90 days and forever

For Fapstronauts who are disciples of Christ

Will you quit after 90 days or continue the journey forever

  1. Forever

  2. 90 days then Quit

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  1. Tom1492

    Tom1492 Fapstronaut

    Hello, my brothers, I have begun a 90-day challenge. I will admit I have had thoughts on why do I keep trying to quit if it is an endless battle. Every day for the rest of my life I will be battling for myself and for Jesus to stay pure. If you want to join me in this conquest feel free. I am starting with 90 days, but I will not stop after the 90 I will continue forever. I started it on Tuesday so I just finished day 2 wild mild temptations that with God's love and guidance I was able to defeat the evil urges. I am going into day 3 wish me luck and I will talk with you tomorrow. God bless You Brothers, We will Win this together to show the world just how Powerful OUR God is.
  2. Imagine this: Someday this "fight" will just be the natural expression of your new heart and will seem to require no effort at all. In that day, it will hardly occur to you to lust after another human being or to look at them inappropriately. In that day, it will be Christ alone who feeds your soul and powers your being.

    This is not a dream; it is the reality we are promised if we will begin taking the steps along the Way of Christ. Let us proceed forward, then, with all haste! :)
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  3. LonelyStrength

    LonelyStrength Fapstronaut

    i'm with you.. 2 days clean
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