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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Buda, Mar 7, 2019.

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    Hi everyone, last Saturday, I completed the first 90 days free of PMO. I would like to thank all the posts and reports that have helped me a lot. Here are some things I'm doing now, every day:
    -> Exercises, I started going to the gym and I'll buy a bicycle soon;
    -> Good music (classical music, mostly).
    -> Read a book (I recommend starting with non-fiction bestsellers on psychology, behavior, etc. - Jordan B. Peterson is a good start);
    I intend to start now:
    -> Meditation, something like 20 minutes a day seems to be enough;
    -> To study a new language (I chose Enghish, since I am not a fluent speaker).
    So ... I wish you to have the same result. The benefits are endless, less anxiety, self-esteem, eloquence, better memory, sense of ability and responsibility for their actions, good humor, etc.
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    Well done! Thanks for writing.
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    For me spiritual music like Gregorian chants works best.

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