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  1. Mya

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    I want to share something here.

    During fasting months the most hungry you feel is during the last hour or so. I wonder if that's the same for people who are on a strictly 90 day challenge. I wonder if that does that affect your fighting spirit?

    It would be good to know what was your thoughts 10 days before 90 days? And did that affect your mental focus somehow?

    Really happy for you mate.
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  2. Alex Reboot

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  3. Nutella

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    Day 83 over. Well, I did it. I set up a date for January 2 - that will be my 88th day. Thanks to the current COVID lockdown, the date will be at one of our houses. I really hope sex will not come up, as I really want to make it to 90 days and there really is no non-awkward way to turn someone down. So hopefully both of us will behave ourselves...I know I will.
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  4. RyukJr

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    Yesterday Monday was day 9 having my gf makes it easier since can distract me from urges
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  5. HealthierLife86

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  6. Mya

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    Username is HMHU

    This stuff is priceless .anyone who is serious about quitting PMO for good

    Season 11 [Soaring Eagle experience: The adjustment of mentality after relapse, non-liquidation of semen, and the penis length issue]

    Every day in the rebooting forums we can see brothers that have relapsed, the posts that they make following a relapse is always marked with great remorse. Some brothers would call relapses “battlefield casualty”, I think this is a very good description; rebooting is like waging a battle, we are all brothers in the same trench. We are saddened by the sight of another brother becoming a casualty, this should, of course, spur us into rebooting and to maintain our vigilance. The enemy camp is constantly shelling us with pink shells, the rebooting articles are our bulletproof armor. We must increase our efforts in studying rebooting articles and in doing so increase our awareness and the level of our determination. If you should let down your guard, the next battlefield casualty might be you. When we see inappropriate pictures or videos we must immediately dodge them, we must exercise the same caution to porn as we do towards tigers and incoming arrows, we must be equipped with this kind of awareness. To reboot for good, the awareness must be strong which is obtained through studies. Awareness and vigilance give us the hope to successfully reboot.

    For those brothers that have relapsed, there is no need to be discouraged, nobody can manage to reboot in one try and there will be many failures before success. Before I my successful rebooted I had also failed many times, so many times that I have lost count. I was unable to get out of the vicious circle for well over a decade because at the time I was in a state of ignorance with nobody to guide me and nobody to tell me what to do. Afterwards, having taken up rebooting studies my determination increased. Roughly after a year of studying rebooting articles and health cultivation, my awareness increased by leaps and bounds, through it I gained deeper thinking and understanding. It is under these circumstances that I had successfully rebooted.

    There are 2 types of errors that are easy to make during reboot:
    1. Rebooting without studying about rebooting
    2. Rebooting without cultivating the health
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  7. Puretim

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    Another day pmo free. Since the start of this streak I have been avoiding indulging in lust in any way. I cant control the thoughts that come into my head but what I do with them is up to me. In past attempts I wanted to quit pmo while still indulging in lustful fantasies and sexual chat while trying to hookup with women online. This time around I'm surrendering the lust completely. One day at a time.
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  8. Mya

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    I wonder sometimes who was the F....r who started P sometimes. I wonder if there is anything good about it. Just thinking....

    I know one thing good about it. But I will leave it you guys to think.
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  9. Icandothis49

    Icandothis49 Fapstronaut

    Day 4 done, going now to day 5.
    (100 points)
    Everytime i look at to porn,nudes,etc -5 points
    Everytime i masturbate -10 points
    Everytime i touch my genitals -3 points
    If my point hits to zero I'm going back to day 1
    DAY 4/90( Day 5 in progress)
    DAY 4/90( Of No PMO)
    DAY 3[✓]
    DAY 7[]
    DAY 10[]
    DAY 14[]
    DAY 21[]
    DAY 32[]
    DAY 64[]
    DAY 82[]
    DAY 90[]
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  10. Yes, the next step is to end porn subs (and porn) completely but after 7 years of trying, I noticed this is a slow process. My 2 AP's and I have decided to do a 30 day P sub free challenge. I created a site on the forum called "30 Day no No P-Sub Challenge." Check it out under challenges if you want and I will put a link below for you to find it more easily. Anyone here on this 90 day challenge is welcome to join us and post how the journey of avoiding P subs is going. Avoiding porn seems easier than avoiding P subs since P subs are everywhere and often trigger real porn and relapses.

    LINK: https://forum.nofap.com/index.php?threads/30-day-no-p-sub-challenge.299706/#post-2851566

    BPH is when the prostate enlarges as you grow older. I believe BPH is what happens when you edge and PMO too much since you are wearing out your prostate (the pump that ejaculates semen). I used to edge for up to 4 hours at a time while looking at porn and this is not natural and keeps your arousal system in a state of hyper alert ready to cum at any time. In my 50's I started having trouble emptying my bladder completely due to the enlarged prostate choking the urethra from it's normal flow of urine. The symptom which is problematic when you have BPH is that you are up every few hours peeing all night which means you get a crappy sleep. I notice that if I even look at porn for a short time now my prostate acts up and makes peeing difficult. Hope that helps you understand the importance medically of what we are doing here on nofap.
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  11. Solar_Two

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  12. Mya

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    I guess the only thing good about P is that it makes us resilient and it presents a real challenge to overcome.
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  13. break the limits

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  14. Teutão

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  15. Justin Etu

    Justin Etu Fapstronaut

    Today was day 10! Let's keep going!
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  16. lookingtochange

    lookingtochange Fapstronaut

    Day 3/90. So far so good! Need to stay humble and not get overconfident.
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  17. Day 80/90

    I believe this is the way to get through it. Good on you for taking this step. All the best @Puretim :)

    I've never heard of this connection between BPH and edging, but it sounds like in your experience they seem to be related. Interesting.

    I won't join the challenge as I am already on monk mode. It's a great idea though and I'm sure you'll get some challengers if you don't already.
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  18. RyukJr

    RyukJr Fapstronaut

    Tuesday was day 10 found a bad Reddit account I had and deactivated it for the cause
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