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  1. Mike10classic

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  2. Ketherlonk

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    Every time I have an urge I come to this forum and read and write something. It's terrible to say but what helps me most is reading about how someone's life has been destroyed by porn -- someone who just joined nofap because their wife left them because of their porn habit, or lost their job or something similar. It jolts me back into reality -- porn use is no joke. It can really destroy me. That tends to sober me up.
    I also write about my feelings -- usually I have an urge for P because I'm worried, bored, stressed... writing about how I feel takes away some its power and I get some relief that way.
    Hang in there, you can do this!
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  3. Anas778

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  4. Aspect_16

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  5. Haladavar

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  6. Nekkhamma

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    Time for a reboot. 0/90
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  7. Sasukee !!

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    Totally agreeing with you ! Visiting this forum, reading and writing our thoughts really helps a lot in the initial days. Because as you said it shows us the true face of porn , the horrible consequences of it's consumption. Which gives us a firm reason to strictly stay away from it. Also reading the successful Stories of others motivates us to stick to our goal and not give up. At start we need a constant remainder of our resolution, what we are doing and WHY we are doing it and also ample doses of motivation for the re wiring of our brain. Because even if we fail many times at first, but the more we read and write about not doing something, the more that idea gets settled in our mind, subconsciously, we didn't realise it's happening. And with time we automatically start gaining control over ourselves. It's not a quick but a long and time taking process. But definitely worth doing. And obviously that's why we all are here , giving our best and progressing day by day. My best wishes to all of you ! We'll definitely make it :).

    Starting day 12 !
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  8. Bijuu107

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    "It's terrible to say but what helps me most is reading about how someone's life has been destroyed by porn" this sentence made me laugh so hard bro xD .
    At first I thought you'd take pleasure in how other lives were disrupted.

    Now I want to share my WHY here for Nofap.

    • I want to use my sexual energy for other things and I notice that I want more real women and this power is what I need right now
    • I want to do the 90 day Challange, just because I,m a guy who never surrender and I,m achieving what I begin
    • I want to strenght my willpower, my masculinity and my self-control
    • I want to find an alternativ for fapping, for example having sex with some women
    • I want to be an Idol

      That's my WHY. ;)
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  9. ShinyTurtle

    ShinyTurtle Fapstronaut

    Just relapsed 0/90
    Want to make the last week of 2021 count, cmon me!!
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  10. Day 1 complete, nearly day 2 complete as well.
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  11. The Unbeatable

    The Unbeatable Fapstronaut

    Let's do this! Will you be my accountability partner because we both in almost same day count!
    Day 1
  12. Eduard R

    Eduard R Fapstronaut

    Day 51/90

    My why, I want to use my time and energy in things that help me to grow. I have lost too much time Fappening. It is time to take back control of my life
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  13. Ketherlonk

    Ketherlonk Fapstronaut

    Haha, no, I'm not as sick as it might sound ;)
    Great whys -- keep at it and you'll achieve your goals!
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  14. rvs

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    Day 0
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  15. OnceMoreIntoTheFray

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    Day 2 of no pmo
    Day 2 of no alcohol
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  16. Karom

    Karom Fapstronaut

    10/90 Double-digit territory once again! So happy I made it again!
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  17. sunn

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  18. Idf1998

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  19. Day 19. Got very very very close to falling, but managed to stay calm and drag that helpful thought to the front of my mind when the urges were closing in: the urges 'promise' happiness if we give in, but what we really get is more isolation. Let's not believe the lies the urges entice us with.
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