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    Day 19 Today, depression is at a very high level. Higher since this streak started. What does that mean, that means today more workout, more reading, more meditation, more walking outside, more searching for a job, and more healthy foods. Stay strong guys.
  3. And I begin again. What I have learned: get out of bed if you feel the urge.
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    Well, if I really controlled myself, I wouldn't start in the first place, would I? :) Still, thank you, and perhaps I should appreciate my accomplishments more. But you know how it is, 2 steps forward 1 step back usually leaves you remembering the step back the most.
  6. Thanks buddy. I appreciate the encouragement but I am not in control of the one that matters most.... PMO. I will conquer it someday and will keep trying to succeed but after 5 years of effort, have yet to make it to 90 days. 67 , 51 and 30 days are my highest streaks. The rest barely get out of the teens.
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  7. Day 1/90 No PM (ends May 10)
    Day 382 on this challenge
    Day 134 weight training (M, W, F)
    - a few urges this morning but nothing very strong that I can't handle
    - the brain wants to binge but I say NO!!!
  8. RiseToGreatness

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    very good bro. Keep it up!!!
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  9. RiseToGreatness

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    good luck!!! :)
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  10. RiseToGreatness

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    sorry to hear bro. try to see how you fell, where the relapse really began. if you´re trying for 5 years, maybe there´s some kind of threshold, some understanding that you must deepen about yourself and the addiction. i suggest reading bro, as little as one page per day, there´s lot of free ebooks about porn addiction so create this habit.

    with it, we gain two things: first, a deeper knowledge on ourselfs and the addiction. second, a boost in motivation. i see that in myself: "studying" along side with the other good habits, are good pillars to keep the streak going. when i don´t read, i feel more insecure and tempted. give it a try bro. it may make the difference.
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  11. RiseToGreatness

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    check in 71/72 days brothers

    here´s an interesting excerpt from the book i´m reading "rebooting as the best remedy" from nofap legend Soaring Eagle. Have a nice day :)

    "The final destination of rebooting
    The purpose of rebooting is not to make you into a monk but to make you in control of your owndesires and increase the cultivation of ethics for the individual. The (Chinese) rebootingcommunity promotes the view of no sex before marriage, sex in moderation after marriage, this is the correct path. This point of view is in line with the thoughts of TCM (traditional chinese medicine).

    The 10 stages of rebooting

    Stage 1: This is when we realize that masturbation is affecting our healthy negatively and we have a thought about quitting. However, after reading about the harmlessness theories of masturbation we are not so determined anymore, we think that masturbation in moderation should do us no harm. This is the very initial stage of rebooting which is characterized by ignorance and naivety. The result: failure!

    Stage 2: We gain a small understanding of the harmful effects of masturbation, but not athorough understanding. The result: failure!

    Stage 3: We begin to study other peoples’ experience of rebooting and we try to break our
    rebooting record. Although we have managed to set a new record on the number of rebooting days we are still unable to break out of the vicious cycle. The result: failure!

    Stage 4: This is the confusion stage, after numerous failures, we start to doubt ourselves. At this stage, we are not putting in enough of a fight, no fight no victory! The result: failure.

    Stage 5: Our body gives out signals once again and it’s clear that our health has deteriorated.
    Once again we make up our minds to quit and rely helplessly on the brute force method without learning about the correct methods. The result: failure.

    Stage 6: We begin to see the harmlessness theory for what it is, that it only works to trick the
    “children”. This is when we experience a breakthrough in our way of thinking but we
    still fail to understand why we are unable to quit masturbation. The result: failure.

    Stage 7: This is the stage of understanding, gained from reading vast amounts of rebooting articles, we begin to acknowledge spiritual teachings (such as Buddhism) which helps to increase our determination tremendously, we break the 100-day streak. The result: still failure.

    Stage 8: The thorough cleansing stage, we are starting to cleanse ourselves both consciouslyand unconsciously. Once this idea has entered our subconscious we easily break the 200-daybarrier. There may come one day when we are browsing the internet and have our guard downor we have been slack in our rebooting studies, we therefore stumble near the finishing line. Theresult: still failure.

    Stage 9: We are almost there now and have become even more careful, our understanding takes on another level. We are no longer affected by dirty thoughts, what we see do not enter our intentions, what other people sees and like we react with caution. We are steady in ourheart even amidst rough winds of thoughts. We have discarded the habit of masturbation altogether.

    Stage 10: “Nothing to begin with, how can nothing stir the dust”. We have come to the highest stage where all things returns to simplicity, just as the “sweeping monk” from Jin Yong’s martial art novels. Great skill is hidden in plain site, this is only achieved by the Master.

    Tips: Everyone should be able to find their current stage in rebooting, just like in video games we have our levels, once we have reached that level success will come. If our level of understanding is not there we will have a hard time to quit masturbation, for a master there is no difficulty, while mastery is difficult to achieve for a layman. Hopefully, everyone will continue to study rebooting articles, the day when we find our “aha” moment is the day when we can walk away from masturbation for good. For the few bright people with keen minds, they are able to skip over stages just as a bright student is able to skip grades and the poor student will need to remain in the same grade"
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  12. Galaxy Hitchhiker

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    Thanks for sharing.
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  13. Galaxy Hitchhiker

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    Day 25. Almost a month, keep going Bros.
  14. Mansfelder

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    Workout helps best, I think, if it is just a depressing feeling at this moment (around 20 days was always my critical point with the same emotions and I would really like to get beneath this...). Good luck
  15. RestartGame_

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    Day 2.
    Going through hell with insomnia, tinnitus and still a mild form of hyperacusis (Hopefully it's just anxiety)
    I know by personal experience and by reports of other people on nofap and on the internet, that this and eye floaters are all linked together with this addiction.
    And it makes perfectly sense, considering the different causes for tinnitus and how hyperacusis is linked to that. I've just noticed since recently.

    I have been relapsing crazy the last few days, I noticed this tinnitus and difficulty sleeping since the last 2 weeks or less.

    I relapsed mostly because my circadian rhytm got out of alignment hence my prior work schedule, which now is going to be regular and now I am correcting my sleep patterns, and my insomnia. But I learned to deal with it now.
    Then in the midst of my struggle with insomnia I received an email from work stating that we are going to move to a different workplace further away from what it was before with 1 week of advance notice!
    Like WTF. Are you serious lol? Yeah, we're officially anouncing that we are moving to the North Pole starting from tomorrow. (Well obviously not like that, but 1 week and off to a different city...)

    But anyways, last night I managed to sleep despite all the distractions and anxieties and stress. Then after inumerous attempts of relaxation, I turned on the ventilator and relaxed into its sound and that solved the problem.

    Also, circumstances might actually get better (things usually always get better) and I finally might be able to incorporate a full lifestyle shift having a regular work shift from 8am to 6pm . And regardless, I'll be sure as hell that I'm not going back to PMO anytime soon. There's probably going to be at least a 30 days streak in it first try, because no way I'm going to fap myself into severe mental disorders like this and after THIS. This is worse than insane. This is HELL until I die and experience Hell in Hell as well. So, a clear no for the future PMO attempts for good. And who knows this might be THE breakthrough I am fighting for.

    Doesn't mean it is going to be easy, in fact, it doesn't matter if it is hard.
    I mean just look at what happens with your life and don't tell me it 's not worse than what is actually going to happen when doing the recovery.

    On the other hand, we'll be freed by all this deadly...bullcrap whatever you wanna call it. Doesn't matter if you think that PMO is the cause or if it isn't...that's your mind making up excuses, IT IS.
    If there is any problems in our lifes, PMO is either the number one reason or a part of the problem, because it can't just NOT be at least a part of the problem. It always is.

    Let's get this over with! ;)

    Our lifes depend on it 100%. We got this brothers/sisters and soldiers.

    I'll keep you updated.

    Big hugs!
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  17. Phoenix1

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  18. Thanks, I will. My first 4 years I wasn't a member of Nofap and pretty ignorant of the addiction. It's really only the past year that I have been serious about it and made most of my progress. Congrats on your72 days, Bro! You do me proud! ;-)
  19. Pone

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    One day down. Day 1. Completed successfully.

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