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  1. IQUIT2

    IQUIT2 Fapstronaut

  2. kodewalker

    kodewalker Fapstronaut

    Day 0 again. I relapsed yesterday. Hoping to complete 90 days this time.
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  3. Prabal Baishya

    Prabal Baishya Fapstronaut

    Day 37/90
    Trigonometry sucks.
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  4. bthebest

    bthebest Fapstronaut

    I think you should watch the situations whenever you want to do PMO (or see P), I mean,
    - if you are alone, then hang around your friends more (study with friends, go library, ...)
    - try to set some goals which are important for you (You know if you do PMO for long time then important things will not be important anymore which is not good, also you will get brain fog) and busy yourself with it.
    - you do PMO again and again because you do not have something else to do which gives you a positive results that makes you happy.
    - do sport regularly as much as you can. Set a goal for you sport (ex. 6 packs, no ABS, ...) and try to get there.
    - when you have urges come to the forum and see how people are fighting

    what gave/give me motivation to quit PMO?
    Very long time ago, I read somewhere (in internet) that Masturbation and excessive sex does not have any effect on mind (there was not much scientific research which show it), so I kept doing PMO for years. Then suddenly, I realized that could not get the proper result in what I am doing, because my mind was not sharp enough at that moment because I had fatigue, I was tired, and always the first thing comes in my mind was PMO. So I started watching myself a little bit to see what are happening in my life, then I realized that all of the fatigues, tiredness, loosing motivation to study and work, frustration, brain fog, bad social skills, anxiety, and so on comes from watching porn, masturbating, or excessive sex with GF but I was not sure so I spend sometimes searching about the effect of PMO and looked around some book to read, then I found the book "A Brand New You", there I found the list of problems that I was facing and I become certain that it is the fucking PMO and excessive sex which brought all shits in my life, and since then I start quitting it. The way to go was and is very hard but I can do it. have calendar in which I write whenever I do PMO or sex, when I watch it over this year, the number of PMO is reduced which is good and I will eliminate it.

    After all my suggestion to you is:
    sit down and think about the past and your Failure-, Fatigue-, Lack of Motivation-, Tiredness- , etc.- Moments in you life and try to find out a relation between them and PMO. If you could convince yourself that the root is in PMO then you will be motivated to quit PMO and have a normal sex and in the way of quitting PMO, after relapsing you will feel regret like crazy.
    I wish you and all success in this way, and always know that you can do this.
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  5. Da Khalo

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  6. bthebest

    bthebest Fapstronaut

    Man that was great, thanks:emoji_muscle::emoji_muscle::emoji_muscle:
  7. Black jack

    Black jack Fapstronaut

    20 days completed feeling tired and exhausted today for no reason
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  8. Cubzy

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  9. Srisurya

    Srisurya Fapstronaut

    I am jobless. Preparations for career going on. The problem right now is.... I am grounded in my room by my father at home. Initial 5 days I did good without relapsing while in my room. After that I relapsed. I need suggestion on this please. Trying my best to be active with push ups etc while in my room. The thought of being jobless is of course causing some negative pressure in me...trying to take things positive. Putting my phone away. Still somehow I reach it without my control.
    Even if I sit and reflect on myself. Sometimes it becomes too much. Even too much of thinking/reflecting on myself is causing pressure...leading to relapse. I am trying to balance my emotions .. thoughts.. but couldn't save myself.
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  10. bromor

    bromor Fapstronaut

    So Day 8 no M
    Day 225 no P

    Have a nice one guys! Some nice Jocko discussion!
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  11. MonkeyMonk

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  12. Merry Terry

    Merry Terry Fapstronaut

    Day 18.
    I joined this forum 280 days ago. Of those 280 days, I was 245 days without M’ing to P.

    I’m in the middle of vacations so I don’t spend so much time at the computer. Which is why I haven’t posted here last week and why it’s also relatively easy to stay away from PMO. But I have to prepare mentally for going back to work (from home) next week.
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  13. 3BP

    3BP Fapstronaut

  14. ineedclarity

    ineedclarity Fapstronaut

  15. Srisurya

    Srisurya Fapstronaut

    Relapsed. I will take break for 2 days guys.
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  16. Bethelightinmyheart

    Bethelightinmyheart Fapstronaut

    Day 11..Stood strong in the face of urges for majority of the day yesterday...this is strengthening.

    So hope yall to can manage your urges and impulses and grow as I have.
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  17. Why are you being grounded at age 22. Time to move but IMO and not be repressed by your parents but be a man and stand on your own two feet, even if that means being homeless for a while. You'll soon find a job when that happens.
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  18. Day 6/90
    Day 563 at attempting this challenge
    Day 193 weigh training (M, W, F)
    Lifestyle: reduced caffeine, alcohol and refined sugars
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  19. Srisurya

    Srisurya Fapstronaut

    Lol this is India and this is lockdown time along with very high unemployment rate of all time. I was grounded because I stood up for myself against my violent narcissistic father. I have graduated recently during Corona times. That's my bad luck.
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