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  1. Gurdev Thakur

    Gurdev Thakur Fapstronaut

    it's day 6 ; and it will be completed in 3 hours and will head on t day 7 ;; my last target was to complete 5 days of nofap and i did that ;; now my next target is to complete day 7 and then will move on to next targets ;; i joined a nofap telegram group recently and hoping that i will help me in my recovery ;; i don't know what happened to me but in last 7 days i had some sleeping issues and i was unable to sleep at night and i used to sleep in mornings ;; due to thhese things i was ruining my sleep cycle ;; but yesterday i slept on time and got a good sleepp but after 4 hours waking up , i started feeling sleepy and slept for 4 hours more due to this i missed my live classes also ;;; this is something strange happening with me ;; sometimes i don't feel like to sleep and sometimes i feel to sleep more than usual ;; do you guys have any idea about how can i fix this
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  2. VictoryIsOurs

    VictoryIsOurs Fapstronaut

  3. John Call

    John Call Fapstronaut

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  4. John Call

    John Call Fapstronaut

  5. AxBlaim

    AxBlaim Fapstronaut

    I relate to these posts on another level so pardon me if this post is too long

    I was in this exact situation a couple of weeks ago where I had no willpower to resist when I had an urge. What helped me was 2 things:

    I realized that abstaining PMO for 20, 40 or even 90 days is nothing compared to abstaining it for a lifetime. Imagine this, endless motivation, endless happiness, ability to achieve your goals in life, fall in love. These are the traits that most of the people who havent been destructed from PMO has. We are living in a disadvantaged life compared to most of the people in this world so dont feel satisfied if you reached a certain number of days because the more you abstain, the closeer you get to the benefits we all deserve to have.

    Another thing is to envision my future. You know there are people who died with this addiction without living their life filled with happiness and love. Imagine yourself being in that situation. Life is too short, we could die in a couple of years, months or even days. There's a new version inside all of us when we abstain from PMO. All the enjoyments we can have in this life is heightned for us addicts because we're so used to feeling like shit created by PMO
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  6. AxBlaim

    AxBlaim Fapstronaut

  7. Updesh

    Updesh Fapstronaut

    Habit 1: waked up at 04:30 am done✔
    Habit 2: Morning ritual done ✔
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  8. Sri Ram Kumar

    Sri Ram Kumar Fapstronaut

  9. nfcard

    nfcard Fapstronaut

    Hi, I'd like to participate. I'm on day 4/90
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  10. John Call

    John Call Fapstronaut

    you're welcome my friend, stay strong and finish this challenge till the end with us.
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  11. hellofriend86

    hellofriend86 Fapstronaut

  12. Relapsed this past weekend after a stressful few days and didn't follow my habits of putting my phone away at 9pm like I need to.


    I'm going to start my own recovery journal to help out more.
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  13. WaterNewt

    WaterNewt Fapstronaut

    YOU BASICALLY HAD SEX. How is that a relapse mate?

    Did you go for the no P M and O?
    Just hope that you are ok and that you aren't too hard on yourself. Be happy with you gf :)
  14. Well said my friend.
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  15. edwinze

    edwinze Fapstronaut

    day 14/90 , never been this far . lets go
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  16. Blaze21

    Blaze21 Fapstronaut

    Day 15/90

    Felt very good today, I’m in my first day of the third week, feeling ver motivated and with my eyes opened. Let’s go brothers!
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  17. Libius

    Libius Fapstronaut

    Day 9/90 complete. Maybe I counted days wrong lol...

    **I was very depressed yesterday and feeling much better today; time is the greatest healer**
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