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  1. dandausa

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  2. Nutella

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    Day 87. I'm having my date tomorrow at 9 am. It's only 6 PM on the previous day, yet I am a nervous wreck already. I wish I could cancel. But of course I won't. Gosh this sucks so much.
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  3. Saitama999

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  4. Mansfelder

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    day one of 2021 and day one done in this challenge
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  5. Mya

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    (Mandalorian and Space Marine December / January). What is this guys
  6. RestartGame_

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    Thanks for the encouragement I appreciate it!
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  7. day 2 ..all going good..no serious urges. Everything under control..
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  8. Day 16. Let's focus on our goals for the new year. I think sometimes we underestimate ourselves, but deep down we have the power to change our futures. So find your motivation and let's get going everyone! :emoji_smirk_cat:
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  9. Alex Reboot

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  10. RestartGame_

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    Day 2

    Happy new year! <3

    Here I want to say that I'm going to try to make it a habit to write a Metascript entry and write about how my day went, hopefully on a daily basis.

    I prefer to write it here, because typing on the keyboard is way faster and easier than writing it down. So I am just preserving my willpower.

    I woke up a little late at around 11:00 am today. I am tired in the morning and no matter how long I stay in bed, I don't seem to actually fully rest and become awake.
    So as I was tossing and turning in bed like a hyperactive penguin, I managed to drag myself out and washed my face and head with cold water in order to become more alert.
    I ate breakfast and then I had strong cravings. Probably because I started my day in a reactive state instead of in a pro-active state, which coincides with the way my addictive behavior works.
    So waking up early is pretty important to me, just that it is extremely difficult in my current fatigued state. Nevertheless, I have to push myself through the discomfort and potential suffering to achieve what I want and need.
    So in order to deal with the cravings, I followed up with a coping exercise conducted by Tony Litster from which I had purchased a Program years back and which is still pretty effective.
    In case you want to know, from what I can recall, it was a mix of different packages and programs, one of them is "Water, Weed, Repeat", another is "21 Day program" if that is not the same, and there isn't much else that I can remember.
    The exercise consists in moving and stretching your body, synchronizing both brain-hemispheres, becoming calm and doing a visualization exercise.
    The movement and stretching releases endorphins and in turn makes you feel better, if not only slightly.
    After I was done with the exercise, I genuinely felt better and the cravings toned down.
    So in the meanwhile during the day, I ate, went for a walk and did some recreational stuff, and finally managed to learn and read for my own education.
    So doing that small productive task, I got exhausted quickly. It took me approximately 30 min, which I set aside beforehand so as to not exceed my willpower limits.
    I have to admit though, that I had been dawdling and faffing around in between a considerable amount of time, but still managed to get done what I needed to get done for that matter. Just to put this in to perspective, I have been pretty much wasting time and coping with my cravings 90% of the day.
    Afterwards I went on to start a video game, however cravings started to kick in again and this time, a little stronger.
    I immediate closed the game and went back to the coping exercise by Tony Litster. I did the same thing again, but this time the cravings just decreased and were still there, so I went ahead and did a little self-dialogue, a breathing exercise and just started watching a Netflix series (which are not triggering in any way or form), to distract myself.
    It worked, they went away completely until now that I am writing this. So that is a win for me today :)
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  11. Mya

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    A bit of rigourous physical exercise may make you tired and improve your sleep quality. So may be give that a go.
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  12. lemi_caution

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    65/90. Happy new year!
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  13. Icandothis49

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    I have a good night sleep last night, got tired of swimming with my cousins, it was fun yesterday, for one day i forgot about this masturbation addiction, and my last streak which for some reason I'm still bothered, anyways have a good day guys!
    (82 points)
    Everytime i look at to porn,nudes,etc -5 points
    Everytime i masturbate -10 points
    Everytime i touch my genitals -3 points
    If my point hits to zero I'm going back to day 1
    DAY 7/90( Day 8 in progress)(of no O)
    DAY 1/90( Of No PM)
    DAY 3[✓]
    DAY 7[✓]
    DAY 10[]
    DAY 14[]
    DAY 21[]
    DAY 32[]
    DAY 64[]
    DAY 82[]
    DAY 90[]
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  14. Checking in, day 83/90.

    Btw, I can highly recommend the Space Marine January Team Deathmatch (link below), especially for Warhammer 40k fans, but even if you're not a fan, I've found it really helpful in previous months.

    The best thing I can suggest is to pretend you're catching up with a friend, and that's all it is. I get it though, I get nervous leading up to dates too. Remember, she is going because she wants to :D

    All the best @Nutella, let us know how it goes :)

    Mandalorian Challenge

    Space Marine January - Team Deathmatch

    Thanks for sharing, this is good to hear:)
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  15. Justin Etu

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    Today was day 14, I've been getting lots of urges recently and it has been a bit difficult to control but I continue to try my best to do so. Happy New Years everyone stay strong.
  16. HealthierLife86

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