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  1. Overfloweth

    Overfloweth Fapstronaut

    Day 40 / 90
    So much happier without porn in my life. Stay strong. Stay committed.
  2. bakes

    bakes Fapstronaut


    I fall. I rise again. Over and over again.
    If the amount of time I'm standing is bigger than the amount of time I stay on the ground; I'm winning.
  3. thetourist

    thetourist Fapstronaut

    Let's go bro, the urges will pass and our dignity and our strength will stay. You've been handing out so much motivation lately, if not you, who will watch the watchmen?;):cool:
  4. Homo Deus

    Homo Deus Distinguished Fapstronaut

  5. Fede83

    Fede83 Fapstronaut

    I just wanna say again after I relapsed yesterday..clean one with no fantasy and no porn...not even sure if I should full reboot but yes I will do anyway for respect of the cause and for my value as human ...well today I feel nostalgic..I feel a bit sad..a bit lost in my self and I wanna keep confirm u need to change ur habit if u want to live a better life trust me and gooooo don’t watch behind u will not regret !
  6. win_harsha

    win_harsha Fapstronaut

    Brother determination, self discipline and confidence are the key in winning

    Try to change your lifestyle because when you want to forget about porn your emptying or deleting memory and path wires in your brain so you need to fill up the void with something or else you are gonna relapse even when you are on the 90th day so change your life style

    Say thanks to porn and start learning about your self your mind and learn how to control your mind do meditation and not masturbation

    Think in this way you have a future . A long future and do you want to suffer every day , every week , every month and every year seeing porn and relapsing and then feeling shame

    Leave the shit behind you and don't ever look back even though porn tries to hold you back but fight back and win the game.

    All the best brother
    Your brother in this struggle
  7. win_harsha

    win_harsha Fapstronaut

    Day 13/90 completed successfully

    Dream high nothing is impossible and achieve your dreams step by step

    There are two things you have to decide wisely

    1)the pain of being in discipline
    2)the pain of watching porn and regretting afterwards

    So that's it struggle for long term success and not short term pressure

    All the best brothers
    Your brother in this struggle
  8. Majik

    Majik Fapstronaut

    Some thoughts and things that I have noticed over the last couple of days whilst I think about them, rather than waiting until it is my time to post.

    Yesterday, as I was watching people going about their lives I realised that most people are doing just that, going about their lives. Also, most people's lives do not appear to be very exciting.
    Then today I was thinking (dangerous I know! haha) that watching porn is really NOT very exciting! Sitting there in front of a screen on your own with your pants down? How lame is that! What IS exciting are the small things in life. Going to explore a new place, maybe trying a different restaurant for dinner, meeting new people, meeting and catching up with friends, watching your young niece having fun with just a tennis ball, cooking a new recipe and seeing how it turns out. Even just cooking your favourite food and watching your favourite film because that is what you fancy and it makes you smile. Those are the things that life is all about. Make the most of them, because life is amazing! And short!
    THEN you get the added bonus of being able to try the odd REALLY exciting thing to spice things up, like skiing in powder or jumping out of a plane!
    I am not exactly sure what I am trying to say, but I do know that sitting on your own in a dark room staring at a computer screen should be ranking pretty low on the list of life experiences. Even the so called 'boring' things in life are more valuable than that. Life is precious, don't waste it.
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  9. antn

    antn Fapstronaut

    Yes, day 14/90. Let's make today count guys. Proud of you all.
  10. Luke777

    Luke777 Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    Day 10/90
    Seriously the main thing is that shame, that guilty feeling when you pmo. After days of no pmo, I have more self-confidence.
    Without that shame and guilty feeling, I would have a happier life. I must get rid of this addiction, remove it from my life forever if I want to have a successful and happy life.

    Last time I relapsed was because I felt bad, things in my life just not going well, stresses and a lot of things were pushing me.
    This is something to be considered. When you feel bad, or feel like shit, whatever it is, you must not give in, find the real way to deal with it, not running away and pmo. Because right after pmo, nothing is going to change except you feeling more shit about yourself.

    A good post on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/NoFap/comments/dljdv0/dont_forget_what_zero_day_felt_like/

    All the best brothers!

    Looking forward to achieving 14 days!
  11. Nabob coffee uses a Swiss water removal of caffeine so no chemicals in that one.
  12. Joined nofap Jan 25, 2019
    251/271 Good Days
    Longest streaks 67 then 51 4 years later
    Current Challenge 2/90 (ends on my 1 year anniversary of joining nofap)
    Day 84 weight training (3X/wk)
    Day 25 reduced alcohol, caffeine and sweets
    - learning lots by reading others posts this morning
    - your brother in this struggle
  13. Camelon

    Camelon Fapstronaut

    Spent my whole life alone
    Even DEATH took my only BFF
    Sometimes it"s hard.......
  14. Majik

    Majik Fapstronaut

  15. IQUIT2

    IQUIT2 Fapstronaut

  16. Majik

    Majik Fapstronaut

    Another early phone down day again. Have spent FAR too much time on it already! So going to check in for 2 good days done now :) Went swimming for the first time in ages! As well as joining the gym again, finally! Starting to turn the corner I think.
    Keep up with the support everyone. There is a really nice camaraderie on here, which is great to see :)
  17. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    good point bro, good point :). let´s get going :emoji_muscle:
  18. Jim2015

    Jim2015 Fapstronaut

  19. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    35 days my brothers

    pmo by itself is a destructive behaviour for everybody. but for us addicts is really destructive, because after one taste many will follow, and in the end we will be feeling: no energy, lethargic, brain fog, depressive, nervous, irritated, unmotivated and pervert.

    so when you think on pmo, see pmo for what it really is: poisoned candy.

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