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  1. I'm 18. I've relapsed 4 times. This is my 5th attempt. I reached 90 days.

    Honestly, NoFap is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I highly underestimated it at first, but then I realized that a porn-free life is a happy life. I am more energetic, more confident and happier overall. Also, as I reached 90 days of nofap other goals seem less impossible.

    I want to read, to study, to go out, to enjoy life. NoFap is a first step, but a significant one. I've gone through much during these 90 days and I've learned so much about myself and about life. New challenges ahead, but I gotta do it mates.

    To all who have helped me, thank you. To all who were superficial, good luck, you need it. I am going forward with my life, this is my last day here. I hope you all reach your goals, Challenge yourself, fight life, win in the end. Good luck brothers!
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    Congrats bud! Good job keep going!
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    NoFap Defender

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    good job man!
  6. Well done! Keep it up!!
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