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    Hey guys I finally beat 90 days and I wanna share my experience with all of you

    My name is Manit I am a 16 yr old male who was addicted to PMO for the past 2 yrs and this year finally managed to beat my addictions.
    How my addiction started
    It all started in 8th grade where hormones were changing and I already use to see naked girls on my phone but never masturbated, after some time my friends who I used to hang out with told me about porn and introduced me to PMO. As time went on my addiction become more severe, I would fap 3-4 times a day and always want to stay home alone, which made me miss several events, later I was would also MO to pictures of my female friends, this got so worse that I would follow random accounts on Instagram and jerk on them . The best way I could describe myself as a zombie, I would only want to watch porn and masturbate. Then the pandemic came and the situation of addiction got worse this was my height I would fap at least 5-6 times a day. But on my birthday my life changed, this was the day I decided to change my life as I realised what a mess I was in. I was overweight so I started exercising and started eating healthy food.
    After some time I changed everything about myself except PMO, so I decided to search on this topic and discovered Nofap. I then went on many streaks but failed. Then I finally committed that I wanted to leave this addiction so in May I began my streak and today I stand strong with 90 days to my counter.

    My timeline for 90 days

    The first week was filled with urges but I could control them and the best way I was about to curb them was to increase my intensity in the gym. The second week was filled with energy and my urges started dying.3weeks in and I was smooth as butter as my energy was high and no urges as I made a routine and made sure to be busy. The second month gave me a lot more mental clarity and happiness and changed the way I used to look at females and energy was booming. Finally, I started craving real sex and although my focus right now is not on girls, it's to build a good physique I also mostly avoid them as m insecure about my body that's why I started nofap as I wanted that extra energy in my workouts and kept pushing myself.Nofapnot only helped me recover from my addiction it also showed me the way to control the beast inside and made me research so much about semen analogy

    One of the biggest things in nofap is your mindset, if you are crystal clear that you wanna leave this addiction and are clear trust me there is no stoping you.
    Guys the biggest battle I love fighting was this. I wish every one of you who read this good luck on your journeys and hope that you will achieve them and come out of this addiction physically and mentally stronger
    All the best fellow nofappers

    One last thing which should motivate you guys is a quote from Sylvester Stallone himself "Every champ was once a contender who refused to give up"
    My aim is a lifetime on no PMO
    Thank you
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    Congratulations, already 30 days for me. Even if I feel the urge, just want to strong stay and not give up. Wish I had the same mind determination as yours.
  3. manitsajnani20

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    Keep going, King all the best for your journey
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    Thank you for sharing your story.
    I want to achieve to overcome it too. I got to 60 days already but I still want to know how I can increase my energy and confidence levels as well as changing amy view on women.
    But thank you for your story.
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    That's great you've managed to start tackling this issue with great efforts at such a young age. Keep it up.
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    Rock on young savior!
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    Good job! Your story is an encouragement to me. I think it was last night I was feeling like this battle is unwinnable. Guess I was wrong :emoji_thumbsup:I've just been struggling with it so long it has started to feel that way.
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    Well done! Keep going!
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    Congratulations… Keep it going, and your life will reward you in the future.

    I would say focus on your career, and you’ll be more than happy.
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