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    You' re making excuses bro. Think what you really want. Get yourself together. You want to recover or short pleasure? I have two similar streaks 30 days previous time and after 2nd one I have 3 days with countinous relapsing. I was telling to myself and God(How can I overcome this if so many urges ahead of me? I thought that I am the only one who had this strong urges). But the problem was I was not 100% honest with myself. I was still using tinder or other stupid chats(because I was lonely of course and that was telling to myself: "I am using ONLY this cause I am alone") and that was an excuse to me to still be linked with urges. If you really want to overcome this delete all of the sources which can distract you. I don't even use WhatsApp now to not even think about my crush. If you have no motivation to do sth at the beginning take a long 10km walk or do the good training if you're into sports. As many here said it hurts at first but then it goes better somehow and I 100% agree with that
  7. Day 5-6-(7)/90 completed (GOAL DAY)
    • No urges whatsoever Alhamdulillah, because of Allah’s help.
    • Was very active the whole day 3 days, why i didn’t post day 5-6.
    • Emotionally stable, being busy helped keep lose track of my emotional state, And i visited my family and this helped ease up some pressure, and let some steam off when driving and fixing my family’s car, i haven’t driven in a long time.
    Whats special about this day

    I aimed to reach day 7 because prior to my last relapses who were both in day 4, my second lowest streak was 7 days, also the 1 week mark is famous for being a mark that even new people on Nofap can reach, this to my means im not going backwards like i used to think and Inshallah that i can do better.

    (1 week mark of completed)
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    Relapsed on 27th day on 30/01/2021.Followed by a vocious cycles of battering PMO's.Please help me my to get out of this......
    I Am starting again this challenge with today as day 0.
    Today was the 98th day of me on this forum with only 8 relapses in between with the longest streaks ; 21,31,26 the last one.Thus 90 days clean.
    Long story short,This was the most beautifull time of my life i spend here on this forum.Although feeling entrapped in this vicious cycle again,but i still want to change for the sake of life i lived during these 100 days.I want to change myself for the sake of the kind of Person in me i became in the past 100 days.I want to retain that positivity.I think it is this time in my life i loved my life like never before.
    Thank you Nofap community.
    Sorry for my weak english.
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  9. Hi my friend i’m very sad to hear that, but hey you are here which means you are willing to take a step against this addiction, and that theres a huge part of you fedling bad about what happen, good.

    what not to do is start a new streak to relive what you went throught, because as days will pass thise memory will be country productive, its like having getting divorced and martying another women hoping to relive the past, that women will never be like your ex, no women on earth will be like your ex. the past is done burry it my friend, you need to start a new journey, or you will end up in a guilt loop like the loop i go out of alhamdulillah , its guilt, a trick used by Shaytan/demons or addiction which ever you may call it, to bring you down, the addiction knows now your smart your not gonna relapse if it tell you « lets just watch one video and then close it » like it used to trick us when we are noobs, if you build you new streak on the future, you cannot be brought down because you dont know what will happen 7 days from now, but if you build you willpower or determination or new goal on reliving the past you will always compare yourself to the old you, and when you can meet the demands you will feel depressed and when we feel depressed to us addicts its like openning 10 tabs of fav porn and thinking of yourself you will not relapse.

    First thing you should start off with doing is man..forgive yourself, everyone relapses you are not an exception, all people who have done 2 years here relapsed many times because you can go that long without experience and that experience comes from relpasing and getting to know the real you, nobody quit cold turkey, because porn is merged with mastrubation but most importantly its merged with a natural need desire build in every living organisms which is reproducing.

    forget the past, and just learn from it instead, both mistakes and strategies.

    last when you decided you want to give a go, make sure its because you want to get cured or become a better person than yesterday, not the same one as yesterday, think of it this way, boxer aimed to be the best in history and trained 8 hours a day focusing on strategies on beating everyone, constantly improving. Boxer B while purpose is beating boxer A he traines 8 hours and build his whole strategies on beat player A and to counter his mouvements ect, they both grow in experience in a high rate, but when they meet play B will be at most at the level of player A 1 year ago, and player A will be better than one year ago. My point is when you reach you current goal which is reliving the old streak thats it you have reached your goal ( this is the best case scenario that i’m talking about) when you reach that goal you will easily relapse because there nothing holidng you back, you reached you gaol now what ? thats it you reached the same power as boxer A you think you’ve won, but soon another high class boxer better than A shows up but you’re under qualified you didnt improve, while the old you was competing against himself constantly improving and working in his weaknesses you spend your time, copy and going to the same path the old you did.

    my friend the old you failed, his way dosent work, you should become better, if you decided to take the same path you took you will be demotivated for not completing certain task you did before, or feeling the same way after for example confident at +30 days, maybe this time you won’t feel confident after 30 days maybe flatline will hite you. When you relapse you just continue your way, you don’t return to day 1 so you will continue your journey because you really didn’t fail, counters are numbers your brain is not damaged from 1 session, but to recover we must stay cold turkey away from pmoing, relapses are like getting knock down in a boxing match you can still get up and fight like nothing happened, you just gave a up a battleground on a battle and lost, the war is still on and you gotta win those little battles too. Good luck on your journey :)
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    Day 2/90 Completed
    I Would type one day 90/90
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  11. Day 18
    Day 18 No Caffeine, Cacao, Sugar, black tea, Pepper
    Day 18 No privacy
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  12. Day 32/90

    Doing well so far!
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    Hi, Gurdev.

    I found this on reddit and thought it may pick your spirits up. It's a post on the nofap reddit about relapsing. Very helpful in my opinion: https://www.reddit.com/r/NoFap/comm.../?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
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    Day 2/90
    Thanks brother, these words help a lot in keeping the mind motivated.
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    Day 23/90. Had a good day yesterday. Our new group at church was better than I thought it would be! It's led by one of our pastors who walked through this with a family member so I know he understands the struggle.
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    Day 44! Let's keep going brothers. We got this
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  17. Relapsed
    Just because of a wrong bookmark in my browser
    I didn't know I was clicking on a mine
    Day 0
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    Day 16,
    The only importent thing is to retain the idea that it will be better without porn. Somtimea you think to yourself "how mutch worse could it be, to live like that?" But No! We have to get trough we have to get out and yes life will be amazing more then we could ever hipe for
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