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  1. benj

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  2. JesusDied4me

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  3. Merry Terry

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    Yes, that’s exactly the kind of things I’m doing now.
  4. Merry Terry

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    Day 3 of increasing self-love and compassion.
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  6. Pathofsuccess_1

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  7. Jorge1

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    Count me in day 1
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  8. HopeNAction

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    Count me in. Day 0. Here we go.
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  9. PowerfulSRE

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  10. Luke777

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    Day 3/90
    After many times of fighting the urges then relapsed.
    I learnt my lesson now.
    This time I decided not to use my laptop in my room anymore.
    I have removed the possibility of going back to that loop again.
    I want to make it happen.
    I want to stop PMO in my life.
    All the best brothers!
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  11. Pone

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    About to finish day 17. Today was super great. I didn't have any urges. Even when I saw pretty girls I just don't feel any urge to talk to them.
    Hope everyday is like this.
  12. Day 17/90 No PM (ends May 10)
    Day 398 attempting this challenge
    Day 137 weight training (M, W, F)
    Lifestyle: reduced caffeine, desserts and alcohol
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  13. Day 1. Let's do this, friends.
  14. AcabouChorare

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    Hecc, fighting urges is painful. I hope I can make it. 9 days so far...
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  16. that_homie

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    Day 3. Was busy all day today and I'm gonna be busy for the rest of the day, and spent some time doing more reading about the whys and hows. Feeling good. We'll see where this goes.
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  17. RiseToGreatness

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    88 days my brothers

    here´s a great excerpt from "rebooting as the best remedy". have a nice day.

    "For the brothers that repeatedly relapse, if you are familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine you will notice that there is a pattern to the relapses. The pattern of the relapse and the “value of kidney qi” is intricately interconnected. When you feel that your body is weak you will instinctively want to reboot. Once you have been rebooting for a while and kidney qi will have started to recover somewhat, this is when it’s very easy to relapse. In the beginning of the reboot, we will experience a period of flatlining with regards to our desires, many people during this stage do not experience strong cravings and are able to control themselves. But during the flatlining period, it’s very easy to let our guard down and think that we have succeeded, in reality, our desires are only temporarily in dormant. Once our kidney qi has recovered to a certain degree that is when the desires are awakened. During this stage the relapse is often accompanied by vigorous masturbation, all our previous efforts have gone down the drain. The period of flatline varies from person to person, for some people that period is 3 days, for others, it can be 20 days or 60 days. According to my understanding, the average duration of the flatline period is around 3 weeks or 21 days. Following the flatlining period is the peak period for relapses after the relapse is the period of regret, the feeling of doubt and regret will be quite strong at this stage.

    The purpose of this article is to let everyone become aware of the flatline period. During this period we need to increase our alertness and maintain our vigilance, we must not slack in our rebooting studies. Only through the unceasing study of rebooting material can we increase our understanding and our level of determination. The level of determination is comparable to when we grind for levels in an internet game, in the beginning, our level is low and succumbs to the temptations of the heart, once we have continuously studied rebooting material and our level of determination have risen, the heart can no longer tempt us. If you don’t study rebooting knowledge, no understanding will take place, the level of determination will forever remain at a low level. And when we encounter a temptation the result is obvious; every encounter will result in failure, when we see x-rated material we will not have any determination, once we see it our heart begins to flutter and we click on the material, without immunity and resistance we are finished.

    [Vow to reboot] -> [flatline period] -> [kidney qi recovers somewhat] -> [peak period for relapse] -> [period for regret]

    This is the process of relapse, also known as the vicious circle. Many people cannot escape from this circle for years or even decades. Once I was stuck in this vicious circle for well over a decade because at the time I didn’t reach understanding, I didn’t study rebooting material nor was I aware of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I only knew the brute force way and the blind way. With regards to the brute force way, I thought that I will be able to quit masturbation by relying on willpower. In reality, the brute force way will surely result in failure because we have not raised our state of awareness. The blind way is trying to reboot without the knowledge of rebooting, the blind way will also surely fail for the same reason."
  18. RestartGame_

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    Nice. Very noble decision you made there. You've put yourself first. Sex is a choice not a need. And what you need for now is to recover.
    Great job!

    Keep it up.

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