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  1. Waterlily

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  2. OpenRoads

    OpenRoads Fapstronaut

    Checking in, 3 days (almost 4). I always seem to struggle in this range with insomnia, anxiety etc...

    ZORROW Fapstronaut

    Daily Checking In, :)

    What are 20 things that are not worth it ?

    1. Instagram - fake people everywhere
    2. Arguing - conserve your energy
    3. Gossiping - mind your business
    4. Getting an iPhone - Androids have better battery and good camera
    5. Bleaching your skin - might lose your identity
    6. Overthinking - you change nothing
    7. Trying to impress people - might die before your time
    8. Chasing money - solve problems
    9. Not exercising - obesity, heart disease winking at you
    10. Talking ill of the government/politicians - vote wisely instead
    11. Trying to fall in love - you don't try, it just happens
    12. Drugs - thrilling yourself to death
    13. Keeping boyfriend/girlfriend at 13 - have you done your assignment?
    14. Living in the past - this is present, the past is past
    15. Working at sleep hours - unless you're a vigilante
    16. Keeping grudges - poisoning your mind
    17. Chasing women - make more money and have a good life
    18. Forfeiting your career/education for love - no insurance…no assurance!
    19. Living a fake life - doing yourself a disservice
    20. Watching PORN - Believe me it will only fuck your mind and nothing else .
  4. Fredi-the

    Fredi-the Fapstronaut

    Yup, I was escalating in the sexy images I was viewing while having a feeling of being lost and isolated in a weak moment. I learned a new strategy which I will post in a minute on my journal and the 90 day forum. Stay tuned ...

    ZORROW Fapstronaut


    Hello fellow readers , for the past 3 days i have been drinking this hot water only almost 3 litre per day . As i am fat so , someone suggested me replace normal water with hot water. And i kind a liking it , drinking hot water making me feel good but i want to know if i will continue this as a habit will it harm me in near future ?
  6. Fredi-the

    Fredi-the Fapstronaut

    Good idea, Bro! You can also use lego blocks and build something concrete as you gain enough brick by brick.
  7. Fredi-the

    Fredi-the Fapstronaut

    Current Challenge 1/90 (ends Feb 16)

    271/298 Good Days (no relapse)
    Day 94 weight training (M, W, F)
    Day 30 reduced alcohol, caffeine and sugar

    Joined nofap Jan 25, 2019
    Longest streaks 67 then 51 (4 years later)

    - feeling great today as I had awesome sex with the wife this morning and only suffered from a little DE but my delay lead to my wife cumming 5 times - we both felt lots of peace and contentment as a result of the morning fun all day
    - I have also learned a new strategy from universalman in which I change my identity from one of being a "wanker" to one of "I am not that kind of person" through the rational brain (neo cortex)
    - this shuts down the emotional brain (limbic system) from getting you to PMO because if you are not that kind of person, then there is nowhere for it to go to manipulate you into PMO so it has to accept this new identity (sorry I just saw I mentioned this yesterday but it's worth repeating)
    - every time I get an urge now, I say to myself, I'm not that kind of a person, try it brothers :)
    - I am also learning lots through Zorrow's article he sent me about Traditional Chinese Medicine and abstinence from masturbation - he has posted lots of excerpts from it on this challenge
    - peace and love brothers
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  8. Fredi-the

    Fredi-the Fapstronaut

    3 liters of water a day seems a little excessive and will lead to lots of peeing no doubt. I don't think it makes any difference if it's hot or cold as you are just hydrating. If you squeeze a lemon wedge into your water, it has cleansing properties for your system. Here's what Google says about it: As drinking too much water can disrupt your body's electrolyte balance and lead to hyponatremia, 3 liters (100 ounces) may be too much for some people.
  9. Babansardar

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  10. Srisurya

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    Day 33. Feeling quite low from the time of wakeup. Feeling awkward. I feel the tendency to turn to PMO. Don't know what's the difference today. I feel like seeing my ex. No energy in me. I feel the betray of my ex. I feel like talking to a person for sometime.
  11. Mimati_

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  12. Kingfisher

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  13. thetourist

    thetourist Fapstronaut

    Not being alone at all, if possible. For some, getting into a reflexive state works well, for others it's better to "externalize" as much as possible when the urges come. Most of us who struggle with addiction here have quite a sharp perspective on what goes on inside our minds, sometimes it helps to get out of your mind, hahaha.

    It's the first time I've reached it with NoFap. I've had 30-45 day streaks, but then the stress would overwhelm me, or the triggers. But this time is different because the accountability thing really works. Can't let you guys down. And I'm really focused on doing the 90-days just to test the 90-day-needed-to-reboot assumption. That said, it's not about the counter, I want to stay clean forever.
  14. Merry Terry

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    Is your question about the amount or about the hotness of the water? Because the amount may be too much, but otherwise: I’ve been drinking hot water at breakfast for yesrs now and I love it. It feels really cleansing and purifying. It’s just like tea or coffee, but without the flavour :)
  15. thetourist

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  16. 010010010100000101001101

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  17. Titu

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    0/90 for the last time...
  18. ZORROW

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    My question was can i drink hot water whole day ? and does it have any side effects ? IF i will only and only drink hot water for whole day daily , will I encounter any side effects in future? I live in india and the winter time has just started here :)
  19. hello everyone, 24 yo male who has been addicted to this shit for years, i'm taking the 90 days. I'll be posting all the time!
  20. Monster@123

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