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  1. Nagos

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    Day 59
    Today I wrote an exam. It was good and so do I feel. More free from day to day. It's worth it.
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  2. thetourist

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  3. Lawliet129

    Lawliet129 Fapstronaut

    8 sunday
    9/90 monday :( i relapsed.. i showed off my rock hard cock to a cam girl then i couldt resist.. i lose today... im going to start over again..back to 3 days challenge
    KEEP GOING GUYS dont be like me :(
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  4. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    15 my brothers

    here´s a gift to all the brothers. an email of the newsletter of JK Emezi, my favorite porn reboot coach. Valuable stuff here brothers, i recommend everybody to read it. Have a nice day!!

    "Hey Champ!

    In part 1 of this two part series, I shared the basics of what it takes to stay off porn for 2 years. The two year mark is the point at which, not only has your brain rewired, but you are completely free from the fear of relapse.

    I also mentioned the concept of reboot capital. Just like a business needs capital in its early days to function until it turns a profit, you need your own form of “capital” to sustain you till your brain full rewires or reboots.

    Every person has unique abilities, strengths, and assets which can be leveraged in their recovery process. You also have the potential to not only receive, but to give reboot capital.

    Lets look at how to develop reboot capital in the 5 areas of your life:

    Physical Reboot Capital Plan: Exercise. When you are feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, exercise is often the last thing on your mind, but that is probably the time when your brain needs it the most.

    One of your goals in recovery is to put yourself through a process of discovering ways to build recovery capital in the physical part of your life by taking back your health and maintaining its stability.

    It doesn’t matter what sort of exercise it is early on. Swim, yoga, lift weights, run, martial arts…whatever it takes. This will be a consistent part of your life for the next two years.

    Mental Reboot Capital Plan:
    This begins by challenging your irrational beliefs such:
    “I’ll never recover”
    “I made it to 30 Days! I got this!”
    “I’ll never be able to satisfy my wife because of my PIED”

    " I don't really have an addiction- just a bad habit"
    “ I’ll always be frustrated at work”

    Challenge all your irrational thoughts and make challenging them a habit. You’ll need constant reality checks- sometimes on a daily basis.

    Avoid minimization and rationalization. The behavior was built up over years. Just because you go from binge watching porn every few days to doing so every few weeks does not means that its under control.
    Always stimulate yourself intellectually. Read about recovery.

    Remember that boredom and relapse are close cousins. Stay mentally active. As your mind becomes clearer, you will become stronger and better able to understand that your former addiction cannot define who you are as an individual.

    Emotional Reboot Capital Plan: When you are unsure as to how your recovery is going, ask for help.As you change, you begin to store up reboot capital that will strengthen and transform you as you become better able to forgive yourself and begin asking those who hurt you for forgiveness. Don’t bottle up your feelings by letting them build up inside you. Join a healthy support group and use it to express your feelings and emotions.

    Social Reboot Capital Plan: No one ever reboots alone. Face it. People ending their out of control sexual behavior need people. Rebooting is about adopting a culture of new shared values that are positive, support a porn-free lifestyle and enhances well being.

    Socialization through meetup groups, dance and hobby groups, exercise groups, public speaking groups, men's groups and recovery groups play an invaluable role in your reboot. Those in recovery encourage and engage with each other. They provide each other with the support needed to recover and more importantly, to maintain that recovery.

    Studies have shown that persons involved in any type of social group often benefit from improved social functioning and family adjustments. I recommend you become a giver not a taker. Be patient as you begin to earn back trust from others.

    Conscious or Spiritual Reboot Capital Plan: You are entitled to happiness and the joy hat freedom from your sexual behavior brings. It is now time to begin risking a little and discover your inner path. It doesn’t have to be a religious experience. It is more about discovering the power of gratitude that changes self-pity into a new found peace.

    It is about regaining or rebuilding your moral character once again through the practice of humility, tolerance, forgiveness, responsibility , and concern for others.

    This is how your maintain your recovery in the first two years. Any good recovery system will include a plan to develop all five areas of your life.

    Identify which area of your life needs work and feel free to share it with me.I'm most active these days in our free facebook group.

    Your brother in this struggle,

    J.K Emezi"
  5. leafbygreen

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  6. that_homie

    that_homie Fapstronaut

    Didn't post again out of forgetfulness, lol. But day 6 for me! Feeling strong today, going to the gym later. Had a few urges yesterday but through the grace of God was able to self-talk out of em, and instead took a nap because I was very tired.

    I'm amazed at the effects giving this up has had so far. I'm going to the gym in a few hours and I went twice last week as a way to get started, and I feel super energetic. I've been getting a lot of stuff done and seriously increased not only my productivity but also my creative energy. My memory still isn't as awesome as I'd like it to be, and I think my hormones are still struggling to deal with the lack of sexual release in the form of PMO (I wake up sometimes with serious loneliness), but I have to remind myself that:

    a) I have a family who loves and cares about me, and I've got friends that love and care about me.

    b) I may be single but I won't be single forever if I want to find a relationship. It's just a phase of life, and this non-PMO lifestyle will make it way easier.

    c) Even when my friends are far, God isn't, and he wants to see me succeed.

    Day 6/90, feeling great!
  7. franco-desiboy

    franco-desiboy Fapstronaut

    thankyou for sharing this brother. Very helpful post.
  8. AdmiralSnakbar

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  9. Jamaal120

    Jamaal120 Fapstronaut

    Let's go. Day 0(but I relapsed few hours ago and only once, and I told my accountability partner about it after while)
  10. franco-desiboy

    franco-desiboy Fapstronaut

    Day 5, Checking in.

    Had a good day. Was emotionally balanced, feeling positive. Good to see guys expressing themselves, even after reboot. I appreciate ur honesty in coming here and admitting it. God/Nature be with u.

    May You realize your true potential.
    May Gratitude be with you all.
    May positive thoughts be with you today.
    May you spread love, happiness and goodwill.
  11. RestlessEngineer

    RestlessEngineer Fapstronaut

    Back again for day 32/90
    How's everyone doing?
  12. Jonnybjones98

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  13. benj

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  14. Titu

    Titu Fapstronaut

    4/90 been been soy lecithin to increase my choline intake thus boosting acetylcholine production and speeding my personal healing process.
  15. Current Challenge 4/90 (ends Mar 12)
    293/325 Good Days (ave. relapse every 10 days, a huge improvement)
    Day 106 weight training (M, W, F)
    Day 42 reduced alcohol, caffeine and sugar
    Longest streaks 67 then 51 (4 years later)

    - some urges hit last night and this morning but holding strong ...
    - your brother in this addiction
  16. Monster@123

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  17. mrorange

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    NoFap Defender

    Day 51: Not too much time to think about PMO today. Onwards and upwards and restored.
  18. Youyoung

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