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Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by 2525, Oct 27, 2017.

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  1. koslov

    koslov Fapstronaut

    10/90 without any problems.
  2. georgebou7

    georgebou7 Fapstronaut

    Day 20

    Suddenly i feel tired, strange feelings but I don't have urges. Maybe flatline. I hope it's simple only a bad day. I met a girl, just friend, we had a convo and i felt like i couldn't talk and see her in the eyes. I seemed to be very tired. Even she noticed that and told me to go home and take a nap hahaha.
    Btw the absence of urges is relieving.

    Stay strong guys!! Good luck and have a great weekend!!
  3. ad37222

    ad37222 New Fapstronaut

    day 1
  4. Excellent points and exactly what I am trying to do. Thanks.
  5. Day 40/90 No PM
    Day 490 at attempting this challenge
    Day 175 weight training (M, W, F)
    Lifestyle: No caffeine or alcohol and reduced desserts

    Wow, in the 40's now. Hard to believe that I am almost half way through this challenge.
  6. Risingbackup2

    Risingbackup2 Fapstronaut

  7. Nekkhamma

    Nekkhamma Fapstronaut

    Hope you can jump right back on the nofap train. Remember this feeling. I remind myself of this feeling by going on the Relapse and Reset forum often. The next couple days will be hard, but you can do it, and you will feel better. Stay strong and be kind to yourself. Good luck!
  8. Nekkhamma

    Nekkhamma Fapstronaut

    6 days no pmo. Let’s get just one more, guys!
  9. 5/90
  10. hermitthefrog

    hermitthefrog Fapstronaut

  11. Lamboskovich

    Lamboskovich Fapstronaut

    What’s going on Friends,

    Hope all of you are having a successful and productive week. Hope all of you are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, confronting your fears head on, and challenging yourself to grow even if that means risking failure, pain, discomfort, etc.

    Remember, you can’t and won’t experience a change in your physique, lose fat, gain muscle, become more skilled in your craft, whatever your goal is... UNLESS

    1) You commit to Showing Up at the gym/park/trail/books/quiet time with your notebook

    2) You confront and acknowledge any fear you may have of failure, being judged, fear of the unknown or uncertainty. AND you Take ACTION anyways!

    3) You’re willing and committed to setting your ego aside, and decide to do the ‘reps’, endure the initial pain and discomfort necessary to grow. It will get easier over time

    Let’s keep crushing it!

    Today is Day 12/90

    Definitely feeling more grounded, centered, confident, and focused.

    Able to hold longer conversations with opposite sex. When thoughts starts turning more sexual or I begin to feel that emotional buzz or sexual pull towards her, I feel like I’m able to do a better job to manage that, stay grounded, rather than my emotions dictating my behavior and state.

    You’re all doing great!
    Don’t make a foolish decision. Stay off that site. Decide not to even open the Instagram feed if that’s what is causing you to stumble. If you catch yourself staring at a woman, look away divert your attention instantly to something else.

    You can do it friend!

  12. Lamboskovich

    Lamboskovich Fapstronaut

    It’s ok. It’s happened to us all before!! Don’t fall into the trap of sinking into a funk. Once you’re in that state, it’s easy to sink deeper like quicksand, blaming yourself, feeling angry, upset, or doubting your worth.

    I know it hurts, Because I’ve been there myself!

    Instead,Do this.

    Use this relapse as a learning experience. Reflect on what happened, what were the possible triggers, what led to the relapse, why did it happen, what can you do differently to prevent it from happening in the future, and write these answers down on paper..

    Again, use the failure as learning experience to grow and propel you forward.

    Know that failure and mistakes are a normal and necessary part of learning and growth.

    Recommit today to start the challenge again.

    And lastly, right away, begin a streak of making positive choices, whatever that may look like for you. Gain some positive momentum! Make your bed, go for a walk/jog, take action immediately on whatever it is that will lead you out of the funk and back on course.

    Hope you find this helpful
  13. hermitthefrog

    hermitthefrog Fapstronaut

    As weird as this may sound, all of the feelings you describe are normal. We all experience them. At some point we question everything. Try to remember why you decided to do this..
  14. hermitthefrog

    hermitthefrog Fapstronaut

    Hi Timothy, I agree with most of what you say but I disagree with one particular point you make: the point being fantasizing, because it is scientifically proven that we don't actually have control over our thoughts (ask Sam Harris). Thoughts just emerge in our minds, like sounds in our environment or things that appear in our field of vision. Say you are on a 90 day challenge, you encounter an attractive person in your daily life; afterwards you fantasize about that person.. would you consider that a "slip" or something unacceptable? I would consider that normal and healthy. You can deny your sex drive but it's just there.

    Not giving in to the urge to M or surf to P sites etcetera, THAT's where it's at as far as I'm concerned.

    I feel the similar about erotic dreams and ejaculations during sleep.. a person has literally ZERO control over this. Anyone who believes they do is
    IMHO misguided. Forget about lucid dreaming; what happens when you are asleep is not controlled by your conscious mind. And even your conscious mind only has the illusion of control. In the end this is just mammal biology doing its thing.

    I do want to stress that I am definitely interested in any good arguments against my above points.. especially if they are backed up by science.
  15. hermitthefrog

    hermitthefrog Fapstronaut

    Dust yourself off and try again. You have Super Saiyan powers so there is no reason why you would not be capable of doing this
  16. Terabithia

    Terabithia Fapstronaut

    Day 4
    This man has a breath of death all over his body and evidence of sin, and his whole body proves that "God does not accept the arrogant".
  17. Srisurya

    Srisurya Fapstronaut


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