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    ZORROW Fapstronaut

    The 10 stages of rebooting.

    Stage 1
    : This is when we realize that masturbation is affecting our healthy negatively and we have a thought about quitting. However, after reading about the harmlessness theories of masturbation we are not so determined anymore, we think that masturbation in moderation should do us no harm. This is the very initial stage of rebooting which is characterized by ignorance and naivety. The result: failure!

    Stage 2: We gain a small understanding of the harmful effects of masturbation, but not a thorough understanding. The result: failure!

    Stage 3: We begin to study other peoples’ experience of rebooting and we try to break our rebooting record. Although we have managed to set a new record on the number of rebooting days we are still unable to break out of the vicious cycle. The result: failure!

    Stage 4: This is the confusion stage, after numerous failures, we start to doubt ourselves. At this stage, we are not putting in enough of a fight, no fight no victory! The result: failure.

    Stage 5: Our body gives out signals once again and it’s clear that our health has deteriorated. Once again we make up our minds to quit and rely helplessly on the brute force method without learning about the correct methods. The result: failure.

    Stage 6: We begin to see the harmlessness theory for what it is, that it only works to trick the “children”. This is when we experience a breakthrough in our way of thinking but we still fail to understand why we are unable to quit masturbation. The result: failure.

    Stage 7: This is the stage of understanding, gained from reading vast amounts of rebooting articles, we begin to acknowledge spiritual teachings (such as Buddhism) which helps to increase our determination tremendously, we break the 100-day streak. The result: still failure.

    Stage 8: The thorough cleansing stage, we are starting to cleanse ourselves both consciously and unconsciously. Once this idea has entered our subconscious we easily break the 200-day barrier. There may come one day when we are browsing the internet and have our guard down or we have been slack in our rebooting studies, we therefore stumble near the finishing line. The result: still failure.

    Stage 9: We are almost there now and have become even more careful, our understanding takes on another level. We are no longer affected by dirty thoughts, what we see do not enter our intentions, what other people sees and like we react with caution. We are steady in our heart even amidst rough winds of thoughts. We have discarded the habit of masturbation altogether.

    Stage 10: “Nothing to begin with, how can nothing stir the dust”. We have come to the highest stage where all things returns to simplicity, just as the “sweeping monk” from Jin Yong’s martial art novels. Great skill is hidden in plain site, this is only achieved by the Master. Tips: Everyone should be able to find their current stage in rebooting, just like in video games we have our levels, once we have reached that level success will come. If our level of understanding is not there we will have a hard time to quit masturbation, for a master there is no difficulty, while mastery is difficult to achieve for a layman. Hopefully, everyone will continue to study rebooting articles, the day when we find our “aha” moment is the day when we can walk away from masturbation for good. For the few bright people with keen minds, they are able to skip over stages just as a bright student is able to skip grades and the poor student will need to remain in the same grade.
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  3. Homo Deus

    Homo Deus Distinguished Fapstronaut

    Day 25 :emoji_muscle::emoji_muscle::emoji_muscle:
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  4. Srisurya

    Srisurya Fapstronaut

    Lol i today almost indulged in spying my neighbour through window. I was anticipating something nude to happen from spying my neighbour. It took me few minutes before i completely stop. Nudes didn't happen. But the thought of spying thinking nudes may happen is to be taken seriously.
    Day 29 at the end of day.
  5. akshayhazari

    akshayhazari Fapstronaut

  6. sakshamchess

    sakshamchess Fapstronaut

    Count me in! I am currently on the 3rd day of my NoFap journey. But I start at day 0. :)
  7. Michaeldra

    Michaeldra Fapstronaut

    day 17 fight the battle. reaching 90 is not more difficult that we make it out to be.
  8. Day something/90
    If anybody find my last post.. please let me know.. i am not able to find which day i am on in this challenge
  9. Luke777

    Luke777 Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    Thank you brother! I will not stop fighting this addiction!
  10. win_harsha

    win_harsha Fapstronaut


    Brother sad to hear this sad story

    Your mind is the biggest battlefield be its commander and not its soldier control the mind steer your mind towards your vision, your dreams and your success. FIGHT as if tomorrow is the end. FIGHT until your opponent cannot stand. FIGHT hard until you reach your vision. FIGHT with determination FIGHT with commitment who the hell is going to stop you. FAILURE never fear the failure you are a WARRIOR not a PERVERT

    I survived because the fire inside me is burning brighter than the fire around me when you want to achieve something you must be burning like the sun

    No matter how hard is the past, no matter how hard you struggled you can always begin again brother fight for your dreams no one can stop you

    All the best brother
    No problem when there's a problem there is a way

    Don't loose your determination and commitment
    Don't hurt yourself and worry be in self defense and self discipline

    Please don't peek into anything stay away from social media and explicit content


    Your brother in this struggle
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  11. win_harsha

    win_harsha Fapstronaut

    Day 16/90 completed successfully

    All the best brothers
    Your brother in this struggle
  12. Current Challenge 4/90 (ends Feb 13)
    Joined nofap Jan 25, 2019
    269/295 Good Days (no relapse)
    Longest streaks 67 then 51 (4 years later)
    Day 93 weight training (3X/wk)
    Day 30 reduced alcohol, caffeine and sugar
    - felt some urges last night as a result of a verbal scrap with the wife over nothing as she is pre menopausal and highly emotional right now
    - I realize PMO is my way of self medicating my negative emotions after a scrap as well as saying fuck you to her
    - not a good pattern which needs to change and I am working on it
    - first scrap in about 4 months so things have improved a lot since I got off of this dopamine roller coaster called PMO
    - your brother in this struggle
  13. Day zero
  14. Day 22. Keeping the 30-day goal in mind for right now. Let's all keep going!
  15. Okay.. let it be zero.. i dont care which day it is.. i am over this addiction and never coming back to this addiction
  16. Waterlily

    Waterlily Fapstronaut

    10/90 Awesome journey. .. Thank u jesus for giving me enough strength for each day. Trying to get busy.Adding colours to my life in every way
  17. Barnabas_

    Barnabas_ Fapstronaut

  18. franco-desiboy

    franco-desiboy Fapstronaut

    11 Days in the books. Not been a problem thus far as I have tried to keep myself busy and been around one of my friend. and the commitment to the 90 day goal. Trying to incorporate some new habits like reducing weight. will be joining gym from tomorrow. I am overweight by 20 kg, which is very unhealthy, so that will be my priority for the next 3 months. Also, I want to read some good books and will be incorporating that. Stay Strong guys. Much love. One mental hack which is helping me is that I am not waiting for day 90 to become a transformed man. I am not waiting for next day to finish. I am just letting it all go and just focusing on my present. Time will pass, it cannot be stopped. So trying to be productive and happy.
  19. Barnabas_

    Barnabas_ Fapstronaut

    Jesus gives me strength for every day too. One day at a time. This 10 months without P and M were possible because of Him, relying on Him and His strenght (praying and reading daily a Bible). Plus help from two Christians, this forum and accountibility partner I met through this site.

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