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  1. leafbygreen

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  2. Luke777

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  3. koslov

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    86/90 Some fantasies about girls I know. I'm satisfied with E quality and sensitivity. Without desire for P and M for several days. :);)
    The real test follows after the end of the challenge with girl. I'll see if I'm cured of PIED. :rolleyes:
  4. Titu

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  5. Monster@123

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  6. RiseToGreatness

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    yeah, my record is 60 days. but usually around the 50 day mark i start to crumble, this happened for 3 times now, always around this period.

    i don´t know, maybe this is my threshold, the gate that i must cross where the brain is asking "are you sure you want to keep doing this?". or maybe the addiction starts to be fed up with all the abstinence and tries to lure me back into the "old" ways. anyway i hope i will not fall this time. Thanks brother
  7. AdmiralSnakbar

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  8. RiseToGreatness

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    52 days my brothers.

    very hard day yesterday as i wrote before but i did not peak :). today i keep myself busy and work on my dreams, and the desire to watch shit has dropped immensely.

    funny the direct connection, at least for us addicts, between happiness in life and lust confort. they work together in exact opposite proportions. Let´s go my brothers. One day at a time!!!
  9. RestartGame_

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    Day 0, messed up again.

    At the moment, I have to admit, I am actually really demotivated and my relapse is no surprise to me. The things that used to motivate me, don't motivate me anymore.
    Not even my goals.
    And I am going to be honest, None of my friends give a shit about me. I don't have anybody to talk to directly but to professionals and this community.
    I have people I know, or "friends", none of them will help me (even if it was only talking), you can tell by reading their attitude if they are going to be people you can trust and if they would even consider helping you in any way and there are none at the moment that I would consider as such. And the ones that would have been potential friends, they don't want to get my shit on them or whatever.

    Believe me if it wasn't like that, this addiction wouldn't be as hard as it is.

    And especially in times where I am demotivated, almost depressed, I need support. When you start feeling desensitized, weak and fucked up everyday, life is boring, no friends, you're alone, you're poorly educated, your life is compulsive and unauthentic, people don't understand this is an addiction so you have to explain it to them every single time in detail and it's still not acknowledged, you lose your job, start a new job, new hope but then demon shit starts to happen, things are getting worse and it never seems to end, this is no joke. This is fucked up shit. And we all know that.

    I am at, of what I would call, the "Lost" stage of where I would have to figure things out again, to get back on track. That's what I tell myself.

    I lost my momentum as well, need to regain it.
    So basically I think that's the main reason if not the only reason why I keep relapsing.
    That's why I tried to reach out more and try to connect with a community to see if it helped. I will seek a clinical psicologist this week to hopefully get some headstart and support.

    And in the meantime I will work on getting back my sharpness, motivation, momentum and reason to strive. This is the main focus at the moment.
    Wish me strength.

    Much strength to yall as well.
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  10. adipath

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  11. discovery

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    I'm sorry to hear that man. For what it's worth, this is not something I discuss with my friends. They have no idea. In a way, even though I trust them, I know that if we got in a big fight or something, it would be something that they could hold against me somehow. It's also way too personal for me to share with anyone. There are downsides about not meeting our fellow NoFappers in real life, such as not even knowing their real names, where they're from, etc, but the upside to that is that we are free to share everything with each other. Even though we are not flesh and blood friends to you, we are all here in the world somehow, and we all support you through everything that you are going through. Keep checking in with us, and we will be here. Good luck with everything, Restart. Seeking therapy sounds like a great idea.
  12. discovery

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  13. HopefulRebooter

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  14. mrorange

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    Day 5: Feeling kind of defeated in the fight. Not feeling as motivated to check in and post my updates. Not giving up. Onwards and upwards and restored.
  15. Hi
    "Stalled" this morning. Recovering from "stall". Undiscipline is the cause of it. I can repress my exeeding energy by running, but I can't run everyday! So waking up early is better at bleeding this "unwelcome" energy. From this day on I will wake up at 5 everyday. This is feasible.
  16. Galaxy Hitchhiker

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    Bro, one day at a time. You never know what tomorrow can bring you.
    Remember that everybody goes through hard times sometimes.
    I know how hard feeling alone and lost can be, but I believe that the answer to everything is action. Just set a goal and get after it. If there's no one with the same interests that you have to hang around with you, just focus on your goals.
    Read books, go to the gym, go for a run and so on. You don't need nobody to do these things.
    Doesn't matter where you came from, doesn't matter who you are now, start doing things, even if you don't feel like, and your life's going to get better.
    Be safe.
  17. Galaxy Hitchhiker

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  18. happy camper

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    Hi @RestartGame_

    It's tough facing this battle alone, but remember that the NoFap community is behind you. We all want you to succeed, no matter if your friends out there don't understand what you're going through. We sure do : ) I have been through the same feeling as you are right now when I thought that my friends don't care about me whatsoever. Don't let those thoughts fool you, there are people on here and out there who care about you but only you can take this journey to recovery. It is imperative that you create a system and an environment for yourself that is conducive to your recovery. Identify any triggers and eliminate them permanently from your environment. Put in the work and trust the process that you will eventually get to where you need to be. Don't focus so much on the results, just trust that you are doing the right thing and you will eventually reap what you sow.

    If you feel you are at "rock bottom", worry not. The only way is up from there!

    Have you tried meditation? Sometimes the answers to the questions we seek lie within us, all we must do is quiet the mind to really listen to our higher self's guidance.

    Maybe this will help too - https://www.reddit.com/r/NoFap/comments/7ymixp/did_you_relapse_relax_take_this_into_consideration/

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