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  1. GonnaBeAGod

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    Day 24/90

    After finishing 15 days, I had gone off to a 3-day trip, which got extended to a week. Although I did not masturbate or watch porn or orgasm, I did drink, and didn't particularly work out for this duration. I did notice some effects. But I think that along with NoFap, physical exercise and diet are necessary for me to transform properly. So today onwards, I'm going to resume my habits of working out and following a diet. I'm happy to have completed 24 days, and I think that the 90-days challenge can be completed by me.

    Gonna focus intensively on my career as well now. I have received some useful insights from this trip, and I am going to improve myself.

    All the best to everyone out there.
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  2. Day 14, two weeks. Looking forward to many more weeks without this unhelpful habit
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  3. Aspect_16

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  4. Ice22

    Ice22 Fapstronaut

    Day 3

    One Day at the time.
    I found my old notes that I haven't cared about in a very long time.
    But it's basically a managable plan that I created on how you rebuild your life force. PMO draines the body and confuses the mind. The more confused the mind becomes the worse it gets. It needs balance and recovery.

    What I've discovered a long time ago is that people can live at many different states (or levels) of consciousness. And when you are at a particular state of mind, things that are in line with that mental/conscious state resonates with you and it feels like it has a lot of meaning to you.

    An extreme drug addict will resonate with, and attract everything associated with that life style: Bad freinds, violence, dirty environments, murderers, prostitutes, the most evil people on the planet, and so forth.

    A healthy, happy and balanced person will attract the complete opposite.
    Very balanced, loving and caring people.

    When you leave that old state of mind, everything that used to have meaning suddenly disappears. It's gone. It no longer serves you because you are at a whole different level. You changed yourself,therefore you changed your world. It's the same with P and problematic sexual behaviours. When you're in it, it "feeds" you some kind of bad energy (it's negative, destructive like any drug). But when you're out of it, the same poison makes you want to throw up. Because then you're at a whole different level. You do not resonate with that poison anymore.

    When I was younger I quickly realised that so many people had so many different opinions and beliefs on so many subjects and some people were very sensitive to (for example) violence and things like P while others weren't moved by anything no matter how shocking or extreme it was.
    They even laughed at it as if it was funny. They had No Deeper (higher) levels of feelings, empathy, sympathy, or morals. This shocked me and made me wonder why I was so sensitive to this stuff. Is something wrong with me or is it them?

    I started to gradually understand more and more that there were different people with different levels of awareness. And Certain levels of knowledge or understandings were only accessible to people who expanded their consciousness to higher levels. I saw connections between certain families, certain parents and how their kids behaved, and what they turned into when they got older. How smokers/drinkers and people who only dressed in black clothing behaved different from those that didn't, but instead wore more white or bright yellow. They were happier and more social people in general.

    Yeah, I know this sounds very bacis in a way but people generally don't think so much about this. Especially about themselves.

    There are so many things you can change.. Some people will not like this but for example, if you listen to the wrong type of music, you will become the wrong type of person. Some people don't like to hear this (I didn't) but it's actually true. Be careful with the type of energy and the type of lyrics your music has. It's the same with everything. Like Porn, Videogames & Films (Violence / Sexual images), feeding your mind with too much negative/depressing news from news-sites of all kinds, or negative thoughts you have about yourself/ others affect your life and decisions

    .. the list is long.

    But about 99% (or more) of our decisions are at a subconscious level.

    The more we are aware, the more we allow ourselves to see beyond the matrix and it's illusions the closer to the truh we get. And the close to the truth we get, the more we see that we never could before. The wider our perspective is the better choices we will make.

    From there we can change our life to a completely different one.
    A happy life free from any addictions.
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  5. Anas778

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  6. johndoe2466

    johndoe2466 New Fapstronaut

    Hello, this is my first day, I have tried doing this before and my past record was 35 days followed by 16 days up till yesterday. Do you guys have any tips and tricks for someone who has been addicted for 6 years? Thank you.
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  7. Reaching for the stars

    Reaching for the stars Fapstronaut

    31 days . Hello everyone I hope you all are going free and leading the life of your dreams
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  8. Ketherlonk

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  9. timberfallen

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    Heading into day 11. There are a couple devices where I'm staying that are unprotected but as long as I don't spend time in the room with those, I should be able to avoid those triggers. Any time I'm in that room I must keep my guard up and remember I can't recover alone. I guess it's an opportunity for a little bit of cue-exposure therapy.
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  10. Ketherlonk

    Ketherlonk Fapstronaut

    So true. I would even say, we are made for much more than we think.

    Welcome! I've been addicted to PM for about 28 years. What has helped me much is (1) visiting this forum regularly to read and share, and (2) learning about the brain dynamics of porn addiction (look up Dr. Trish Leigh on YouTube). Good luck and all the best.
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  11. Karom

    Karom Fapstronaut

    This post has a lot of insight and wisdom. A lot for me to think about. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!
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  12. Karom

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  13. Riz@123

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  15. muramasa

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    Hey everyone, I'm new. And currently at day 0 to 1! Nice to meet you all and good luck on your journey
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