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  1. Day 0 I think I’ll go back to my old regiment I started cutting out to many things I enjoyed so my temptations started getting stronger the last few weeks I got really weak with my habits I started eating unhealthy foods again drinking more alcohol and was neglecting my exercises its time to start over
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  2. John Call

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    Sorry guys to share it. here is what happened with me. I hope talking with girl work for you
    For the 1st time I fapped on her a month ago with two Insta pics. This girl is my best friend. And I never imagined even in my dream that one day I would fap on her like this. Her voice has become the another pathway for my brain to fap. And this is the 2nd time. Because same thing happen 1st time10 days before on 17th, while talking to her, out of the blue I got urge to fap on her with some hot insta pics. And I controlled myself. But today I couldn't stop my brain.
    In both the situation, I was already in a little stressed state. Our conversation is always normal but my libido dive in her voice and take lustful pleasure while talking.

    Rest of time I never Imagined her with lustful eyes. All just happened in few seconds, suddenly and intensely.

    So the lessons are:
    》Brain has made another association(pathway) to fap and the trigger is her voice + stress.
    》This is the warning sign that my friendship is gonna over if I don't reassociate good thoughts with her.
    》I need to find strategies to connect quickly with my goals. In this way I can manage my stress.
    》So next time when I had call with her. I'll become more alert. Because it all happens over a single choice within the moment. And if we change our choice in that moment, Our destiny changed.
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  4. bromor

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    Day 3 no M
    Day 211 no P

    I was away for the weekend! Back here going hard!

    This is a nice sum up about the need to take action and stop overthinking!

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  5. Day 6/90. It's gonna be a great week :)
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    Day 11/90 .. Keep fighting that monkey in your Head!
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    Good evening,
    I feel high again, let's fight:emoji_muscle::emoji_muscle:
    Hope you all doing well:emoji_muscle:
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    completed day 6 i am not productive this week just keep wasting my time instead i have so much to study than also i don't know what to do with myself i promised i will be productive then wake up early next day than other day again waste time
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    I'm halfway thru day 6. For the first 3 days I was free from any desire or lustful thoughts. In fact I was anti- lustful. Now I'm moving back to the land of temptation and lust. I need to be more vigilant now. One day at a time.
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    Day 4/90
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    Day 2... It's been a bit emotional tbh... regret that I fapped on and off for about a week with terrible, disgusting P made me a bit down today. It's hard to get up after good 'as for me' streaks of 30 or 25 days. I am really determinated to carry on the fight. Been reading book "your brain on porn", it's a game changer defo recomend it.
    I know that depression like feeling will wither within few days. As for now I'll do my best to make coming couple of days as easy as I can. All the best to you'll.
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  14. VictoryIsOurs

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    30 days | 1 month completed.
  15. Day 24/90
    Day 549 at attempting this challenge
    Day 189 weigh training (M, W, F)
    Lifestyle: reduced caffeine, alcohol and desserts
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  16. VictoryIsOurs

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    Sorry for that buddy. My last streak I relapsed after 30 days and men, it was painful and emotional. Please rise up for a better tomorrow.
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    Today is Day 3 again. I reset on Wednesday and then again on Friday. I am going to set small goals for myself to eventually reach the 90 day benchmark. Goal 1 is 1 week then 2 weeks and so on.

    Day 1. Saturday. I had multiple thoughts about sex, not so much porn. It seems everytime I have sex as of late it leads me to porn again. I believe a 90 day hard mode is the way I need to go. Hoping my sexual thoughts subside soon, even if only for a couple days to give my mind a break from it.

    Day 2. Sunday. I had strong urges for sex with thoughts about it all day and all night. I didn't give in, it is a real struggle with it being on my mind so much. I am trying many different things to clear my mind, hoping to find a go to something to do that will help.

    Day 3. Today is day 3, I am half over with the day. The thoughts about sex have subsided some but still on my mind off and on today. I am keeping myself busy with very little alone or down time today so I don't have that opportunity to give in. It sucks the hold is can take on you, even with all the negative things it always causes me. I get very bad mood swings, my mind is cloudy, lack of motivation for anything, I tent become even more of an introvert, and on the days I give in, I am always very tired the next day. I am going to get more detailed in my journal in hopes I can use it to look back on the times I gave in and see if there are things I could have done different to beat the urge.

    Hope everybody else is accomplishing some if not all of their goals with this horrible addiction.
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  20. RyukJr

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    This is officially day O of my journey After a while of denying that this is a problem I think it's time I finally start this PMO again basically I'll set some rules for myself reply to my posts when I have urges and try to post every day about how and what I'm feeling that day and the goal is to have my phone in the bathroom when I shower without having urges
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