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  1. discovery

    discovery Fapstronaut

    Day 86 of 90 complete! (No P)
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  2. discovery

    discovery Fapstronaut

    Day 83 of 90 complete!
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  3. Toni7

    Toni7 Fapstronaut

    Well is getting better every day. Thank you.
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  4. Lamboskovich

    Lamboskovich Fapstronaut


    Checking in for yesterday,

    Day 55/90.

    Still progressing
  5. sexyvanilla308

    sexyvanilla308 Fapstronaut

  6. Thanks buddy. Good luck with the next leg of your nofap journey and challenge.
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  7. Now my holiday is over, this week I plan to get back into my routines of weight training and jogging and no caffeine again as all 3 help me succeed at the nofap journey.

    Day 9/90
    Day 534 at attempting this challenge
    Day 183 weigh training (M, W, F)
    Day 2 Jogging (Tues &Thurs)
    Day 54 No caffeine and no alcohol
    Lifestyle: reduced desserts
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  8. Nekkhamma

    Nekkhamma Fapstronaut

    50 days done...keep going
  9. AdvancingEachMoment

    AdvancingEachMoment Fapstronaut

    GG to @bromor
    also @hermitthefrog is going to finish the challenge today.

    and then there is me on day 0 zero after streak of 19 and 6 days. I have to say though i feel really great rn although on day zero.
    When i think back to day zero at the start of the 19 day streak i felt completely apathetic.
    I hope i beat 6and 19 days and obviously succeding in this challenge for the second time in my life.


    edit: just realised that i started my 19 day streak on 12.06, so a whole month went by already and i am on day 0 WTFGMKGNAEÖG
  10. BurgerChamp

    BurgerChamp Fapstronaut

    Day 15/90.. 1/6th of the challenge completed!
  11. hermitthefrog

    hermitthefrog Fapstronaut

    I wish you strength, brother! I have to say that I was fortunate to, after years of knowing about NoFap and trying to quit P on and off, something in my mind "clicked" and I decided I was no longer going to be a PMO addict.

    The way I am thinking about this now is that I am a new version of me, one who doesn't sit at home for many long nights in front of his computer binging on P, edging forever, always searching for hotter girls or hotter videos of those girls..

    The new me does not accept this junk as sex.. he wants and deserves a beautiful real woman! The really cool thing is that for the past month or so, after flatlining I am now appreciating real life women a lot more. Everywhere I go I see attractive women. Women that I know who were not interesting before are looking a lot better now.

    I'm kind of in love with a woman whom I met a week ago and when I think of her I become very aroused.. but I don't want to M, it wouldn't help me. I just want her with to be me! This is so much better than thinking "I can never find a woman who is as hot as my favorite P star". There are so many opportunities in real life, I never want to go back to PMO!
  12. Lamboskovich

    Lamboskovich Fapstronaut

    Day 56/90

    Congrats to all on the progress!
    It’s inspirational. Keep up the good work.
  13. Srisurya

    Srisurya Fapstronaut

  14. Jerky

    Jerky Fapstronaut

  15. Nikhil クマー

    Nikhil クマー Fapstronaut

  16. Pone

    Pone Fapstronaut

    Quick recovery @Toni7 :emoji_fist:
  17. Pone

    Pone Fapstronaut

    Day 90:)

    Seems I lost today's exictement in the previous day's.
    Finished the challenge, the journey to a better me is still on.
    Thanks for the support and motivational posts on the platform.

    There so many benefits I have gained since I started the journey.
    The ones which are standing out the most.

    Are Confidence and Self belief.

    That am the one in control not my urges or desires.
    It's me who decides what's best for me and I put in the effort to achieve that which I seek to obtain.
  18. Rafal

    Rafal Fapstronaut

    Weirdest evening/night ever. I watched something that turned me on (not porn), but didn't touch my self at all, or anything like that. But several hours after this it was like my penis tried to orgasm on his own. I had this weird tingling/numb sensation that brought me closer to orgasme second for second. It was not like I touched myself or rubbed myself against anything, it was all in my penis. I tried to pinch my penis and bite my tongue but that just kind of reset the feeling for some seconds before it came back. I began wondering if I had to relapse to avoid orgasming in my bed and making a mess. I also had to pee all the time and couldn't empty my bladder. I think I peed 5 times in 15 minutes.

    Eventually I decided that I just had to place something underneath me in case I was brought to an orgasme in my bed. It had been going on for 1,5 hour and I had to get some sleep. Luckily I didn't relapse!
    Stupid of me to get turned on, but I was not aware that my penis could start orgasming on its own, against my will.

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