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  1. Bobske

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  2. Sirus The Phoenix

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  3. njb07

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    Day 5
    Getting 1-2 hours extra per day
  4. JustHere

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    Reached Day 1/90
    Going good
  5. Jiminy Cricket

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    Ladies and gentlemen

    I made day 1
  6. Golden-Balls

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  7. bromor

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    Day 10 no M,
    Day 115 no P!

    Im gonna watch these today to remind myself of the process and goals :)

    @Fredi-the I read your whole post! Thank you for all your words and honesty! I never really thought people your age struggle with this too! BUT Age is just a number and I admire you for doing weights regularly! Same thing I have been really regular with is weights! I started with a coach more than a year ago and a few years on my own before that! When I started with a coach and was held accountable was when I finally learned that self discipline is the key to everything! I am 30 at the moment. More or less have quit alcohol, quit smoking a loooooong time ago and now I am still on the path to quit porn for good. I already managed to have normal sex a few times, which was impossible while I was constantly PMO-ing. But for the 4 months I have been here I believe I have made huge progress, at the same time my journey is far from over and realized recently through stupid edging and some P substitues that this addiction is not erased as easily.

    Anyway that got too long! All I wanted to say is that age doesnt matter and you should not let age or anything demotivate you! Every day is worth living and the happier and more fullfilled you live it the better!

    Keep at it! We are all in this together!
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  8. Day 4/90
    am better, day 1 was hard.. and then i got dizzy in the evening (sunday) and couldn't do anything, so i stopped using phone and avoid screens for awhile, no reading ebooks hehe
    it's good cuz at least i've been steady in term of No P:)
    still with bad network
    take care of urselves, God bless u all dudes!
  9. 17yearoldvirgin

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    Today is day 7. Holy shit is been a whole fucking week!!! I can’t believe it. A whole week of not looking at porn, girls in bikinis(you know the thotties on insta or any place) or any porn material. I’m really proud of myself. It’s been the longest i’ve gone not looking at any thots on the internet or porn!! Tbh last night I had the worst urges thus far laying in bed , but I did not watch anything and fought through it! As far as benefits go still the same just better. Lots of energy, the mental clarity is insane and today I woke up feeling really good . I have to say I think the reason I got this far(not saying it’s a lot but for me it is) is the meditation and not being on social media. So for anyone starting out Good Luck and for those of you who are way ahead of me y’all are the GOATS.bye and lastly “keep that energy within you”.
  10. 17yearoldvirgin

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    Well done you’re on the path to greatness
  11. Robsoon

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    Thank You for your honesty! We all need posts like that here! We need to support each other! Hope your health gets better! Nofap, work out, good diet.. less meat more veggies and loads of healthy relations! cheers mate!!
  12. tokkixt

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  13. PowerfulSRE

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    So guys, an hour ago I hit 90 days. I think I posted here in this thread 89/90 days, so almost every single day.

    This is amazing as I was trying to do this for 2 years. It is possible guys, don't you ever give up. I have so many benefits and I developed so many good habits on the way. I feel ok, I am not cured but I will get there. I will continue my journey, the next goal of 120 days... I hope I will never come to this challenge again, I hope I will see you all in the next challenge 365 days or challenge of a lifetime.

    I will be posting in a success story section in the next few days so I can share some tools and benefits to keep you motivated to keep going on. Thank you all for being a part of my journey so far, I couldn't do this without you and I couldn't do this without noFap.

    I am proud to be a member of this community where everyone is trying to live better. Thank you all guys! I wish you good luck!
  14. PowerfulSRE

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    Thank you mate, you also have an impressive streak, I will be waiting for you in next challenge :) Good luck!
  15. PowerfulSRE

    PowerfulSRE Distinguished Fapstronaut

    Congratulations on 1 month! Keep going, friend! You are on a good path!
  16. eevahnits

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    NoFap Defender

    Congratulations man. I am happy for you. :) I wish you luck in upcoming challenges. You should be proud of yourself. Well done :emoji_clap:
  17. eevahnits

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    NoFap Defender

  18. Day 3/90 No PM
    Day 456 at attempting this challenge
    Day 160 weight training (M, W, F)
    Lifestyle: No caffeine or alcohol and reduced desserts
    No peeking today :)
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