 minutes later had a huge erection and put it to better use (with my wife)
    - I think my ODD nature is starting to work on itself
    - can't complain though as it was great sex
    - Hope everyone's Sunday is relaxing and Fap-free
  2. Hero's_creed

    Hero's_creed Fapstronaut

    Thanks man.
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  3. Hero's_creed

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  4. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    think like this bro, the 90th day it´s gonna be a great day because it´s a landmark of your commitment to live free of pmo. but in practical terms it will make no difference, nofap is for life so it´s gonna be a day like any other, a day without pmo.

    keep going bro, you´re doing great.
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  5. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    well, since he´s your friend, cutting imediate relations seems a little drastic.
    i suggest you first talk with him straight. speak your heart out to him, say the things that pisses you off about his attitude, then see what he says, then make a decision ;)
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  6. MWM89

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  7. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    lot´s of new brothers with lot´s of doubts.

    welcome my friends, stay with us, sharing not only motivates you but also motivate others. here´s some pointers to a strong and safe reboot that will save you tons of time and suffering.

    1 - recognize beyond any doubt that your an addict. not someone who has a bad habit. Quoting from the book "Wack: Addicted to Internet Porn" from Noah Church (free on his website).

    “The following 11 criteria are inspired by the APA's (American Psychiatric Association) substance addiction diagnostic tool and with some adaptation each criterion applies equally as well to porn use (…). Make a tally mark for every statement that applies to you.

    - You use more extreme pornographic material than you planned, use porn more frequently than you planned, or have used porn over a greater time span than you planned.

    - You have several times expressed that you would like to quit or reduce use and/or have unsuccessfully tried to reduce or stop use.

    - You spend an inordinate or inconvenient amount of time acquiring, using, and/or recovering from the effects of porn.

    - You experience strong cravings for porn.

    - You have compromised major obligations at home, at work, or at school due to porn use.

    - You continue using porn despite knowing that it is consistently causing or worsening social or interpersonal problems.

    - You have skipped or given up significant social or occupational activities in order to use porn.

    - You use porn in ways or locations that are physically hazardous.

    - You continue using porn despite knowing that it is consistently causing or worsening physical or psychological problems.

    - You have acquired a tolerance and need more lengthy, varied, or extreme porn to feel the same or similar pleasure as when you first started using.

    - You experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when you abstain and may use porn to alleviate these symptoms.

    According to the APA, "As a general estimate of severity, a mild substance use disorder is suggested by the presence of two to three symptoms, moderate by four to five symptoms, and severe

    by six or more symptoms."

    2 - Once you accept the truth of your problem, recognize that you can´t control PMO usage. don´t waste precious time of your life trying to fit porn in your life, you can´t control this thing. “Oh… maybe on these days, or only on that days….” Forget it. See for yourself, if you could control this you wouldn´t be an addict in the first place. the only way to break free from the addiction is to abstain from all sexual indulgence till a point you have good health and no desire to PMO.

    3 - motivate yourself daily to the reboot. PMO destroys a lot of areas in life but what are those things that really pisses you off? That´s your motivation. Motivate with the positive (all the benefits that nofap will bring to your life) and the negative (all the suffering that porn addiction brought to your life). Motivate several times per day through the entire reboot, because the urges and porn thoughts will be alive and kicking. Motivation can come from a text, a video, a music, whatever, anything that boosts you to keep doing the reboot. Sucess stories of ex-porn addicts are also good motivators.

    4 – you can´t do this alone. Studies show that is very rare to someone to overcome an addiction alone, almost impossible. That´s because the very feeding ground of addictions is isolation. So the treatment goes in the opposite direction. You need partners, groups, therapy, forums, whatever, do as you prefer, but stay in touch.

    5 - create physical barriers against PMO cause willpower alone will not do. this means install porn blockers and usage of electronic devices with screens facing exposure. I strongly recommend to fapstronauts don´t be home alone with electronic devices in the first month. this is because the compulsion to PMO is very strong in the beginning and will make you go autopilot very easy if the circunstances are gathered.

    6 - delete any porn/softcore material that you have. if you keep something with you that means you´re keeping the flame alive.

    7 - withdrawal is hard, sometimes harder than the addiction. but after some days/weeks withdrawal ends, the addiction never ends. Prepare yourself for fatigue, irritation, deep sadness, insomnia, brain fog, headaches, etc... but don´t worry, after a while energy will start to rise and you´ll feel amazing . it´s worth all the efforts. to minimize withdrawal always stay well fed, hidratated, an build a good sleep hygiene. sleeping pills, vitamins and antidepressives can also help.

    8 – Avoid alcohol and sugar consumption. These substances drain energy and promote lethargy and depression. Never get drunk. Excessive alcohol prevents your brain for rewiring, leads to (extra) fatigue, irritation and brain fog. it will also deplete your willpower making you more likely to relapse.

    Also stay away from screens, wether TV, PC, mobile, whatever.... screens cultivate a passive attitude. they rob awareness and create dullness. if you want to interact with screens that´s fine but only for a specific reason. when that reason is over, the viewing must be over also. Another problem with spending too much time in front of electronic screens its because of the blue light they emanate. this can a create a syndrome called “dry eye” which can cause disturbances to fall asleep.

    9 – practice meditation daily or any kind of relaxation technique. This is very important to calm the body against urges and help cope with withdrawal symptoms.

    10 – Negative feelings are common triggers to PMO. This is a crucial part of the reboot because many times relapses happen to escape pain or discomfort. We have to deal directly with the parts of our experience that are unconfortable and cope with them in constructive ways, we need to develop new skills. If we don´t deal with those feelings, at neurological level, the midbrain that is severely hijacked by PMO, will start to take over for the “dopamine solution”. that´s why it feels we enter automatic mode just before a relapse.

    So if you feel bored follow the trail of inspiration, ask yourself "what do i really wanna do right now?" and act out on the answer. Even if at first you only feel a small pull, do it anyway. After a while energy will increase so as the mood and you´ll be inspired to do other things.

    If you feel sad accept the situation that cause it, or change it if you can. also talk with someone about it and do something pleasant. Stronger emotions like anger or hurt i recommend meditation. A good exercise is the 3 minute breathing space meditation, it´s specifically designed to cope with hard moments.

    11 - in the reboot you´ll have flatline periods (total absence of sexual desire) and periods of strong sexual urges. to deal with urges my recommendation is to let them be, just observe them, don´t engage in them. keep doing whatever you´re doing. the urge may be very strong, but it will pass, it will pass totally. in extreme cases, click the panic button on nofap, get out of the house or take a cold shower.

    12 - do physical exercise regularly. that will boost your mood and release sexual energy in a positive way.

    13 - write a goodbye letter to porn. be brutally honest. an addiction is also a relationship so cry your heart out, say all the things you want to say, and say goodbye.

    14 – stay dynamic and active. this is the step i found more important (sideways with the daily motivation). why? because you´re not only abstaining from porn/masturbation, you have to replace those behaviours for others. or else porn will return, no matter how much time as gone by. So fill the free time, follow the inspiration of the moment, work on your passions, live your dreams, one day at a time. Don´t give importance to what day you´re in, don´t care about the 90 days. Addictions are cronic diseases so avoid thinking on absolute terms. statements like: "i will never fap again" "pmo never again", "i´m out of this forever..." etc etc, these kind of thinking helps the addiction. it´s based on the same impulsiveness that leads to pmo. so instead of making absolute promises, it´s better to think moment by moment, day by day, "this moment, this day - no pmo". this will remove pressure off yourself from having to create the "perfect life without pmo" and allows for the only thing that you can do right now which is dealing with the present moment. That is the core of living in abstinence.

    15 - the addicted mind will not break easily. it´s likely that you´re gonna relapse, relapse a lot. the key is too keep going, never give up. if you don´t give up you will make it. Garanteed. This aplies with everything in life. You just have to want it, badly. If you want it you´ll get it, you will find a way. All the excuses that we put up “oh i´m not strong enough”, “not smart enough” “not good looking” “not rich enough”, “oh, i´m super addicted” “oh, i´m just unlucky” bla bla it´s all ideas that are not tested, excuses to justify failure and make us feel pity for yourselfs while time is passing by. Plain and simple, if your not getting what you want, it´s not because of circunstances, it´s due to your lack of determination and self-discipline. Perseverance is the game changer. So in each relapse try to know something about yourself, how your mind works, what are the triggers. knowledge is power.

    Write down all the lessons that you learned with the relapses or risky behaviours. put places, dates and consequences, make it the most vivid memories you´ll have. Read them every day as part of your motivation, by negative reinforcement it will help boost your nofap journey and make you always aware of potencial hazards. Remember: your brain is severely disturbed by PMO, if you forget your relapses you will easily fall prey of the addiction in a vulnerable moment.

    If you relapse try not to binge (relapse multiple times), the bigger the binging the harder will the withdrawal.

    16 - avoid any kind of sexual stimulation. Anything that we consciously engage with a lustful purpose: engage in viewing, engage in touching... will make dopamine being release on the already unbalanced brain. stimulation will increase urges and destroy motivation for other things (as PMO is still the main drive). So don´t believe your mind if it tells you to peak, it never wants just that. after that the addiction will kick in strongly and start drilling until it breaks you. The same goes for touching. So it´s better to not even start.
    The ideal is to make a 180º shift on reality. Engage in totally different activities through the day. luckly there´s a million to do things that have nothing to do with sex.
    if you have a partner and want to have normal intercourse try to abstain at least on the first weeks to give the brain a rest. If you do sex but thinking on porn that means you´re using your partner as an object. That´s a relapse.

    17 - you can´t go back to porn. this probably is the harshest truth you can hear - it was mine, and it is for many people - but it´s the truth nevertheless. Why? 2 major reasons.

    - you´ll be an ex-addicted, always. that means you can´t have a normal relation with porn. if you engage in PMO again, sooner or later you´ll become an addict, again. Quoting from a gambling disorder specialist, he wrote why ex-patological gamblers could never come back to money games. This naturally aplies to other addictions as they all have the same backbone:
    "We talk about treatment and not cure because there´s a lot more data at neurobiological and genetic level that stated that dependency is a cronic problem, but not terminal. This means through treatment it´s possible to conquer life quality built on abstinence. (...) My 15 years experience dealing with dependency disorders makes me afirm that whoever had severe dependency can not attain the desired control to consume. Generally speaking it´s only a matter of time until the obsession, the compulsion and the impulsiveness return. These are the factors that lead to loss of control and priorities switching that caracterize this behavioural dependency, among others"

    - in high speed internet, there´s an infinite suply of sexual material, new sexual material. dopamine is released not only by viewing and fapping but also by searching novely. That means the search itself creates excitment. So once you give your brain a taste of the "stuff" it will crave for more, always more.

    18 - destroying any hope of going back to PMO will make the reboot stronger and more determinated. This is because some fapstronauts secretly do the reboot in order to gain control over porn, so to use it in moderation. But as we have seen before, this is impossible. Plus if the goal of the reboot is to use porn, porn is still in the horizon. This becomes a contradiction to the present streak and will make it much harder to endure. On the other side all ex-addicts firmly agree that no one ever wants to go back to porn cause life now is too good to be true, too good to go back to hell. Rebooters that did tried to PMO again founded that they couldn´t control their behaviour and had to do the reboot a second time. Some of them said the second reboot is even harder than the first one. This is why you feel depressive sometimes - you´re leaving a deeply engrained behaviour. But seen from another perspective: you´ll loose something that´s close to you right now, but you´ll gain an amazing life beyond your dreams. Quoting some successful rebooters:

    “Nofap will make you live the life that you dream of”

    “In nofap you´ll be so happy that you won´t know what to do with yourself”

    19 - 90 days usually is the standard time to recover from porn addiction, sometimes it may take long. Counting the days can boost your confidence but it also has down effects. Counting may create the sense that only when “that” specific day is reached everything will be fine, your life will be perfect. so you focus on the time and not the process, which is your own life. This can make a streak harder to endure by putting extra pressure to reach “that” day and not reset the counter meanwhile. To avoid this trap see nofap as a lifestyle and not a time challenge. The challenge is for the critical shift, the reboot. After that nofap evolves to a lifestyle.

    It can also help to create two counters:

    - One global counter that indicates how many days you´ve been in the nofap journey (clean days and relapse days).

    - One consecutive counter that indicates your consecutive days in nofap.

    Resetting the counter can be demotivating, it creates the sense that your recovery is on zero, and that´s not true. the more days you spend without PMO the more your brain rewires and learns to live a life without unnatural sexual stimulation. By having two counters you´ll have a better sense of your growth.

    20 – the reboot implies 100% commitment. If you don´t take it serious neither will be the results. If you take it serious, like if your life depends on it, the change is at your hand. You´ll become a new person: happy, faster, stronger, smarter, confident, social, peaceful. You´ll become a high successful person and there will be pretty much nothing you can´t accomplish because after conquering your own demon you can conquer anything.

    i wish you the best luck, strengh and focus my brothers. believe in yourself, you can do it.
  8. Mr.Anka

    Mr.Anka Fapstronaut

    Thank you so much for sharing advices mate. They are really helpful I will try apply in daily life.
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  9. Yup with this excitement one more day successfully passed...& the count down for next 14 days begin
  10. Steel rain

    Steel rain Fapstronaut

    3 days have done and being in day 4th. Today was easier than days before although i am at very beginning. I have been trying nofap for 1.5 years and could see max 21 days. But first time i joined this group during nofap journey. And hope, this will be trigger for me to achieve my 90 days goal. With all good wishes, May it be easy
  11. xmag3000

    xmag3000 Fapstronaut

    Buy, the book " Your brain on porn " by Gary Wilson available and on Amazon, read it to identify your triggers, also you will learn a lot about what cause this type of bad habit.
    Keep yourself occupied, avoid been alone (Until you can control yourself), start learning something, check how to meditate, go to gym or practice some sports, Go to church. Be careful with social media, any picture or video can be a trigger.
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  12. xmag3000

    xmag3000 Fapstronaut

    Start over with more energy, you are doing great.
    Identify the cause and keep going.:emoji_muscle:
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  13. xmag3000

    xmag3000 Fapstronaut

    Well well , I'm on day 37 on challenge
    Day 44 clean
    I really like this quote:
    I'd rather attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing and succeed.
    Robert H. Schuller
  14. Woahhhh

    Woahhhh Fapstronaut

    49/90 today was pretty good, I got to go swimming with friends , I’ve been doing a lot of work on myself
  15. Srisurya

    Srisurya Fapstronaut

    29/90 checking in. Headache yesterday. Today fine after waking up. Looking forward for brighter and achne free skin, since it's been already these many days. Cheers.
  16. Harrylucid

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    Day 4
    Yesterday I had a horrific experience in the mess . I noticed that the hands of a teen were shivering badly . I could easily make it out that he was suffering from porn addiction and lack of confidence ... But he left soon
    Trying to resist all this after seeing the results .
    All the Best guys
  17. A47

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    Day 14. A vow to stay strong and never give up has been taken by everyone here. So I put here some motivating lines of a poem that is so close to my heart and I hope that these lines fill you up with the right amount of motivation that you are seeking and helps you to succeed and never look back.
    "And you never can tell just how close you are,
    It may be near when it seems so far;
    So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit—
    It's when things seem worst that you must not quit."

    - John Greenleaf Whittier
    (Poem: Don't Quit)
    Be Strong. Be Positive. Be Healthy.
  18. Krazy-8

    Krazy-8 Fapstronaut

    The magic happens when you start surpassing all your expectations and still want more. 1 week gone ... Hell yeah!! I want more.
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