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90 Day Weight Loss Journal

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Tao Jones, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. I have been carrying around an extra 50 pounds for most of my adult life. And in that entire time, I have always found this principle in operation: I can focus on my weight and my fight against PMO goes in the tank, or I can focus on PMO and my weight gets out of control. I have never been able to successfully manage both.

    But now I have a new secret weapon -- accountability on this forum -- and so I am going to try again. I have been doing well keeping PMO in check. I am over nine months free of P and M and have just crossed to 3-day mark for no P-subs. I have been eating fairly well so far this year and have even managed to add in some physical fitness in a way that feels sustainable.

    I know how to maintain my weight and stay reasonably fit. So it feels like it is time to get down to a healthy weight, once and for all. I am afraid because I have failed at this so many times, and I know I am opening the door to additional stress that may very well bring back stronger urges for the "comfort" of PMO. Nonetheless, I am not going to let this fear hold me back.

    My plan is to eat two salads a day (mix of greens with chicken/fish and only oil & vinegar dressing) within a six-hour window (noon to 6 pm), which will leave me a in fasted state for 18 hours each day. I will drink only black coffee and unsweetened seltzer water during this time.

    I will begin on Jul-01. After two full weeks, I may treat myself by adding an apple to my regimen each day for "dessert" at 6 pm. But we will see how it goes. And I will check in here each day for the duration of the 90-day period up to the end of September.

    If you have any comments, concerns, or well wishes, please feel free to leave them in this thread! I am looking forward to getting started in just another couple weeks. Until then, I will be gearing myself up mentally for the challenge!
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  2. properWood

    properWood Fapstronaut

    The fat you eat is the fat you wear. Our cells do not consume fat for their energy needs, they consume carbohydrates. Our body stores fat in between the organs, because the liver doesn't know what to do with it. The fat stays there for long periods of time. Our body stores carbohydrates as collagen in between muscle cells, collagen that is then used as fuel for the cells.

    Based on how cells work, I can give some unwanted advice :p
    - ditch the oil, 1 ml of oil contains 9 calories and it's pure fat, meaning that it will not get used up, it will get deposited
    - ditch the chicken, it's 14% fat and it has a huge amount of sodium
    - ditch the coffee and drink herbal tea or just water; coffee does cut your appetite indeed, but I'd suggest to drink it occasionally, not regularly
    - make fruit salads too, or eat more fruits, they contain a lot of vitamins and fibre which help with pooping; bananas have a lot of magnesium, helps with muscle aches and the shit gets out faster;
    - if you eat fish, avoid the skin. Fish meat has the nasty problem that it's a cumulative deposit of toxins. Big fish eat small fish and then bigger fish eat the big fish and so on; the toxins usually get concentrated in the skin. Unless you eat farmed fish (salmon, for example), in which case you have another host of problems, as they are fed... dead fish.

    I don't know your lifestyle and how much time you have available, but cooking and eating what you cooked can be a real motivator and also lead you to healthy weight loss. I do veggie pots (tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, bell pepper, carrots etc., all diced, add some spices too - oregano, thyme and rosemarie - and cook without oil in a pan), with either brown rice, wholegrain pasta or potatoes as a side dish and a small green salad next to it.

    Additionally, take walks after you eat, start small with 20-30 minutes and increase to maybe two hours (that's how long I walk every day). Sounds a lot, but it's not; use this time to think things through and make your body move away from screens. Walking will release endorphins in your brain, will make you happy, more positive and likely more active, so that helps with the weight loss.

    In the end, my strong recommendation is not to see your challenge as a diet, but as a lifestyle change. That's because the best diet is the one that you don't really want to come out of, but one that you can stay on until your last day.

    Good luck! Looking forward to hear about your progress :)
  3. Awedouble

    Awedouble Fapstronaut

    I think you can do both rebooting and the weight loss. I would suggest not necessarily jumping to a 6 hour window of eating right away as that may be too much, but consider starting with one relatively close to your current pattern.

    Also, whatever you do be consistent, like maybe within a half hour or so. Do the same with sleep and exercise and you'll have a really solid pattern and in time being a little hungry at night (when you ate too little) won' even bother you.
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  4. Much better advice above. I lost 60 pounds in the last 6 months just reallu watching what and when I ate.
    The biggest help was that I stopped double cooking and just started eating what my wife was eating mostly vegan.
    I cut sodas and instead of an egg mcmuffin i did a large spinach almond butter and banana smoothie in the am and that pretty well stuffed me till 3pm or so and then i was actually hungry for supper instead of just eating because it was time. Was it the best approach maybe not but it works for my schedule
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  5. I currently eat within an 8-hour window every weekday, with only minor deviations on the weekends. So I am just tightening this up a little bit for the period of my fast. Thanks for your input!
  6. It is remarkable how similar the food journey is to the PMO one. In anticipation of "no dietary junk for 90 days," I have been overdoing it these past few days. I feel awful. But I plan on eating as much garbage as I can right up until the end of the day on Jun-30. This is exactly the same pattern I followed in all my PMO reboots.

    I have learned that PMO is death and destruction, and now I will need to learn the same in the arena of food. Just as I have learned that healthy sexual activity follows a fairly narrow course (only with my wife), I suppose I will come to learn that healthy eating does as well. I kind of already know this, but food has been the other big source of comfort aside from PMO that I have turned to over the years. I wonder now if I will discover there are others, as well?

    I also wonder if there is a more general principle that I can learn from all of this so that I can apply it universally and be done with all this mucking about in different facets of existence. I know the core of it is that Christ is sufficient for all things and I have need of nothing in addition to him. There is no true, lasting, fulfilling comfort apart from resting in peace in him. I suppose learning how that applies in these different areas is just all part of our growth and development in this life.

    Just some fairly disjointed and rambling thoughts on this morning. I am not a frequent journaler, so I apologize in advance for what I am sure is a sub-standard job.

    tl;dr: I have been overeating, I feel awful, and I am sure to persist in my folly until I reach an arbitrary date I had set to begin eating better. Stubborn little thing, aren't I? May God have mercy on me, a sinner.
  7. Im right there with you.

    I splurged on my anniversary, lots of red meat and junk, not a salad to be found.

    The scale laughs at me even a week later.
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  8. Jul-01 - 0/90 - 230.6 lbs, SMBI: 33.2

    And so it begins. I will be doing two weeks of just salad veggies with oil & vinegar dressing. This is primarily a psychological start to the 90 days of severe restriction, to break the association in my mind of food with comfort. Food will be for me for a little while fuel and nothing further. I have turned to food for comfort far too often and for too frequently. That must end. Thus, I will eat only one fairly unappetizing food for 14 days to break the power that food has over my mind and mood.

    After this, the plan is to move to 3x42 (3 days per week of fasting for 42 hours) for the remainder of the 90 days. At that time (around Sept-30), I will re-evaluate and see what next steps make sense.

    To help me throughout these 90 days, I have joined a special accountability group just for this purpose, so hello to all of my new friends from the "PMO Warriors" group who may be dropping by here to check up on my journal! I really appreciate the support. With your help, I am going to shed this excess weight and begin leading a healthier life.

    I'll check in at least once per day to report on how things are going. For today: So far, so good. Skipped eating at my weekly Monday morning breakfast and had only black coffee. Feeling a bit bloated and lousy after overdoing it on my "final weekend." :) Easy to resist eating junk when I feel bad from eating junk; next weekend will be more difficult, I imagine.
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  9. Jul-02 - 1/90

    Day 1 down. Had about 250-275 grams of romaine lettuce, carrots, and red cabbage mix yesterday. I was very liberal with the olive oil & balsamic vinegar dressing. :) I am noticing how much time I seem to have free in my mind when I am not constantly thinking about food. How similar my relationship with food has been to the one I formerly had with P!

    Restrictive eating is dead simple, but difficult. Just like NoFap. I kind of like it that way. Make it easy to understand but difficult to do. Make it something that seems impossible when viewed all at once but is perfectly doable in bite-size chunks. Make it something that is aided greatly by remaining accountable to a group of trusted friends.

    One day at a time is how I have slowly lost my appetite for PMO. I plan to do the same with my appetite for junk and processed food.
  10. Kingphisher

    Kingphisher Fapstronaut

    Good job brother! One of the most astounding things you’ll find is that your tastebuds actually change. Soon you’ll be looking forward to those salads and that junk food won’t taste nearly as good. Much like real human contact becomes more enjoyable when your off the fake stuff. Keep it up!
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  11. Jajadeja

    Jajadeja Fapstronaut

    Nice journal I'm also facing over weight issue mostly due to PMO and depression, got addicted to over eating ... I'm getting inspired by your journal ....
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  12. Oh man do I get this! Completely relate. I'm also an eat when I'm happy guy and fast when I'm sad which means the better my life gets the fatter I get. Maybe I can just shave my head and be a happy buddha.
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  13. I want to join this PM me a link to your program. I'll shall do my best.
  14. Well, now yo know where some of the inspiration for my avatar came from. I am a fat, happy panda. :)

    I am following Fung's "Obesity Code" for the most part. There is a FB group for support. It is just a program I have made up for myself, inspired by Penn Jillette's rapid 100-pound weight loss and then guided by the IF principles that Dr. Fung has written about. We also have a small Discord group for support. If you want in on that, let me know.

    So, I am eating only one food for two weeks (salad veggies with oil & vinegar dressing), and then I will be moving to a 3x42 (fasting for 42 hours 3 times per week) until I lose the weight I want to. On eating days, all food is consumed in a six-hour window in two largish meals lasting no longer than one hour each. The food I eat on those days will follow essentially a keto plan.

    You are welcome to join in any time! I am just starting Day 3 and all is well so far. The sugar headache is still waiting to spring on me, so I am ready for that to happen at any moment! :)
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  15. Dude that is intense! Panda's are hardcore! I will need to sleep on it but it sounds like it is sure to work if you can do it. How do drinks work? I need my coffee. I mean seriously. I need it.
  16. Oh, yes, coffee is a must. I drink black coffee until noon, and then nothing but seltzer water the rest of the day. Flavors are okay, as long as it is zero sugar and zero calorie.
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  17. Jul-03 - 3/90

    Feeling the first true hunger this morning. Just after 9 am local time, and noon seems far off. I could eat something right now if I wanted (my 18:6 eating days don't start until next week), but I think I am better off to just sit with my hunger and let it be. There will be much more of this to come over the next 87 days.

    Anyway, it seems weird to eat salad or broccoli before noon. :)
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  18. Jul-04 - 4/90

    I had bad hunger this morning, almost borderline nauseous, which is something to watch out for. However, it has passed, and I think I will be fine now. I also woke up with a headache, which I am sure is due to no sugar for three days. Three-four days of no sugar is usually when the withdrawal headache kicks in. :)

    My poor brain is catching onto the idea that the restrictions I am beginning to implement over these 90 days are for the long haul. Just as realizing that I would never go back to P made me a little sad, so has this. Food has been my source of comfort for a long time, and, since leaving off P completely, it has been the only one save for Christ. My heart and spirit know that he is sufficient. Now I just need my brain to catch up with that reality.

    One day at a time.

    PS: I am skipping my workout today, too. I plan to resume when I start taking in more food again. I feel a little weak and tired, so I am just going to take it easy. Food is the priority right now, so working out can take a backseat for a bit. :)
  19. Hros

    Hros Fapstronaut

    Dang, that's perseverance! I wish I could do that... I've been dieting for about 10 months now, and while I've lost some weight, I'm nowhere near where I'd like to be, and it's mostly because I have problems controlling my appetite...sigh...
  20. One day at a time. Day 4 and I have already made a couple tweaks. I'll talk more about that tomorrow.
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