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  1. Golden-Balls

    Golden-Balls Fapstronaut

    I have a simple solution for you mate.
    Get a pet.
    One you like if you have non you like then Select at random. But make sure you get a young one. And committe to raise it.
    Recently I picked a kitty around our home someone had thrown it there and I decided to take care of it.
    I have found that it really takes my mind off PMO and other activities it even keeps me busy when am idle.
    So instead of using drugs to escape reality. Try using responsibility as away to combat your urges.
    And since we are in a lockdown. You have plenty of time.
  2. Golden-Balls

    Golden-Balls Fapstronaut

    True. Most of the thoughts where about those girls. But now am fine.
    The urges faded away.
    Thanks though for the information. I wasn't really adding up the dots
  3. Golden-Balls

    Golden-Balls Fapstronaut

    Day 46.
    Feeling ok.
    The morning sexual urges faded away.
    Just going to be now.
    Goodnight to those who see it tonight.
    Good morning to those who it during day.
  4. 81/90. Getting there... Getting happier...
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  5. Day 0/90 Fri. Mar. 27th 2020 lets get this bread
  6. Titu

    Titu Fapstronaut

  7. 5/90. No matter how many mistakes we've made in the past, we always have the opportunity to make a positive choice today - remember that, friends.
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  8. I_must_quit

    I_must_quit Fapstronaut

    Hello guys,
    Day 5/90
    I'm sharing something which is related to my relegion, Islam
    Accordingly In islam PM is not permitted.

    It's hard being a teenager and trying to resist the images you're bombarded with daily: the hot-looking guy or gal in the magazine; the sexual jokes in movies (even Shrek!) or the pervasive pornography and ad banners that pop up while you may simply be checking your e-mail or researching something for school. How do we protect ourselves from all of this? Remember this rule of thumb: whatever is Haram (forbidden) to do, is Haram to watch.

    All scholars of Islam agree that pornography is absolutely Haram and a clear sin.

    Some may think, however, that only hard-core pornography is Islamically unacceptable. This is not true. Watching improperly dressed men and women in sexual situations, as well as engaged in various types of foreplay and dirty jokes are also not acceptable.

    The living room or study room are better places to keep the computer since others are nearby and can see what you're looking at. The temptation to sneak a look at dirty pictures or that bikini-clad babe is heightened when you're alone in your room watching television or surfing the internet. Try to avoid late night TV and surfing. Instead, check out the tube or the web when others are around so you can resist the urge to sneak a peek, thinking no one's watching.

    It is a good idea not to have a TV or computer in the bedroom anyway.

    Just think of your mom and sister. Disgusting right? No one in his right mind would look at his mom or sister the way pornographic magazines and websites depict women. Remember your mom and your sister, and that may help you stop.

    Love this ♥️ community ❤️
    Be great guys
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  9. Potato_22

    Potato_22 Fapstronaut

    day 3 i forgot yesterday to log in.
    Today i feel depresed with not energy at all, not wanted to do anything, but I am not thinking of PMO no urges either. :confused:
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  11. Neymar

    Neymar Fapstronaut

    Day 3
    Work hard guys , Realize from deep inside that you are a human not an animal . You have only one life ,, and you can't let it go so easily.
    One day at a time .
    Best of luck all of you
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  12. snarkious

    snarkious Fapstronaut

  13. ANameThatStartsWithK

    ANameThatStartsWithK Fapstronaut

    Day 27/90 check in
  14. ANameThatStartsWithK

    ANameThatStartsWithK Fapstronaut

    Hey bro,
    Have you read this reboot manual/logbook the link for it is posted above in the post. I am currently reading it and I think you'l find it helpful as well. The values that you mentioned that is in Islam are the same values as of every religion. In this particular log book the author states similar values in traditional Chinese medicine and Buddhism.

  15. the_wizard

    the_wizard Fapstronaut

    Number of Attempts on this challenge : 2
    Last counter : 6 Days
    New counter : 1 / 90

    Sadly I relapsed yesterday, but I won't lose faith and will keep on fighting and hopefully I find support.
  16. the_wizard

    the_wizard Fapstronaut

    only 9 days to go, you can do it
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    WARRIORMAN Fapstronaut

    Just relapsed , all this corona news has my head fryer . And I think the stress of it brought it on. Plus sneaking at pornhub didn't help

    Day1 guys
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  18. ANameThatStartsWithK

    ANameThatStartsWithK Fapstronaut

    Hey friend , these days are tough being isolated and not being able to go out and the spread of the virus. I agree with you it is overwhelming and scary. Reset/relapse does not mean all is lost, you have gained experience from your previous streaks and you are here now right after your relapse.
    Have you installed a porn blocker on your browser and os because thats a line of defense in such situations.
    Keep yourself safe and best of luck for your new streak strating today.
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  19. ANameThatStartsWithK

    ANameThatStartsWithK Fapstronaut

    Hi again,
    Wow your previous streak was of 146+ days. Thats a big achievement.
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