90 days: Did my life change?

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by A_long_wayTOgo, May 4, 2019.

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    I made it..
    3 long months...
    And I'm continueing!!! I am disgusted from porn now and I resist the urges that hit me. Urge after urge.. I resisted them..A total of 3/4 wet dreams during this streak (can't remember need to check my journal). They didn't affect me at all and I went on continueing.. Here below are the most important benefits I noticed:

    No more shame!
    The most important thing I don't have anymore is shame..
    I don't need to be ashamed anymore for my old habit. I am considering to tell my parents how I was addicted to porn but I think I will need more time for that.. It may still come over as a shock to them as 3 months are in nofap a lot but in life not.
    However when talking to girls I don't have this tought in my head anymore,,, spooking arround...

    More confidence!
    I'm also more confident but have realised that beining overconfident isn't good for my exams. I was this first and so I started late to study for my exams. I have my Biology exam on the 9th of may (5 days left) and I made progress but not enough to be 100% sure that I will get a high enough grade. However with some more good study I will make it. My other exams I have to study for are Economy and Maths.. I am better in those then Biology and I am 90% sure I will pass them and with some more study 100%. In the past I was more anxious about tests/exams.. I was anxious with talking to girls.. Anxious when talking to strangers.. Those problems are gone.. I also had anxiety when we had sport lessons because I suck at most sports but now I think: f### it idc. I also improved myself with going to the gym with friends. Togheter we improved our body and our condition a lot thanks to this.

    Talking easier to girls and strangers!
    This was always a problem for me.. It was easy visible that I was anxious when talking to girls and they noticed that ofcourse.. Now I don't have that problem anymore and I can talk normal with every human!! I started to love socialising and catching up with friends.

    More energy!
    Overall I have more energy butI am currently exhausted and I suffer from fatigue due to sudden weather changes which I am verry sensitive for.. When the weather goes from 20 degrees celsius to 10 from one to another day I experience a bleeding nose.. I'm also tired of studying but I have to continue for my exams and then I have 3 months no school afterwards and time to rest. Time I can spend on learning a new language maybe?? Not planning to put my energy in a girlfriend atm.
    In the past I was lazy and almost never went outside and I would play videogames all day!!

    More motivation!
    This is a thing which helped me a lot.. PMO made me lazy and unmotivated but now I am more motivated to study! In the past I would never study which forced me to go from high common education to medium common education.. My grades are good atm and I will be reallowed to high common education when I pass my exams succesfull!!!

    -Limit your internet usage (this will give you less change to PMO at all).
    -Occupy your self with a hobby (I personally read books and play video games).
    However don't play too much videogames and prevent games with explicit content.
    School is more important then your hobby.
    -Go to the gym often. I go 2-3 times a week and It benefits condition, strenght and your appearance.
    -Socialise with people. This makes you happier.
    I can possibly find more.. Be free to ask me :) !!!

    Good luck you all!!!
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    EXCELLENT ............… 93 .............. DAYS ............…. NO...…………. PMO...……………. :)

    GOOD JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    NoFap Defender

    Good job! Thanks for sharing. Stay strong bro.
  4. A_long_wayTOgo

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    Thanks for commenting!! :)
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  5. Thanks for sharing, I want that number of days, I hope I will; and thank you for tips.
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  6. A_long_wayTOgo

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    Thanks! Good luck!
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    Thank-you and congratulations on your streak man! I believe you can keep pushing forward just remember why you started and what you've gained + what there is still to gain! I'm inspired by your success and hope I can say something similar in a few months.
  8. A_long_wayTOgo

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    Good luck!
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  9. That's amazing dude! Keep up. I can agree with you about benefits, such as more motivation,energy,less laziness from PMO.
    I was laughing at myself this weekend, because yesterday I thought I am on my 10 week without PMO and how fast 3 months went by. I just lost numbers and figured out that I still need couple of weeks to full 3months.
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  10. A_long_wayTOgo

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    Nice man! Keep going!
  11. A_long_wayTOgo

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    Day 101
    I have my last 2 exams this week. Maths and english exams (english is not my native language).
    I have a good feeling I will pass these 2 with good results and that I will get good results on the past 5 exams I made to.
  12. SchruteFarms

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    Nice bro! Keep it going, i just started my reboot, did it become easier as more time passed?
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  13. A_long_wayTOgo

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    Over time it becomes easier and you will have less urges but they stay (idk if 4ever). There are moments you can relapse par example when you feel bad. Just remember your progress and the benefits!
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    Well done! Keep going the distance. I'm also trying to achieve this but have failed so many times. I started again last week and today is over a week...
    This time the difference is I have a book called "you are not your brain" and it is helping me so so much. I want to stay away from PMO for the rest of my life!
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  15. Yes!! Well done man, your post has inspired me to hit that 90 days... I need to see what happens. Thank you!
  16. A_long_wayTOgo

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    Nice man! Keep going! I may think about reading a book like that to.
  17. A_long_wayTOgo

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    Nice to see I motivate people!!!
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  18. Jesenrgargom

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    Congratulations! I am new here, and your success story has motivated me a lot. Today is my second day of the 90-day challenge! I really NEED to stop this horrible habit...Congratulations, again!
  19. Smash it, Jesen! Post, be involved, figure out WHY you do it and address that primarily... I'm not so far in myself but I am taking a completely different approach this time round, addressing the core sense of loneliness which has led me to use porn as a coping mechanism for so long. Hope to read more from you in the future :)
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  20. IPrestiGe

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    Congrats on your journey man! i hope for you the best :)

    I have a question for you that would probably solve my problem with NoFap;

    1. When you started your 90 days journey, did you ever relapse? and if you did then what did you do to keep going?

    2. Also if i started my 90 days journey and for example i relapsed 3-5 times during the 90 days, am i still going to benefit some of the good stuff or do i have to do the challenge without relapse the whole 90 days?

    These are all my questions for you my man :))

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