90 Day "Call a Close Friend Challenge" *Making Life Better*

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by igotthisone, Aug 12, 2018.

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  1. igotthisone

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    Okay so here's the deal, since we all feel down and lonely at some point everyday, which might eventually lead to depression and PMO. So taking some time out everyday and talking to some of your close friend (old friends and cousins included) even for as less as 10-15 minutes will completely change your depressing state.

    Let's suppose I have three really close friends Adams, Zaid and Michelle. I will talk to Adams on Day 1, Zaid on Day 2, Michelle on Day 3, then Adams on Day 4 and so on...

    You don't need to feel depressed to start it. No matter how you feel, talking to a close friend always makes you feel better.

    Ask them for whatever they are going through in life, tell them about your routine and all the unfortunate and fortunate things happening to you these days. Tell them about favourite TV Shows, talk to them about politics or literally anything.

    Make an even stronger bond with them such that you can share literally anything with them. Finally when you'll be pouring your heart out, you won't feel bad anymore.
  2. FX-05

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    I argued with my best friend last month because of a nonsense, and haven't talked to him ever since. Last sunday I was involved on a traffic accident and my car ended up being totalled while I was lucky enough to make it out alive, but haven't had the guts to call him up to cheer one another, as his life ain't easy at all either...

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