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  1. nfpexperiment

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  2. Srisurya

    Srisurya Fapstronaut

    The leakage does is need the exercises? Or the things get better eventually?
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  3. wowzers1

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  4. Karom

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    Stay strong! Urges are very much manageable. I read on recoverynation.com that urges don't even register a 70 on an emotional scale of 0-100. Terror would register a perfect 100. Panic attacks 85-95. Compulsive urges even the most extreme will struggle to reach 70. We have been trained to think that urges are so intense that we can't beat them. We think that they are 90 and above on the emotional scale. This is just our perception not reality. We are not reduced simply to a biological response. We have control over our urges.
    Also, consider that your 'porn brain' is sending you deceptive messages. Don't tune in! Let's beat this addiction! It has deceived us for a long time! Stay strong!
  5. Karom

    Karom Fapstronaut

    Glad it helped you! Yes, I agree with you completely about self-deception by thinking that we can eat poison even in small amounts and not get sick. The PMO urges are dying down as we abstain but when we peek we are adding fuel to the fire and reigniting the whole PMO cycle. This is the main reason I have been failing so much by fooling myself thinking just one peek will not harm me. Don't want to deceive myself anymore. Keep up the good work!
  6. Karom

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    35/90 Yesterday was tough. I had to rely on my relapse prevention plan as the surge of urges came through unexpectedly. Feeling good about myself this morning.
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  7. Karom

    Karom Fapstronaut

    Check out the recovery program on https://www.recoverynation.com/recovery/recovery_workshop_contents.php
    It is an intense program that requires daily dedication and application (90 days plus) but I think it can help you build a firm foundation for a permanent recovery. It is helping me a lot.
  8. bromor

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  9. Phil 3:12-16

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  10. jnunez

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    If watching explicit images voluntarily (or anything you consider that arouses you) is considered a relapse, then I'm in my day 0.
  11. LGNF2022

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  12. Ice22

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    It could be both. But leakage is very common. People often say it's normal but I would rather say it's not normal at all. It's a sign of weakness in the prostate often caused by too much fapping. Two reasons could be 1. the nerves around the penis/prostate has become too sensitive because of over-stimulation. And 2. Having fantasies during the day and especially before bedtime.

    Try to do kegel. Do it every day for a week or two at the most. Then stop. Nothing is good when you over-do it.
    Sit down on your bed, hold in your muscles as if you want to stop the flow of urine. Do about one for each second.
    You should be able to do 80 or 100 without any problems.
    You can also hold your muscles for as long as you can. Maybe for 5 minutes or so.
    There's also something called reverse kegel, but it's a littebit harder to do and I don't know exactly what it's good for.

    Kegel has helped many men with leakage or erection problems. But if you over-do it, it will lead to problems.
    Only do as much as you need to. Try it for a week and see if you can stop the leakage. I suggest you do the exercise before you go to bed.
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  13. Ice22

    Ice22 Fapstronaut

    Tonight it will be day 24 for me.

    I feel a "need" to look for images online.
    But I have decided not to do it for a week.
    When I have avoided it for a week I will decide
    maybe I can abstain from it for a few more days, and so forth..
  14. Constipated Potatoe

    Constipated Potatoe Fapstronaut

    I read through your post atleast twice, to make sure I don't miss out on some of the tips and I know what you are saying to be true. You mentioned having a passion and redirecting your focus on something else instead of porn. I have a few minor victories doing this, but I wish the results would not be as short lived, since I would go 1 week super focused on my life and the things I love, during those moments, I wouldn't feel need to watch porn or fap. Atleast for that short period of time, I guess I struggle a lot with the sustainability of my decision making and focus. And lack the consistency thereof.

    Perception is a big one, a lot of this is largely mindset problem as well, there was a time I went 15 days easy (which something that rarely happens for me) shortly after I asked for prayers from a pastor, at that time I believed so much that I was indeed free from this, and my belief or perception changed that I couldn't see porn as a problem in my life any more that the changes quickly started manifesting, it was like I was on autopilot for those two weeks, my energy and motivation was coming back, heck I had an idea to write a book even started to write, no hesitation, no lethargy, nothing.

    Coming back to distraction I do need them. I need anything, to help get out of this, it's often harder to pick yourself up when you fallen harder again after just a few days of victory. I have been on nofap for a couple of years now it's quite daunting with no tangible results.
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  15. Constipated Potatoe

    Constipated Potatoe Fapstronaut

    Thank you, I want to start tommorow, with the daily reading.
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  16. Day 9 Feeling down again but I hope to make it through.
  17. Mike10classic

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  18. Mike93

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    Day 14 completed successfully

    Lifestyle changes need to be done
    Looking forward for the 3rd milestone :) 21 days

  19. Be serious

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    Day 7 is completed. Day 8 loading...

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