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Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by 2525, Oct 27, 2017.

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  1. Golden-Balls

    Golden-Balls Fapstronaut

    These are my experiences...... they might be different from you might experience.....but hope they help and inspire:

    Mostly mental stability........doing PMO makes you irrational

    Confidence and full of energy........you feel a serge of energy and livelihood compared to when doing PMO

    My skin complexion and how my eyes looked improved......my eyes have life now compared to the dull ones i had before.

    More motivation and determination: maintaining sexual energy for all that time is an energy boost to the body....i am nolonger releasing it...it improved my masculinity traits and motivation

    Reduces sexual urges and craving.
    But they dont completely disappear.....i just learnt how to deal with them everytime they appear.
  2. Twizza

    Twizza Fapstronaut

    WARNING - May be triggering

    Something happened and I feel like I let myself down. My ex asked to visit me so I took her to my bedroom, I wasn’t suppose to initiate sex with her but I did, while having sex and asked me to pull out for reasons best known to her. I asked if she was sure about this, and she said yes so I pulled out (old me would have begged for the pussy cos I haven’t ejaculated yet). Right now, I feel like not having sex with her anymore not cos I’m upset at what she did but because I’m not suppose to be all over you. You’re my ex. I don’t wanna initiate sex with women anymore till I’m married. I believe with that I can be able to control this urges, see every temptation and not fall into them.

    I was able to go more than 90 days without PMO last year and I stopped initiating sex with women who can to my house, bro u should see how this girls kept coming. Each one of them undressed me themselves, I felt loved and that helped my sexual performance. But I later fapped Dec 29th 2020, I didn’t really feel bad about it because I edged for an hour and I knew I wasn’t gonna do it again. I did that cos I found porn on my Twitter. Took me days before I fapped tho even after seeing the P vid on Twitter (don’t worry I already deleted the app). I guess that was why I was all over my ex. I couldn’t really control myself.

    I didn’t call this girl for 8 months bro, like I moved on even when I saw her sometime after 8 months, I just looked at her normal. I didn’t wish we could have Sex right now. I was strong, I was mindful all thanks to Nofap.

    She’s scared of me I know, I sense it.

    Twizza is back now.

    I really don’t know my goals yet but for now, I wanna be mindful when looking at a girls body (like looking and wanting all cos I wanna orgasm, I don’t want that). I want to be able to converse without getting hard again. I had that power last year. I lost it man. I was able to stay weeks with a girl, playing and sleeping together without getting hard (I get hard in the morning tho). She’d be all over man and when I say all over me, I mean she’ll go extreme to seduce me, that doesn’t work then she’ll come straight with kisses and touches, I kiss back and all before she undresses me, if she doesn’t undress me no matter how long I’m not interested and trust me I’m not thinking about it, man I was patience and mindful last year cos I wanted to make my life better. 2020 was a year I didn’t think of Sex. I was in control of my urges man. I mean I play with girls who are interested in me or I’m interested in and also we have good good conversation even when we both naked lol.

    I feel like I’ve Typed too much.

    I really wanna get back to not think about sex with every woman. I did that last year, I can do that again.

    DAY 0 no PMO

    How long can I do this for? Right now I don’t want any distraction and when I say distraction I mean even sex I don’t need to be having sexual thoughts and wanting to have sex. I need to allow them flow even if it’s gonna take 12 hours.
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  3. bromor

    bromor Fapstronaut

    Day 7 :) It feels like a big milestone again and I already feel so much better!

    Dude, I know exactly what you are talking about. My last relapse happened after a night with drinking with friends during the vacation. I used to drink every day before, but i stopped 2 years ago when I started working out properly with a trainer on a schedule. For the most part I have been alcohol free with the ocasional beer or a small drink. The thing is, I remember even when I was hardcore PMO addicted - everytime I went out binge drinking I would be super horny next day despite the hangover and used PMO to "cure" my hangover ... such an idiot ... anyway even now I sense more urges after a drinking evening.
    My 2 cents - avoid drinking in general, but when it does happen - don't drink much and be extra alert the next day of the effects to avoid relapses :)

  4. Mansfelder

    Mansfelder Fapstronaut

    Yes! Alcohol goes hand in hand with porn addiction... I remember several occasions in the last years, when I happily waved good bye to my wife and daughter to visit grandmother for the weekend. Once alone, I bought huge amounts of different beer brands, sat on my sofa and stayed there drinking and PMOing for hours and days. When I drink, I am not embarrassed after relapsing until Monday, so both addictions help each other out by accelerating...
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  5. Puretim

    Puretim Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    In to my 14th day. Before when I wasnt pmo,ing I was still engaged In alot of lustful behavior so i was still hiding from emotional discomfort. This time with abstinence from lust in all forms it's a differant story. I've also been free from gambling, overeating and as a result am able to feel what's going on inside of me. I've been feeling a great deal of intense anxiety . It's not a normal state for me and I try to see what it's all about. Sometimes I feel like I want to m just to get away from it for a short time. It wont last forever and I try to keep this in mind. I'm taking the right actions though and that's the key. I'm a staining from pmo,I start each day with a cold shower and some pranayama followed by reading something of a spiritual nature plus I've been working out and eating good. The discomfort will pass if I stay true to recovery. Sometimes I'm amazed that I make it thru the day successfully. I cant think too far ahead or I get discouraged. I'm thankful for all the posts from you guys and for nofap in general. Stay on the path brothers. One day at a time.
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  6. HolySpirit

    HolySpirit Fapstronaut

  7. Zori

    Zori Fapstronaut

    Day 54 done. This is the longest I've gone with no PM since I started coming here last June. I'm still facing some difficult days but I feel hopeful that this time I can make it to the end of this challenge.
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  8. OneSlipMan

    OneSlipMan Fapstronaut

    Day 20/90!

    I am on the day of my last relapse. I should learn from my mistake and improve.
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  9. 90DayChallenger

    90DayChallenger Fapstronaut

    Day 6, now halfway through my day and have had my biggest urge yet... Haven’t given in, but this is going to be a long ride... When do you start to get less urges? Or manage to easily overcome them...?
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  10. Nutella

    Nutella Fapstronaut

    Well, there you have it, folks. 90 days complete. Yay.
  11. Mal oon

    Mal oon Fapstronaut

    DAY 1✔.
    Days remaining 89 (6th April 2021).I am in need of 90 days Reboot.I want this vicious cycle of PMO to end.
  12. CrimsnBlade

    CrimsnBlade Fapstronaut

  13. kelpie

    kelpie Fapstronaut

  14. Aswin palathingal

    Aswin palathingal Fapstronaut

    Day 40/90
    Enjoying every second of nofap days..
  15. Just controlled myself(Edging):cool::rolleyes: !! can't tell more but that's it. Proud Moment for me .Feeling buoyant ..
    ADIOS !! ✌
  16. dandausa

    dandausa Fapstronaut

    Day 2 done! Working on day 3!

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