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  1. I don't like posting my own success story, nor do I even like calling it that. In a way the struggle we face is so odd, because we are struggling to just get back into our normal bodies. We have fallen below the realm of reason and logic, trying to dig upwards towards the surface of the earth. The other perspective is one of wonder, because now a days most people are below the surface, not aware of it and living like worms in a dirt cage.

    The title is 90+ Days Again because I was previously above ground in life. I made it to 730 days and made some serious power moves that have affected the term of this birth. I live comfortably and happy because of those decisions. However I got slipped up by a small trigger and plunged. Now I climb and climb and climb, but now it is different. I no longer stop climbing when I get to the surface. Now I breathe air and keep going. I'm climbing as high as I can go, to the heavens and beyond. My hope is to bring as many people with me this time. It is a heavier load, but I am capable beyond measure, and so are you.

    What follows next is my post for the Heirs of the Sun after I hit 90 days. Everyone who hits 90 in the Heirs must post about it. So if reading success stories helps, maybe my failure after failure will also help. I haven't built success from winning, I have built it from loss and madness.

    How does one get a decent streak going?

    I recently earned 90 days and thought about how I did it. It is tradition around our group at Heirs of the Sun for all the 90 day Heirs to post: How did I become Brave Warrior rank? How can you? Our ranks have different names, going all the way up to one year clean.

    Most of us will say this and that regarding success. We all have our own ways that our mind works best. All of it is true if it works for you. Whatever worked for someone is true, at least to them. That is why I regard everything as truth, in some form or another it is true to someone. Take what is true for you and drop the rest. Keep what works.

    What works for me? I believe I did not become Brave Warrior. Nor did I become Captain in the recent Nofap war in Reddit. I believe Brave Warrior and captain was in me already, I did not become anything; I already was it.

    When in comes down to the moment of truth, the moment of action in life, our decisions must come quickly. What comes from your mind in a quick decision is what lived there all along. It is the great mass of the iceberg underneath the ocean that determines who you are. Your real character only comes out when life is giving us the greatest challenge. So the first thing I do everyday is determine who I am. What am I all about? I do not fight pornography, I live like the person who cannot be touched by it. I was a Brave Warrior the day I signed up for Nofap. The rank only shows what was there the whole time.

    We don’t magically conquer resistance. Knowing we are all at a certain maturity and understanding can be helpful on this journey. It can prevent depression and sadness knowing that you are where you are and there is always much learning left. There is always room for improvement. Comparing yourself to someone else is a recipe for upset. Compare yourself to who you were last year or two years ago and see if there is progress. Don’t make week to week or month to month comparisons, go for year to year. Anything else isn’t accurate.

    Remember your speech. Over the last three months I have constantly read “the urge is hard”, “the urge is strong”. This is inaccurate. The urge in and of itself is attributeless. The urge doesn’t care what body it is in. It is us who assign the qualifier “hard” or “strong”. Remember the affirmation post I did, what you think, say and feel is actually going to happen in life, try to create the right things. Don’t create a difficult urge by calling it that. You are reading a book, you don’t say “I am the book”, you are hungry and say “I’m hungry” but you know you are not hunger itself, the body is hungry. You say “I am sad”, but the “you” is not sadness itself, it is only experiencing a temporary bout of some emotion. What I say is “I am experiencing an unnatural craving caused by the instinctive mind, therefore I will change that because I don’t want to experience this urge.” Over time it will become natural and the urge will come and quickly leave.

    So ask yourself not "what can I do", ask yourself who are you, what are you all about? What is inside you? That will usually determine what happens next. I say that because it is a pattern in all of life. In all effective, powerful people. They don’t question what their belief system is, they have internalized principles and character traits that they want and help them succeed. These are proactive people who win the private battles. They use their speech in a positive way and constantly sharpen the saw. They empower those around them. They do that by making deposits into the emotional bank account of everyone they interact with. This in turn increases their circle of influence and makes them responsible. The responsibility then creates purpose. That purpose creates drive. The drive is willpower and then there is one victory after another after another. This is self-mastery. This is the path of evolving through challenges. After this challenge is finished a more difficult one will take its place, it has too because that is why we are here: to evolve through challenges. When the foundation is built, the challenges may get harder but you get tougher. Living like this creates wisdom. Eventually ones own path is no longer as important and helping those who are just starting out becomes the greatest challenge. Changing other peoples lives becomes the final goal. All of it is right there inside you, the entire time, just like it is inside of me.
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    The other day I came to the realization that every time I asked myself "Why am I weak?" I wasn't actually questioning it...to say the above is a declarative statement, "I am weak, and I have accepted that fact." This read hit home based on that fact, we are strong, end of discussion, rather then focusing on the negative aspects of life, focus on the positives. I am strong, I am empowered, I am awesome :D Thanks for this encouragement it really reinforces how we should walk.
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    THIS... Magnificent.
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    Is there a better leader?!? Awesome! I am proud to be a follower... stay strong and soar high brother!
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  5. So glad to have met you sir. We started talking from the very beginning!
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    It is all my pleasure Solid! You are a huge source of inspiration and leadership...We all owe you a sincere thanks! Keep up the good work brother...My honor to be in this fight standing alongside you...Win!
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  7. I just came across this thread and just wanted to say that whilst I'm not familiar with 'Heirs of the Sun', this is the best post I've read in a very long time and really hits home. Thank you, @SolidStance.
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  8. Thank you for the kind words.
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    I haven't thought of this before, but it is so true. The urges are just urges. What determines their strength is what strength we give them. If we agree with them right away, off course they become strong. But if we watch them from a distance and refuse to be intimidated by them, they will lose power over our lives. Thanks for this wonderful piece of insight, @SolidStance!
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    The mind/ego is a mischievous brat that needs discipline. It will throw every trick it can at you. Know it's not reality, unless you identify with it.
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  11. Most of life is this way, completely attributeless. We assign everything to it. Likes/dislikes, all of it. The mystic looks at life differently. They step back from time, form and space and just see everything for what it is, perfect. Everything around us is just happening as it should be.
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  12. You are a legend, a very wise man.
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  13. I can't wait to see you back in the barracks.
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  14. I'm excited about returning, just gathering some wood ;)
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