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90 days complete today

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by ado, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. ado

    ado Fapstronaut

    Today is my day 90, 90 day goal completed. Glad to be PMO free. I guess my question is what now? What should I do on this site now? Set a new goal? I think my last week has been a bit more difficult than most weeks, so maybe I just go to 120 day goal next. I'm open for suggestions.
    Two things I've done differently during these 90 days. First, I turned every "urge" early on to an opportunity to condition my mind to think of NoFap. I would just stare the urge in the face til it went away. It effectively made it "hard mode" without the actual hard mode.
    Secondly, I checked in here a lot. I read forums and posted a lot. I was honest about my problem even if it was anonymous. Even when nobody was talking to me I just kept refreshing my mind with people's successes and failures.
    I've fought with PMO for years and had to root out a lot of stuff, but I think these last two things helped me get over the last hump to removing this stuff which just pulls you down.
  2. nofapper94

    nofapper94 Fapstronaut

    Congrats man! I'm on day 46 and still deal with temptations, but I've also experienced great benefits. I just can't wait to get back to college and see how I interact with girls differently. In your opinion, was there a big difference (or noticeable) between Day 30, 60, and 90? If I withhold splooging for 200 days will I be able to bend a spoon with my mind?
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  3. KingGray

    KingGray Fapstronaut

    Congrats!!! I hope I prove to have the strength and conviction that you do!!

    I think if you're still having strong urges you should keep it going. If you've been addicted to PMO in the past, I think you have to always be careful not to slip back into old habits.

    My goal is 90 days, but I'm viewing this as a life choice that will far exceed my goal.
  4. KingGray

    KingGray Fapstronaut

    No, but you'll be able to bend a metal bar around your hardon.
  5. Knight Solaire

    Knight Solaire Fapstronaut

    It will take much longer for you and your mind to be free from this addiction. Keep doing what your doing and stay clean. Maybe focus on finding something else to fill the void porn has left. Make your life better in other ways.

    Give others advice on here, has a nice relationship, go on vacation, travel the world. It's your choice, but don't ever become complacent.
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  6. chi le ma

    chi le ma Fapstronaut

    Good job ado! You achieved something many people want to achieve on this forum. I really hope to make it to 90 days like you did.
    My suggestions:
    Jim Rohn once said: "Celebrate your achievements. If you achieved something major: celebrate it." Buy something or do something you wanted to for a long time. (This also gets support from Duhigg - google: "The power of habit Duhigg youtube Ted talk" and pick the first one)
    Furthermore I think I would extend the goal for example until the end of the year. I wouldn´t give it even a small chance to go back to the old ways.

  7. Temujin

    Temujin Guest

    congratulations on hitting 90!

    I like your idea of staring the urges down. I might try this.
  8. Johnny222

    Johnny222 Fapstronaut

    Congrats, man. Hope you continue to succeed. Keep fighting!
  9. aaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy........ LOL
  10. FreedomIsHere

    FreedomIsHere Fapstronaut

    Keep it up man! Congrats on 90 days!
  11. Cooldude4

    Cooldude4 Fapstronaut

    good one, keep it up.
  12. nomo

    nomo Fapstronaut

    90, wow that's impressive. I would keep going, try for more. Maybe it takes longer to reboot and better things await you down the road.

    Personally I hope I never search out porn again, but I can only do this one day at a time. Today I won't look at pron.
  13. JoeinUSA

    JoeinUSA Fapstronaut

    Thanks for sharing your strategy ... just what I want to do and accomplish as well.
  14. ado

    ado Fapstronaut

    Lol. I think changes from 0 to 30 were noticable. A little change from 30 to 60. Not much 60 to 90. Right now I can only bend forks, spoons soon to come! :)
  15. ado

    ado Fapstronaut

    Oh yeah, I want to go on forever. I just don't know if I should keep setting goals at this point or how I should shift. I wouldn't say strong urges, but it's still an idea that crosses my mind. Fortunately it often coincides with nofap thoughts!
  16. ado

    ado Fapstronaut

    Thanks everyone for the feedback and congrats! I think I'll post at 120 days so I can get all the replies again! :)
  17. ado

    ado Fapstronaut

    Today is 100 days of no fappin fun. I like how this site shines a big enormous spotlight on PMO - how worthless and degrading it is - and also a big spotlight on how much better your life is once you're off of the juice. PMO can't stand in the face of truth.
  18. luciourtubia2nd

    luciourtubia2nd Fapstronaut

    Wow, awesome stuff mate, you worked hard and achieved a great thing. Keep fighting mate

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