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  1. Kratos_GOW

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  3. RiseToGreatness

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    that is a major problem for everyone, especially the heavy addicts. it´s really difficult to handle that thing, the best i can say is to continue the reboot. after a while you´ll feel confident again and with no problem in looking people in the eyes.

    the reason why this is a major issue is because deep down we feel a lot of shame and guilt because of pmo. that´s why is hard to eye contact with people - "i don´t deserve to look at anyone".
    so the more you´ll stay in nofap the more clean, pure and alive you´ll feel and with no problem in looking or talking to people :). just keep going.
  4. RiseToGreatness

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    very good bro, keep going.
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  5. RiseToGreatness

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    brother, you´re in a shallow ground right there. if you don´t change your life the addiction will caught you soon, you´ll feel so bored and uninspired that the brain will present you with the dopamine fix. soon you´ll be saying "fuck this" and you relapse. you got to change your life man, change your day, change your lifestyle. do stuff that you like, live to the fullest. that´s crucial, if you´re not passionate about the reboot, you´ll never make the 90 days, much as well the rest of your life.
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    of course there is. practice meditation and keep engaged in significant activities. stay busy. the chaser is basically strong urges. but as urges, they need thoughts to keep going. if you don´t feed the sexual thoughts, the fantasy will die and so will the urge.
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  7. RiseToGreatness

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  8. Date: Jan 25, 2019
    Day 137/140 no PM (relapsed day 51, 70, 102)
    Day 38/90 consecutive no PM
    Day 140 no alcohol or caffeine
    Day 106 weight training
    - feeling much better in the groin area today
    - off for a romantic breakfast rendevous with the wife now
    - happy Thursday Y'all
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2019
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  9. Anew2019

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    3 days. I always notice a significant chang at 3 days. There is an icky feeling that is always there that really starts disappearing after 3 days or so. I hope I don't relapse again. I hate the feelings I have after I act out.
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  10. Rickyboy7

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    I am in
    Starting my streak from 14/6/19
    Monk mode
    Wish me luck
  11. MWM89

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    Day 2 complete. Staying active and feeling good.
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  12. Kiz Whalifa

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    Thanks, needed this.
    Day 0.
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  13. captaingill

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    Relapse on 25th day !! :(
    Today's Quote: Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.- Henry Ford
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  14. Srisurya

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    Day 46/90 Successful.
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  15. Hadocken

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    Day 3/90 . Felling happy for it :)
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  16. hindiguy29

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    No PMO today. Hell yeah!
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  17. Starboii

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    Alright Bro, it will be a hard training, but I will fight against it! Thanks! :D
  18. Starboii

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    I don`t know. Should I change my PMO Tracker into Meeting Private Goals or Porn Masturbation?
    Hmm I noticed also something today:
    I thought I was a loser or got social anxiety. The truth is that I got 4-5 real friends, but not of them visit my school where I am. And I feel very comfortable to do ANYTHING with them. Everythin seems fun with them! And that makes me really happy ^^. I hope in dark times we will protect each other butt.
    And in my school, I feel very uncomfortable around people who are... well let`s call it "not my type of friends I like". Therefore I just go my own way. I know it will be a long lonely way, but what should I do? NoFap showed me what life is. Therefore I ask you find your reason of your addiction. If you now the reason, you will get it really easier to reboot and to focus on not PMO. You will become successful. Everyday I learn something new about me, about life, everything what I earlier hided with porn. I know it`s easier said than done, but what I learned from my father is: Nothing is easy. It`s easy if you can... (Hope it`s the correct translation from German to English :rolleyes:)
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  19. hormigonElaborado

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    ok, im going in, 35 days, counting to 90, and if i can go longer than that, 365 or more, the better.

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