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  1. Day 73/90

    Hanging in there!
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  2. Gurdev Thakur

    Gurdev Thakur Fapstronaut

    congrats bruhh :)
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  3. Gurdev Thakur

    Gurdev Thakur Fapstronaut

    day 9 completed .. actually i am having early morning erections and today it was really severe .. anyone know how to stop this or minimize this ?
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  4. MS PBH

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  5. Puretim

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    Alot of us do fall and me as much as anyone. Alot of us including me are single and live alone. Its important though to not let ANYthing be an excuse for falling off. Look for the true and correctable reasons why you falter. I speak as one whos backslid alot. Theres always something in our I attitudes or actions that leads to success or failure at this. At least thats what i believe.
  6. Puretim

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    Thanks for being an example and inspiration.
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  7. nfwarrior23

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  8. Say_Goodbye

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  9. HealthierLife86

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  10. Ready to Stop

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    Day 22/90. I was super frustrated yesterday and just didn’t have a good day. Had a chance to be home alone but stayed away to stay strong. Being home alone is tough for me. Anyway... today is a new day and I’m still staying strong.
  11. bromor

    bromor Fapstronaut

    Day 2

    Disabled my instagram again until I feel like things like this won't bother and distract me.

    Congrats man! You should be proud of yourself!

  12. Arnaldo Castro

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  13. quiting need help

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  14. bostonbro46

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  15. OneSlipMan

    OneSlipMan Fapstronaut

    Day 90/90!


    It has been 3 months without PMO. I didn't have sex as well all this time which made it even tougher for me. I was really close to relapsing
    3-4 times in this period but thankfully I didn't slip. I will share 2 types of benefits I received in this time.

    Benefits I actually received, no exaggeration, 100% sure:

    - Confidence : I am more confident, I am a lot more comfortable in social interactions.
    - Energy : I have so much energy that I can't even control it sometimes.
    - Self Discipline : I can wait for things now. Life is slow and not rewarding that much. I am okay with working too much and obtaining small rewards for it. It feels like im more sync with life's speed. I don't feel like jumping from reward to reward. I can work more and wait more. Let's say, delaying rewards is getting more easier. (I think it's also called delaying gratification)

    Benefits I might have received, not sure:

    - I seem more mature, grown up to people I talk to.
    - I have better eye contact.
    - I get more looks from ladies.
    - I don't judge or dislike people like I used to do. I like people more and I feel more understanding.

    Things were mostly good but sometimes I felt really frustrated and those were that 3-4 times I mentioned that I was really close to
    relapsing. If you can handle those moments, you will feel amazing next day I am certain. That's what happened to me. Just the idea of
    controlling your most desired pleasures will give you so much power and self control. Those moments of frustration and incredible
    urges are the times we grow on this. Thanks for everything and I wish you good fortune in the wars to come.
    (like Arthur Dayne says :))
  16. dandausa

    dandausa Fapstronaut

    Day 65/90. Overall a good day yesterday, didn't really get much work done but it's okay I can get it done today. Enjoyed the porn recovery group with my church yesterday.
  17. Justin Etu

    Justin Etu Fapstronaut

    Congrats dude! This inspires me to keep pushing. Wish you the best in your journey.
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  18. Justin Etu

    Justin Etu Fapstronaut

  19. 90 days - No PMO, No Alcohol! :)

    After multiple restarts I stuck with it this time. The big difference was abstaining from alcohol. For me, I realized both porn and booze are escapes which reinforce each other. I wasn't sure I could give up both at the same time, but it turns out it kind of made things easier in a way. When you drink it's harder to keep your resolve about anything, since it's actually chemically inhibiting that part of your brain.

    Another thing which helped was just making a 100% decision that "No matter what, I will not PMO, period." 99% doesn't cut it, it leaves the door ajar for porn to slip through. It's actually easier to just fully commit to no porn, since you don't have to argue with yourself, or try to justify this or that - the decision is made. Then you just have to manage the challenges along the way - which is not easy, but on the other hand you have more mental energy to deal with things since you're not fighting so much within yourself.

    I want to thank you all, who've been on this journey with me. Your encouragement and support has meant everything and gotten me through some very low moments. For those struggling right now, I want to tell you that it's worth it, don't give up. If you have a setback, give yourself a little time to feel bad about it, then get right back up, take what you've learned, and move forward. You're not alone, everyone on this board gets it.

    I feel a kind of clarity and freedom I haven't felt for a long time. My self-esteem is much better, and I'm much more optimistic about positive things I want to focus on. Any kind of addiction is a lie - at first it feels like a thrill, but it soon turns into a dead weight that pulls you down. The scary thing is that spiral down has no end. It will just keep pulling you down into darkness as long as you reinforce it.

    But it doesn't have to be that way. We all are stronger than we may even know. We have the power to make a choice. We control our futures, we control what we spend our time doing, we control what we want to expose our mind, soul, and body to. We can be better people, we can have better lives. Blessings to all.
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