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  1. discovery, congratulations for reaching all these days, 72 days is so much good and not all people that come for NoFap did it, but I believe that also, anyone with effort enough can do. Congratulations, again. Stay strong and positive.

    45 days already completed, the half of the Reboot, and now you reached 57 days, good job Rise, stay strong.

    The most important day was completed! If you want it, talk to me, just click or tap my photo and tap or click start a conversation.

    Yes, we both need to start write here everyday, good luck and congrats for completing the day one.

    21 days completed! Be proud. :)

    I'm curious, you put Cigs like "/Life" and NoFap like "/90". You will go back to masturbation or porn, or both, after reboot?

    Great job bromor! :)

    Oh, my best wishes to you, learn from that mistake.

    Yeah, more than one week! :)

    Vendidad, I was feeling miss of your posts, that was my blame I was offline of the forum itself, just focusing on my own profile. I'm back, good luck friend!

  2. PowerfulSRE

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  3. Minionforgood

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    Day 37/90 done! I had my first wet dream in this streak yesterday night and I understand that this is my body adapting to the new routine of no orgasms! Moving on!
  4. happy camper

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    @GonTheHunter its current day/goal. I do not intend to go back to PMO once I have reached my goal. I will continue to do 90 day challenges. my longest streak has been 94 days so trying to beat that and also 365 day challenge.
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  5. Merry Terry

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  6. RiseToGreatness

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    58 days my brothers

    in the latest years i start noticing that my hair was falling much faster and start noticing less hair in my head. not big bold spaces, but less density and some new clear spaces, especially in the front. i got a little scared in fact. but now with my latest streaks i notice that my hair is gaining density again, like a forest, it´s stronger and more bright :). another nofap benefit for sure :)

    Let´s keep going my brothers. Just this day: live to the fullest and no pmo.
  7. Monster@123

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  8. leafbygreen

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  9. VictoryIsOurs

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  10. MasterPablo

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    Bro, being a jokster is one of your superpowers!
  11. Titu

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    3/90 big flatline day, today also b6 vitamin does not seem to help me with that, it makes me light sensitive also had headache whole day
  12. RestartGame_

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    Day 0. Relapsed today.
    Only Masturbated in the morning though. No Porn...
    I was really pissed off today. I had very aggressive thoughts and I suffered, while some people at work were provoking me. I am living the same fucking shit over and over again since 10 years or longer. Can't get a girlfriend, can't be a normal person. Can't defend myself properly when people try to fuck with me. I don't grow, I stay the fucking same. It doesn't matter how hard you try, when you addicted to this fucking shit, you have to quit first otherwise everything else doesn't work right. Half-assed relationships. You don't grow. This subtle influence that this addiction has on your life that nobody fucking cares about and which is hard to explain is insanely outrageous. This is a curse.

    I used to be positive and motivation, but I got fucked and I fucked up.

    I am suffering a lot, not only because of this addiction, but because the people around me have caused much suffering to me as well...

    And when you are so far into this addiction that you lose your motivation.
    Your goals and dreams cease to matter. The people you used to love, you don't love them that much anymore. Especially when they treated you wrongly and keep doing so to this day.

    There is mostly only negative emotions. Like rage, fear, shame, guilt....

    So consider that this might happen with you as well if it didn't already. Maybe it will give you another reason to stop when you feel cravings..

    I am going to see my psicologist again on thursday, and maybe things will get better.

    Let's pray and keep going. I love you guys and didn't want to give you any negative vibes. I just had to let off some steam.
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  13. Galaxy Hitchhiker

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    Always hard to go through tough times. I'm going through this aswell. I don't have many friends, girlfriend, and today I'm feeling down because I'm in the military and you have to listen to things you don't deserve sometimes.
    What keeps me going is working on myself and my projects, if there's no one to hang around I work alone. Because I have hope that tomorrow it'll be better, you never know what tomorrow can bring you (watch cast away, with tom hanks). If you stop believing and working on yourself, things are never going to change.
    "If you're going through hell, keep going"
    Be safe, Bro. You're not alone.
  14. discovery

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    Ah, I see what you did there!! o_Oo_O
    Damn man, so sorry to hear about your car accident. That always sucks. But yeah, your 30 days came at the right time.
    Thanks Gon! Your post is much appreciated. Looking forward to seeing your 72 days, coming up soon!

    Gracias Pablo! So glad to have this thread, full of like-minded brothers. It's a bummer on the other one when it comes to humor.
  15. discovery

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  16. discovery

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    What do you call a guy who watches way too much porn, masturbates way too much, and eats way too much Italian cheese?

    P(a)MO John :emoji_cheese::emoji_cheese::emoji_cheese::emoji_pizza:
  17. Abc833

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    NoFap Defender

    Hello NoFap family. I made the big 100. I couldn’t have done it without you guys and this community in general. Thank you so much. Everyone continue to move forward and stay strong.

  18. happy camper

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    @RestartGame_ , We all slip up time and time again but that doesn't mean we aren't making progress. It is up to us to choose to celebrate the small wins, "It's a long journey but if you focus on the mini milestones along the way you will find beauty in the struggle." - Kobe Bryant

    I understand its frustrating to be stuck in the same predicament year after year and feel like you're not making progress. But don't beat yourself up so much. Don't take out all your life's frustration on yourself, I used to make the mistake of doing the same thing. I would always take it out on myself and ended up hurting nobody but myself. Yes the addiction still has a grip on you but it'll fade through right action, right attitude and faith that you are better off without this destructive habit in your life. You cannot expect people to understand what you are going through, you don't owe anybody an explanation and nobody owes you anything in return. If you keep expecting it and you don't receive their support, you are going to be constantly disappointed. That's why it's important to build yourself up because sometimes we have to strengthen ourselves in the face of adversity, because only we know what we are truly going through and the negative effects of what will happen if we don't change our ways.

    This is a direct result of the reward circuits in our brains being retrained over years of fapping and it will take time for the brain to heal. Everyone heals at their own pace depending on their degree of prior dependency. But by abstinence and continence, your brain and body will eventually heal and the reward circuits in your brain may respond more naturally over time. We are social beings and our reward circuits are

    Don't feel so bad when people are treating you wrongly, don't take it personally. It has nothing to do with who you are as an individual. If someone is mistreating you then it is a reflection of who they are, not of you. All you can do is react to it in a way where it doesn't bother you. To do this, one can strengthen our own mind to not be affected by other's words and actions. It is the expectation that the world needs to be nice to us that creates these feelings in the first place, nobody owes you anything. If they are continually treating you wrong, then maybe they don't deserve to be in your life. It is your choice who you let in to your life and who stays. I love this quote and recite it to myself if someone said or did something that hurt me, "Your perception of me is a reflection of you. My reaction to you is an awareness of me."

    These will subside if you continue on your NoFap journey with your focus on the process and not so much on the results. Just take it one day at a time and keep the faith that through a systematic plan of right action you will eventually be where you want to be.

    You may also want to read the below link.

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